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113307 clicks; posted to Main » on 30 Apr 2003 at 10:20 AM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-04-30 10:58:43 AM  
Sarah is here:
2003-04-30 10:59:20 AM  

Those Sarah Kozer pics can be found in the newsgroup alt.mag.playboy under the name Heather Kozar (the poster farked up)

Say goodbye to the kittens for me.
2003-04-30 10:59:51 AM  
Juan_de_fuca_plate - damn, you can't get them hosted somewhere?
2003-04-30 11:00:29 AM  
2003-04-30 11:00:40 AM  
Moot point now,
thanks guys.
2003-04-30 11:01:07 AM  
Whoops! Never mind. Cheers guys!
2003-04-30 11:02:04 AM  
DROx, Don't worry I won't.

My stash on my computer is safe and sound.
2003-04-30 11:08:32 AM  
Joe millionare PB...

I looked it over for about 5 seconds last night... no snatch, i threw it down.

Dont get me wrong, I still killed a kitten.
2003-04-30 11:13:47 AM  
Hell, I think she looks good...and you know she's down for the freaky shiat....
2003-04-30 11:16:57 AM  
I always thought she was the hottest chick on the show, so I am not hoping for anything mind-blowing, just some good airbrushed boobies.
2003-04-30 11:18:14 AM  
I will tell you this, there is one picture that really shows off one awesome ass. mmmmmmm.
2003-04-30 11:24:17 AM  
2003-04-30 11:25:20 AM  
Virtual Playboy Sploogenator: an interactive celebration of Playboy's 50th anniversary

The majority of my pr0n experiences are interactive celebration's.
2003-04-30 11:26:32 AM  
I thought that Joe Millionare biatch looked good until I flipped back to the Playmate of the month....WOW! Now thats what a real woman looks like.

Herrreeee kitty, kitty.......DEAD!!
2003-04-30 11:28:34 AM  
Thx for the Sarah link
[image from too old to be available]
2003-04-30 11:30:10 AM  
Link farked...



2003-04-30 11:31:32 AM  

Great title for a Peter North pr0n movie.
2003-04-30 11:38:58 AM  
Here kitty, kitty....
2003-04-30 11:53:13 AM  
Sarah is nasty. lots of better looking girls out there that don't eat toe jam.
2003-04-30 11:55:46 AM  
I wouldn't kick Sarah out of bed. One hour till I can go home for lunch and check out the pics.
2003-04-30 12:34:54 PM  
Farked? Dangerous for him to put his url on playboy content.
2003-04-30 12:35:22 PM  
them is some nekkid chickens
2003-04-30 12:47:31 PM  
2003-04-30 12:57:58 PM  
GIS for Sarah Kozer:
Kill kittens to this...I dare you.

[image from too old to be available]
2003-04-30 01:17:24 PM  
Yzedf: not too shabby... thanks....
2003-04-30 01:26:44 PM  
Murrrrr....share please
2003-04-30 01:29:11 PM  
Sarah Kozer. Moderatly SFW.
2003-04-30 01:32:00 PM  
2003-04-30 01:32:04 PM  
anyone have a good Aria link?
2003-04-30 01:32:37 PM  
Ahh fark it. Some shots are on Kazaa. Fap away.
2003-04-30 01:39:24 PM  

not that good though... I'm sure I have a good link around here somewhere
2003-04-30 01:52:53 PM  
farked already. that'll teach me to take a lunch break. *sulk*
2003-04-30 02:05:02 PM  
04-30-03 01:48:37 PM Murrrrr
Share my boobs or my thoughts, 4Killer?

Umm, [image from too old to be available]
2003-04-30 02:08:24 PM  
MattO, better Aria link? NSFW.
2003-04-30 02:14:49 PM  
Damn, does your back hurt?

2003-04-30 02:21:39 PM  
For those of you in the NOVA area, Sara is going to be at the TOWER RECORDS today from 4-6 signing her PLAYBOY. Unless I am wrong, the only Tower that I am aware of is the one in Fairfax Towne Center.....

Wanted to go (right accross from my house) but I will be busy putting hooks in fish mouths.
2003-04-30 02:55:00 PM  
2003-04-30 02:55:41 PM  
2003-04-30 03:05:42 PM  
SPOODA: Are those even attached to her??? WTF?
2003-04-30 03:05:44 PM  
For those of you in the NOVA area, Sara is going to be at the TOWER RECORDS today from 4-6 signing her PLAYBOY. Unless I am wrong, the only Tower that I am aware of is the one in Fairfax Towne Center.....

i'd be willing to get sars from her...
2003-04-30 03:27:49 PM  
While she is definately hot, she's too average for me to be cancelling a fishing outing for. Especially since about 20 minutes ago (lunch break) I pulled in a 5lb 19 inche Largemouth. I'm too psyched to cancel now......
2003-04-30 04:07:25 PM  
Okay, a LONG time ago, on Fark, there was a link to the absolute BEST free strip poker site EVAR. There were tons of girlie pics to choose from.

Does anybody happen to have this link still? I know it's a bit vague, but I'm pretty sure anybody who has it will know what I'm talking about...
2003-04-30 04:24:16 PM  
5 seconds to look at the magazine and kill a kitten? Ever thought about Viagra?
2003-04-30 05:38:58 PM  
Page Not Found... sucks.
Anyone have a mirror for this site?
2003-04-30 05:42:12 PM  
Best thing ever to come out of Playboy..

Compliments of our friend JOHNDX

2003-04-30 05:54:18 PM  
04-30-03 05:42:12 PM Sold!
Best thing ever to come out of Playboy...

Yep, that's one nasty little text file. Oh, wait a sec...
2003-04-30 05:54:55 PM  
Damn my inability to close tags!
2003-04-30 07:11:50 PM  
please unfark... please...
2003-04-30 08:58:59 PM  
Heh, it's up. And a clever site too.
2003-04-30 09:42:27 PM  
Man that site sucked. I had high expectations..... now all i have in my mind is a picture of a toilet bowl.
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