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(Local6)   Man shoots neighbor for mowing lawn too often   ( divider line
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10568 clicks; posted to Main » on 29 Apr 2003 at 8:15 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-04-29 03:13:24 PM  
Well, of course... his name is "French".

[Well, this did happen well before the whole UN thing...]
2003-04-29 03:31:55 PM  
This made me think of Kahn shooting Hank Hill.
2003-04-29 04:38:14 PM  
After countless Sat/Sun mornings being woken by some anal SOB on the block running their Binford 200hp LeafBlowMaster at 8:00am, I think I can sympathize.

Might I suggest a higher calibur, though?
2003-04-29 07:04:14 PM  
Ha! Weekends are for sleeping - nothing else. People who forget this deserve what happens to them. Where's the Hero tag?
2003-04-29 08:12:47 PM  
This is nothing that hasn't been said countless times before- It just floors me that attempted murder (yes, even with a lousy airgun), plea bargains to 5 years. While other "victimless" crimes like drug possesion carry mandatory get-tough sentences that incur much more time.
2003-04-29 08:17:46 PM  
No 'obvious' tag?
2003-04-29 08:19:24 PM  
Good call BOrg9... always found it ironic that some asshat can kill someone and serve 20 years but some crack puts you in jail for life.... go republicans!!!
2003-04-29 08:20:11 PM  
A few years back the lezbo nieghbor in my duplex would mow her frigging side of the lawn at 11pm at night. The got very uptight when I asked her kindly not to do it - "it's the only time I have". She stopped it when I reported a loud noise disturbance to the police.
2003-04-29 08:20:23 PM  
good a reason as any, i suppose
2003-04-29 08:21:02 PM  
Prosecutors said the two men had a strained relationship for months before the shooting.

it's always sad when love turns sour, be it gay or straight.
2003-04-29 08:21:50 PM  
Wait a second, I need more information before calling the guy an asshat. Did his neighbor mow the lawn for 2 hours every day at 8 AM?? Cause that's justifiable homicide.
2003-04-29 08:23:27 PM  
I'd shoot it.
2003-04-29 08:24:25 PM  
Attempted murder, air rifle???

/Common sense surrenders
2003-04-29 08:24:27 PM  
This made me laugh out loud.
2003-04-29 08:26:34 PM  
feh.. I am going shoot my neighbor for not mowing his more often.
2003-04-29 08:26:50 PM  
"...some crack puts you in jail for life.... go republicans!!!"

That'd have to be alot of crack.
2003-04-29 08:32:49 PM  

Problem solved.

[image from too old to be available]

"Nothing says
'fark you, neighbor!'
Like a Deere."

2003-04-29 08:35:03 PM  
"...some crack puts you in jail for life.... go republicans!!!"

That'd have to be alot of crack.

Yeah, like enough to prove intent to distribute. Then it no longer becomes 'victimless'.
2003-04-29 08:37:39 PM  
wow misleading title, I thought some guy blew away his neighbor with a real gun, as in killed him. I can't believe some guy shooting his neighbor with a bb gun makes the news these days as if the guy was on a shooting rampage in his local mall with an AK47. if you pegged somebody with a bb gun at point blank range it might break the skin. I would think if the guy threw a baseball at his neigbor it would have been more life threatening but then again that does not sell like "MAN SHOOTS NEIGHBOR"
2003-04-29 08:41:05 PM  
Meez: If it was a pellet rather than a bb that's a lot different. Plain and simple, you don't shoot at people with any gun (supersoakers notwithstanding) and not expect to face the consequences, which, in this case, are relatively little.
2003-04-29 08:42:21 PM  
I can't believe some guy shooting his neighbor with a bb gun makes the news these days as if the guy was on a shooting rampage in his local mall with an AK47.

Yeah, and it earned this guy 5 years in prison, which I don't understand. When I was a kid, one of the neighborhood boys shot another boy in the butt with a BB gun. All it earned him was a sound beatdown.
2003-04-29 08:44:07 PM  
I bet he shot him with a crack gun. I say execute him in a public beheading.
Then it can be posted on Fark as '1'
2003-04-29 08:44:23 PM  
Kids shooting each other in the ass is different than taking aim at your unwitting neigbor.
2003-04-29 08:44:37 PM  
I shot my ex-husband in the ass once with an air rifle, it didn't even break the skin. Stupid article.
2003-04-29 08:44:57 PM  
I bet his neighbor was sneeking into his house and putting sugar in his coffee.
2003-04-29 08:45:02 PM  
Why didn't he simply sneak in and piss in the gas tank of his neigbor's mower, or at the very least, try the old "flaming bag of crap" trick?
2003-04-29 08:45:23 PM  
Reminds me of this farkhead that lived next to me as a child. Everytime we were out on the porch eating dinner the SOB would fire up his mower, just to piss us off because we wouldn't let his kids swim in our pool when we weren't there.

This one time is was my birthday and we had all kinds of friends and family over, but that didn't stop him. I was pretty pissed was like "Happy Birthday to VRRM BRM PUTPUTPUTPUTPTUTPUT", then we had to move all this crap inside.

Well, I got him back, they went for vaction and told the nieghbors across the street that they would be gone for 3 weeks. I went around their house and turned on every single water spigot they had to full blast, which constantly for the next 3 weeks, completely flooding the basement and racking up what I'm sure was one heck of a water bill.

SOB deserved it.
2003-04-29 08:47:43 PM  
Lemme tell ya, the kid who got shot in the ass was pretty unwitting. Not much of a difference really.

Of course the article leaves out important details. The kid I referenced was shot from a distance and really just received a welt. He later jumped the shooter a few doors down only about 10 minutes later. Was this guy shot at point blank range? Was it something other than a BB?

BB's hurt like hell, but I would say 6 months - 1 year of hurt with a lot of probation, not 5 years.
2003-04-29 08:49:59 PM  
Tre_bumpn that sir, was brilliant and I stand in awe.
2003-04-29 08:51:00 PM  
Shooting someone for mowing his lawn is just sociopathic. If he had a leaf blower, on the other hand, fire at will.
2003-04-29 08:54:16 PM  
How do you attempt to murder somebody with an air gun?

Maybe sharpen the end of it and stab them?
2003-04-29 08:57:24 PM  
The guy across the street mows his lawn every other farking day! It's damned annoying!
2003-04-29 09:17:33 PM  
Tre_bumpn, that wasn't you, that was your, uh, cousin, remember?
2003-04-29 09:22:05 PM  
I graduated from High School in Elmira.
2003-04-29 09:23:18 PM  
All this talk of "mowing the lawn" is making me feel kinda .....time to visit thehun.
2003-04-29 09:26:51 PM  
justifiable homicidee...

If the lawn is green, he gets away clean!

If the grass is short, throw it outta court!

If the mower is loud, murder's allowed!

I think I just lost IQ points...I can feel myself getting stupider by the second...
2003-04-29 09:58:01 PM  
Man shoots neighbor for mowing lawn too often

I can relate
2003-04-29 10:04:59 PM  
Some pellet guns are pretty powerful, I have a couple that can easily punch a hole through a coffee can at thirty yards, although I bet all this guy wanted to do was bounce one off mower guys coconut.... he probally only pumped it a few times and bing!
2003-04-29 10:26:34 PM  
Truly amazing that trying kill someone would carry less jail time than your average drug conviction.

I think they should let the guy walk. People who mow their lawn before noon on saturday get whats's coming to them.
2003-04-29 10:36:20 PM  
Q: What is man's most environmentally destructive behavior ?

A: Lawnmowing.

Fark SUV's, I'll be impressed when they go after lawnmowers.
2003-04-29 10:44:14 PM  
Man I know how that guy felt. My next door neighbor mows his lawn every friggin day. Annoys the hell at of me. I love when the guy goes on vacation. I think it's the house though, cause everyone of my neighbors that has lived in that house as always been obsessed with mowing their lawn every day. . .
2003-04-29 10:51:54 PM  
Whoooo hooooo!

My frist poast! Nevermind the Boobies filter!

Welcome to the jungle.

Insanity welcome

There, was that all the HTML?
2003-04-29 10:56:52 PM  
AlexiLalasFan, it's not the house it's the lawn itself.
2003-04-29 11:23:25 PM  
I'd throw tons of green BB's in his grass.
2003-04-29 11:48:46 PM  
Q: What is man's most environmentally destructive behavior ?

A: Lawnmowing.

Fark SUV's, I'll be impressed when they go after lawnmowers.

They actually sell low emissions lawn mowers now. I tried to get one of the few non-PC models (marked "not for sale in California"), but they were sold out, so I had to get a wimpy eco-friendly one.

On the plus side, I no longer reek of raw gas all day after mowing the lawn, so I guess there's a plus side.
2003-04-29 11:51:22 PM  
Man, I've been shot 3 times while mowing my lawn, I lost a knee to a landmine while tilling one day, and my weed-wacker mysteriously exploded when I tried to start it.

It's cool though. Man's got to sacrifice a little to maintain a nice lawn.

[image from too old to be available]

2003-04-29 11:57:18 PM  
i'm giving serious consideration to shooting my neigbours.
2003-04-30 12:02:03 AM  
So somebody shot his neighbor because he shaved his pubes too often? Wow, too bad we didn't have that to talk about yesterday.

Huh? What?

2003-04-30 12:04:07 AM  
I have a neighbor like that. He mows his lawn perhaps 3 times a week, usually 2 days in a row. He wears no shirt and a bandana. We like to call him "Lawn Rambo"
2003-04-30 12:05:01 AM  
Lawn Darts.

They're banned for a reason.
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