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(The Smoking Gun)   New Bedford, Massachusetts promotes their town with advertisements featuring a convicted child molester   ( divider line
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2003-04-29 11:46:19 AM  
He certainly looks the part. Could this be Ed Gein's long lost nephew???
2003-04-29 12:02:20 PM  
Who the hell approved that advertising campaign, Fox?
2003-04-29 12:29:18 PM  
2003-04-29 12:29:45 PM  
Have you ever been to New Bedford?
He might just be the best citizen they could find...
2003-04-29 12:30:09 PM  
I thought Jacko said he wasn't doing any more commercials after that Pepsi "hair on fire" thing.
2003-04-29 12:30:32 PM  
In other news, Hilary Rosen to create Iraq Copyright laws. Death row inmates apply for capital punishment law making.
2003-04-29 12:30:32 PM  
Feel the pride.
2003-04-29 12:31:21 PM  
Considering Mass. has one of those registered sex offender laws, this guy should have been real easy to find dirt on.
2003-04-29 12:31:28 PM  
Eastern Mass is more screwed up then they would let you believe.
2003-04-29 12:32:31 PM  
Now that's comedy gold.
2003-04-29 12:33:17 PM  
man, that guy totally looks the part...chester molester
2003-04-29 12:33:49 PM  
Meanwhile, at the New Bedford Advertising Firm's poster auditions...

Agent: Are you here to audition for the New Bedford "Pride" poster?
Perv: Yes.
Agent: And your name?
Perv: Moe. Moe Lester. (Sniggle)
Agent: Allllrighty. I like the cut of your jib. You're hired.
2003-04-29 12:34:30 PM  
He looks a bit like Malcolm McDowell.
2003-04-29 12:34:30 PM  
Whoever chose this guy ought to be arrested for criminal stupidity. He's just plain creepy.
2003-04-29 12:35:47 PM  

(New Bedford city slogan)

"Come visit beautiful New Bedford, Mass. And don't forget to bring you camera and your nubile, hairless 13 year old son !"

2003-04-29 12:36:22 PM  
that looks like it needs to be photoshopped. Not by me, of course.
2003-04-29 12:36:47 PM  
Sadly, he's the best representative of that town.
2003-04-29 12:37:42 PM  
Hey New Bedford, if you got it, flaunt it.
2003-04-29 12:37:52 PM  
04-29-03 12:34:30 PM InternetSecurityGuard
He looks a bit like Malcolm McDowell.

I noticed that too.
2003-04-29 12:38:27 PM  
He plead guilty to raping a child and all he got was 5 years probation?
2003-04-29 12:39:18 PM  
Hey now, this is my part of the world you're all dissing!

please proceed.

Hey Bukharin

You western mass folks ain't much better : )
2003-04-29 12:39:43 PM  
From the South Coast Standar Times.

"We had no idea," Mr. Cox said of Mr. Heyes' past. "He never mentioned it." Mr. Heyes signed two release forms, one allowing his image to be used in print advertisements, another for billboards and bus signs, Mr. Cox said"

Duh! Two words: Background check.
2003-04-29 12:39:49 PM  
"I like the cut of your jib."

2003-04-29 12:40:38 PM  
04-29-03 12:39:18 PM Keylock71

Somwhow I knew you would be here quickly.
2003-04-29 12:40:55 PM  
Not that child molesting is good, because it isn't. It is a right on par with granny beating and shooting pigeons with rifles. But what does that have to do with the ad itself?

Everyone has stuff that they did which they could get arrested for, only they never got caught (probably because they never did anything so stupid as abusing a child.)

But, this you have to be perfect or have at least covered things up well enough trash is bunk. A criminal record should not prevent you from being on American Idol.


In conclusion, child molesters are scum.
2003-04-29 12:42:51 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

And like the guy doesn't look like a molester anyway? Yeah, right. But why did this make the front page? I mean with as many SG articles posted, might as well switch the home page to them. Prolly would if they'd put the Google search on it.
2003-04-29 12:43:31 PM  
did you notice the accompanying article, about the guy who tried to "disguse" his child perv mug shot?
[image from too old to be available]
2003-04-29 12:44:01 PM  
Having lived in and hung out in New Beige in past years, I can say that this doesn't surprise me. It's a great place to hang out if you know WHERE to hang out. There's so much seediness going on that you can get away with a lot before the cops notice.
2003-04-29 12:44:50 PM  
Sometimes, it's just funny how justice works .
2003-04-29 12:45:49 PM  
What kind of advertiser looks at a face like that and thinks, "Yeah, it's that leering, boy-hungry look that I want to represent my town!"?
2003-04-29 12:46:43 PM  
Why am I surprised at this? Whitey Bulger's brother is the president of the UMass system, The Big Dig was probably one of the most corrupt construction projects ever, and the Red Sox STILL won't win a World Series until they buy a decent bullpen. Of COURSE New Beej is going to fark up something like that!!

Honest, I really miss Massachusetts - can't get entertainment like this in North Carolina!!
2003-04-29 12:46:47 PM  

I'm just thankful this happened in New Bedford. Fall river gets enough bad press, what with Lizzie Borden, the cult murders in the '70s, the largest heroin problem in the state and the highest rate of teenage pregnacy.

We got it going on over here. But it's still home and I'll break off the end of a Wild Irish rose bottle into the gut of anyone who slags her. : )
2003-04-29 12:47:24 PM  
Geez, a guy busted for doing things with a 14-year-old boy and having kiddie pr0n in his possession appears in an ad with the word "PRIDE"... could this town have handed the "gays are all pedophiles" imbecile patrol a better piece of propaganda?
2003-04-29 12:48:44 PM  
Amen Bukharin! (And I'm just as thankful that it didn't happen in Brockton.)
2003-04-29 12:49:11 PM  
Why don't they ever ask for NAMBLA's opinion in these articles?
2003-04-29 12:49:26 PM  
04-29-03 12:46:47 PM Keylock71
...the highest rate of teenage pregnacy.

I thought that was held by North Adams?
2003-04-29 12:52:11 PM  
I beg to differ, MassMikMouse!

I just moved to Charlotte from Florida about 4 months ago and we've found NC to be an unending source of good-ole-boy tomfoolery...

People in FL do stupid things, but folks up here do WEIRD things. . .
2003-04-29 12:55:54 PM  
...and has anyone else noticed that you can steal millions of dollars, rape children and murder boyscouts and just get 5 years probation (but hold even a gram of pot and you're going in the hole until the Governor pardons you or the Cubs win the World Series ; whichever comes first)?

Let's just let all the killers/rapists go free and make more room in jail for people who run stop signs and tear the tag of of mattresses...
2003-04-29 12:56:03 PM  
04-29-03 12:49:26 PM Bukharin

04-29-03 12:46:47 PM Keylock71
...the highest rate of teenage pregnacy.

I thought that was held by North Adams?

what?!? You hippies out there don't know jack shiat about knockin' up yungins.
2003-04-29 12:56:57 PM  
The next thing you know, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences will be giving an Academy Award to a convicted child farker.
2003-04-29 12:57:49 PM  
04-29-03 12:56:03 PM Keylock71
what?!? You hippies out there don't know jack shiat about knockin' up yungins.

We invented incenst.
2003-04-29 12:58:53 PM  
Seems we invented dyslexia as well.
2003-04-29 12:59:12 PM  
We invented incenst.

There really is no response to something like that....

well played.
2003-04-29 12:59:50 PM  
So that College student could get 10 yrs in prison for stealing trade secrets of DirecTV's most advanced anti-piracy technology and this got got five years probation for raping a boy. Is anybody else confouned by our legal system
2003-04-29 01:01:27 PM  
I would rather do 10 years in a tennis prison than 5 years in a federal "pound you in the ass" prison.
2003-04-29 01:02:09 PM  
04-29-03 12:59:12 PM Keylock71

I tip my hat to you in kind.
It was a good battle of the wits.
2003-04-29 01:02:33 PM  
Let's not forget about the kid being sued for 98 billion dollars by the RIAA. He'd have been better off setting up a kiddie porn file sharing program.
2003-04-29 01:03:01 PM  
so long as all of you poor folk stay out of fare winchester you can rape all the brown people and little children you please.
2003-04-29 01:03:34 PM  
Keylock71 -
Fall River infamy? Ya forgot about Big Dan's (as in "The Accused", or as in "Q: What's a Fall River redneck's definition of foreplay? A: Rack 'em!").
2003-04-29 01:04:03 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
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