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(Some Guy) NewsFlash Possible hijack attempt on Mexicana flight in San Francisco   ( divider line
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13792 clicks; posted to Main » on 29 Apr 2003 at 12:21 AM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-04-29 12:23:20 AM  
2003-04-29 12:23:28 AM  
Flame on!
2003-04-29 12:23:34 AM  
2003-04-29 12:23:39 AM  
I need more info.
2003-04-29 12:23:41 AM  
Oooookay. Well something must be up if the crew is still on board. Ya know, vacuuming and all that.
2003-04-29 12:23:43 AM  
did they demand to go to cuba?
2003-04-29 12:24:34 AM  
2003-04-29 12:24:48 AM  
Wow, something happened to somebody doing something...maybe...

Seriously, I know info is scarce, but could that article be less informative?
2003-04-29 12:25:17 AM  
Steady, steady...
2003-04-29 12:25:20 AM  
It was just an early Cinco de Mayo party.

2003-04-29 12:27:12 AM  
Hola, Jacabo! (old joke)
2003-04-29 12:27:14 AM  
Yay! Fiesta!

/whips out sombrero
2003-04-29 12:27:20 AM  
wow. shock and awe.
that's just too much info to digest all at once.
2003-04-29 12:27:23 AM  
We regret to inform you we know nothing, and neither does anyone else. Thanks for reading our news site though and as a reward we will fill this article with a few paragraphs of how everyone knows nothing, because we care!
2003-04-29 12:27:23 AM  
I hope this isn't another 9/11... :(
2003-04-29 12:27:45 AM  
It's a dead issue. They've already landed and allowed multiple targeting systems to lock onto them.

They'll hopefully surrender on the ground.

Otherwise, they'll be shot out of the sky.

Sad(?), but true.
2003-04-29 12:28:10 AM  
Mmmm.... needless squawking 7500 = fun for all!
2003-04-29 12:28:38 AM  
Oh shiat, a "possible attempt"?!?
2003-04-29 12:28:56 AM  

I agree with you. That people exited a plane was about the only fact in the whole article.
2003-04-29 12:29:31 AM  
Word has it a mouse wearing a sombrero tried to enter the cockpit.
2003-04-29 12:29:32 AM  
Excellent , another story about nothing.

"Something may have happened. We have no details, but we must agitate the populace immidiately or risk being scooped by our competitors."

Perhaps they found weapons of mass destruction on the plane. Oh never mind, it was just tomato juice.
2003-04-29 12:30:45 AM  

"An accidental distress signal from the pilot of a Mexicana airlines flight from Mexico City caused the plane to be met with a swarm of police Monday.

The "air piracy" signal was sent inadvertently and the 168 passengers aboard Mexicana Flight 976 were hustled away after the plane landed at San Francisco International Airport, said Sgt. Larry Ratti."

Full Story
2003-04-29 12:31:07 AM  
2003-04-29 12:31:13 AM  
Ahh.. I wonder if he was asked if he really meant to be squawking 7500 before they did all this.
2003-04-29 12:32:47 AM  
oops :)
2003-04-29 12:32:52 AM  
Unpossible to comment.
2003-04-29 12:33:05 AM  
ah well, yesterday was such a slow news day - this one will liven things up.

> whats the fluke number anyway? 911?
2003-04-29 12:33:29 AM  
Peter Buck got drunk on a plane again?
2003-04-29 12:34:09 AM  
The pilots were probably just putting there clothes back on and having a final drink...sheeesh. Relax ppl.
2003-04-29 12:35:09 AM  
it is now being reported by the pilot that some kind of transponder error occurred. no hijacking. as you were.
2003-04-29 12:35:11 AM  
Why did this get posted and the link about the guy with the anthrax filled suitcase going to Canada didn't?
2003-04-29 12:36:20 AM  
The pilot hit the wrong button by mistake?
Nothing to see here people, move along. The story is nothing.
2003-04-29 12:38:26 AM  
beats me - saw it this morning (yesterday) and submitted with headline

Egyptian man dies of anthrax in Brazil on route to deliver 'package' to Canada. Globalization surrenders.
2003-04-29 12:39:53 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-04-29 12:42:35 AM  
Wrong thread, Doccm9?

WTF is the burn look on the sides of their faces? Looks like wine-stain-birthmarks.
2003-04-29 12:42:51 AM  
Tonight at 11:

Thanks for joining us this evening. There was a potential hijacking of an airliner coming in to San Francisco earlier today. It was a false alarm and there turned out to be no danger, but it looked like it was the real thing.

Now to our resident Analyst of General Panic, Dr. Henry Talkinghead, for
a speech on how we should all connect this to imminent and widespread terrorism.
2003-04-29 12:44:05 AM  
"swarm of police" - you know unsuspecting passengers played happy brown pants when plane was surrounded,
2003-04-29 12:44:11 AM  
OOps. Sorry mods, please delete. Well nevermind, SInce there was no hijacking, let this be a lesson to those who post "Boy who cried Wolf" type Articles.
2003-04-29 12:44:57 AM  
They look like aliens.
2003-04-29 12:45:27 AM  
Arched, I submitted too, but you beat me to it, Then saw your's was canned also.
2003-04-29 12:46:42 AM  
In other news, I think my roommate might have tried to get away with drinking some of my ginger ale. But maybe not. Can I be in the newspaper?
2003-04-29 12:56:35 AM  
I lost my communications in my cessna a couple days ago, so I squawked 7600. I swear to God in the heat of the moment I was milliseconds from squawking 7500 because I couldnt quite remember which is which. Remember, I am a student pilot on my 4th solo flight, when I lose communications. I know its not a very big problem, but when I'm by myself for only the 4th time with no one to talk to, all the squawk codes get jumbled in my head.

Luckily I didnt squawk 7500 and have them shoot me out of the sky.
2003-04-29 01:04:12 AM  
Stebain, looks like razor burn or something.
2003-04-29 01:04:21 AM  
In other news, something might have happened somewhere involving somebody.

You know, the guy? The one who wears the shirt.
2003-04-29 01:07:05 AM  
So professfor, would you now say that it is time for our viewers to crack open each other's heads, and feast on the goo inside?

Yes, Kent, I would.
2003-04-29 01:07:21 AM  
I'll take 'Keep America Needlessly Scared' for 500.
2003-04-29 01:09:37 AM  
2003-04-29 01:11:08 AM  
Getting the scoop is one thing, but shouldn't hold the presses until it's established that something fvcking happened??????
2003-04-29 01:12:05 AM  
happy brown pants

Brings images to mind from "Jackass"...

2003-04-29 01:12:09 AM  
I submitted this last week with a much better headline.
2003-04-29 01:12:10 AM  
Setinotathome, perhaps the 'guy save 4 kids in fire then thrown in slammer' story will show at some point... ...grr, always 10 minutes late for putting my post in. - at least the wife appreciates it...*cough*
2003-04-29 01:14:09 AM  
Mrcaptious: "You know, the guy? The one who wears the shirt."

Behold the power of Fark. By simply adding a bold tag to this quote, the meaning becomes obvious...

"You know, the guy? The one who wears the shirt."

Answer: Wil Wheaton!
2003-04-29 01:14:45 AM  
Just another pilot trying to smuggle lids of Columbian.
Move along, move along...
2003-04-29 01:20:23 AM  
lets review the last week in aviation history
- AA pilot caught drunk off his ass at six in the morning.
- two pilots remanded for being naked in the cockpit.
- pilots finally get to bring firearms on flight.

what have we learned - when a drunk, naked, gun-toting pilot accidently presses the wrong button, it's for your safety.
2003-04-29 01:29:52 AM  
What an excellent example of a story with absolutely no details. I'm sure this incident will put the nation on code orange.
2003-04-29 01:36:14 AM  
If this was an accident and the pilot realized he hit the button by mistake couldn't he have called the tower and tell them?

Sure, they wouldn't believe him, but still.
2003-04-29 01:40:35 AM  
man, mullets die hard around here, don't they?
2003-04-29 01:48:35 AM  
All right everyone, let's all pretend we know a lot and point out that the hijacking code on the transponder is 7500, and how it causes a big hubbub when squawked to.
2003-04-29 01:50:50 AM  
i sure dont like those useless "something may have happened, but we're not sure, or else we can't tell you what we've decided happened yet" articles.
2003-04-29 01:57:40 AM  

Something ambiguously terrible may happen in the very near or distant future. Please keep your attention locked to your television while we stream a special message, or several, from one or more of our sponsors. Don't look away! Something COULD happen!!! Just not yet.

And remember, you heard it here first, on MSFOXCNN!

/chuckles at his semi-humorous contribution to the dozens of similar posts in this thread mocking news networks
2003-04-29 02:00:47 AM  

By the time you finish reading this sentence, you will have waisted five seconds of your life.


2003-04-29 02:07:14 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-04-29 02:23:56 AM  
2003-04-29 02:50:35 AM  
looks like the pilot picked the wrong week to quit sniffin glue
2003-04-29 03:11:41 AM  
Doccm9, you posting family pics again???
2003-04-29 08:08:18 AM  
OK... for whatever it's worth, I'm gonna attempt to get the real story. I actually know a pilot that flies for Mexicana out of Mexico City. Will have to email him and give him a rash of shiat for getting his codes mixed up (even if he wasn't on the plane).
2003-04-29 09:04:19 AM  
Yo quiero Taco Bell, NOW!
2003-04-29 09:04:32 AM  
If I see one more darn headline about a "POSSIBLE" anything, I'm going to absolutely flip. Its not and never will be news until it actually happens. Do these people step on the gas if there is a "possible" green light at a stop light? I kinda wish they would.

Every headline(well maybe one) Ive seen from every major news source in the past year and a half that has "possible" in the headline has not been true.

In Iraq, they'll make a story of anything anyone off the street mentions...imagine if they did that here.

Possible alien invasion
Possible good time at home depot

this is fun...lets keep going!!!
2003-04-29 09:29:45 AM  
In other news, I think my roommate might have tried to get away with drinking some of my ginger ale. But maybe not. Can I be in the newspaper?

Dammit, Richbob, we don't have the manpower to surround your refrigerator every time that asshole roommate of yours tries to steal food! Just poison something, will you?

2003-04-29 09:51:58 AM  
Could that link have any less information,

or would that be mathamaticly impossible even if we used imaginary numbers?
2003-04-29 10:17:53 AM  
Wow! We don't really know anything but we were in a rush to be the first to report it. Back later with more speculation and guessing.
2003-04-29 10:59:02 AM  
or would that be mathamaticly impossible even if we used imaginary numbers?

You mean like eleventeen and thirty-twelve?

2003-04-29 11:10:31 AM  
Yeah, I guess even if we use eleventeen,
it still dont work.
2003-04-29 11:13:26 AM  
Nationwide panic ensues in 3 .... 2 .... 1..... BEGIN!
2003-04-29 12:35:36 PM  
Who stupid idea was it to put codes for "Hijacking in progress" and "I need help/lost communications" so damn close together?

2003-04-29 05:07:34 PM  
American News Media: There is a possible chance that something may have happened.

ahhh, speculation
2003-04-30 05:51:48 PM  
i love Mexico
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