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(New Scientist)   Scientists discover that diet of eating twice as much one day and nothing next day is just as good as eating regularly   ( divider line
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2003-04-29 02:52:08 AM  
Um... yep. You can eat a whole pizza and a liter of diet coke at one sitting and not have to eat for the rest of the day, too.
2003-04-29 02:52:31 AM  
I could be a scientist
2003-04-29 02:52:44 AM  
didn't they use college students as test subjects?

2003-04-29 02:52:51 AM  
Gelatinous, of course urinating and defecating is another story.
2003-04-29 02:53:46 AM  
as a high school wrestler, I learned that it's pretty easy to ingest nothing more than a few sips a water for a couple days at a time. it is ok, i believe.

/not a doctor
2003-04-29 02:53:48 AM  
Yeah, but methinks you would also get constant stomach pains.
2003-04-29 02:54:36 AM  
Mmmmmm.....whole pizzas and pitchers of beer.
2003-04-29 02:56:01 AM  
Two thizzles, mah nizzles:

1. Great use of "unlikely" tag

2. Did the cure for cancer surrender?
2003-04-29 02:56:24 AM  
If you guys would read your Bibles, you'd already know this. Fasting is good for you.
2003-04-29 03:00:10 AM  
04-29-03 02:56:24 AM Young_Fart

So is drinking alcohol
2003-04-29 03:02:47 AM  
bobbjoo, you're making me cry.
2003-04-29 03:03:57 AM  
No argument from me Cheeze_Head.

Also, olive oil, mutton, honey, and staying mold-free.
2003-04-29 03:06:12 AM  
2003-04-29 03:07:20 AM  
it's ok.

so, can i take a two-hour bath and be clean for the rest of the week?
2003-04-29 03:07:44 AM  
Actually...this is incredibly important if it's verified. A lot of research is being done into extending lifespan. Right now one of the big theories about aging has to do with oxygen radical damage. It has been assumed that caloric restriction worked to reduce radical species due to less energy being processed in the mitochondria and possibly by hormesis.

This seems to indicate that it's mostly hormesis and not really radical damage. And hormesis could be VERY easy to induce...much easier than fasting.
2003-04-29 03:10:16 AM  
What is hormesis? It sounds like ham in a can.
2003-04-29 03:11:36 AM  
Radical. Eat like a python, live like a turtle.
2003-04-29 03:11:56 AM  
Hormesis is basically the idea that a small stress, such as something toxic, not having enough food, etc. that would do damage in a large dose might actually be good for your body.

The idea is that it causes the production of enzymes to protect you, make you relax, or whatever.
2003-04-29 03:14:58 AM  
The research is still pretty shaky. It looks like it occurs, but in most cases people have no idea why. And most tests aren't something you can do on people (such as hitting them with low doses of radiation).
2003-04-29 03:16:16 AM  
Oh, so hormesis is basically exercise.

Maybe the nuns were right about what doesn't kill us.
2003-04-29 03:18:19 AM  
Yeah, I think that's a pretty good way to think about it, although I don't think excercise is usually put in the same category. But you can definately think of it like lifting weights and tearing your muscle fibers so that they then rebuild themselves and rebuild your bones so that you become stronger.
2003-04-29 03:18:48 AM  

My guess (and I'm not a scientist) is that animals might not always get the chance to eat every day. Perhaps when you get the chance to eat in the natural world, you overload to have the necessary calories to survive until your next meal. I'm guessing this has nothing to do with the theory you brought up, it's just my take on why it works. Besides, I'm sure this is how early hunter gatherers survived.
2003-04-29 03:22:00 AM  
The thing with this is that these rats are actually living longer than a rat that's able to eat as much as it wants every day.

They said that by only allowing them to eat every other day they live similar lifespans as rats that have had their calories restricted to about half what they would eat if given the chance.

In the lab you can double some animal's lifespan by feeding them much less than they would eat. Researchers trying to figure out how to make people live longer are really interested in that.
2003-04-29 03:24:12 AM  
Plus, the every-other-day group wasn't seriously underweight like the starvation group.
2003-04-29 03:24:22 AM  
Eating is bad, mmm'kay
2003-04-29 03:27:01 AM  
Hmm, thinking about it, I don't think just caloric restriction gives double lifespan, I think 1.5x is about the limit. It's the mutated INDY (I'm Not Dead Yet) gene that seems to prevent citrate uptake that doubles lifespan.
2003-04-29 03:27:21 AM  
I remember the caloric restriction study. Seems like the idea at the time was that the body goes into a repair mode when it's starving. Maybe we just don't multitask well. Either digest and store calories, or go patch up those leaky gutters.
2003-04-29 03:27:25 AM  
"Eating double portions one day and nothing the next"

drives the wife up the wall :)
2003-04-29 03:31:00 AM  
In 50\/147 RU5514, the food eats the people.
2003-04-29 03:33:30 AM  
Holy crap. New filter.
2003-04-29 03:34:19 AM  
I meant to say, I find this article very tough 2 masticate 2.
2003-04-29 03:35:54 AM  
I think that's the best pun I've seen in a long time...
2003-04-29 03:36:11 AM  
2 : to soften or reduce to pulp by crushing or kneading
intransitive senses

2003-04-29 03:36:18 AM  
What's the new filter? Masterbate?
2003-04-29 03:37:11 AM  
I masturbate my cat on a daily basis. Nope, no new filter.
2003-04-29 03:37:48 AM  
I am currently conducting the same experiment with sleep so far the record is 3 days with about 4 hours of cat napping then 16 hours of sleep.
2003-04-29 03:37:57 AM  
try typing the word "difficult", then "to", then "masturbate" then "to"
2003-04-29 03:39:24 AM  
difficult to masquerade to
2003-04-29 03:39:52 AM  
Well, Da Vinci did pretty well on an odd sleep pattern (supposedly 15 minutes every 2 hours but never long term). And I usually feel incredibly good the day after staying up all night.
2003-04-29 03:40:36 AM  
Never longer than 15 minutes at a time, I meant.
2003-04-29 03:44:15 AM  
Supposedly, Benjamin Franklin had odd sleep patterns too.
2003-04-29 03:45:04 AM  
My sleep debt is starting to get harassing calls from my creditors. Later.
2003-04-29 03:50:48 AM  
In 50\/137 RU5514, only insomniacs sleep!
2003-04-29 04:03:24 AM  
I can vouch that a good Lebanese dish every 10 days will offset the vodka cambell's tomato soup dancing 1/2 the week diet works:P But if you've a psycho roomate digging in your panty drawer you will still lose some hair....permanently.
2003-04-29 04:04:41 AM  
ps. Chrissie aspiring sissy maid, wherever you are...I still HATE you.

2003-04-29 04:06:33 AM  
pss. going on record as not liking the new visually impaired oversize font.
2003-04-29 04:19:27 AM  
Mani makes me laugh
2003-04-29 04:19:46 AM  
I remember reading this article (i think it was popular science), where a 6ft guy is going on a starvation diet plan so he can live a longer life. It was pretty hilarious, because this mutant weighed a measly 120 lbs or so and ate only salads. It'd be funny if this research only applied to rats and the guy wasted his time eating spinach his entire life.
2003-04-29 04:30:02 AM  
Tom Edison also did the fifteen minute nap every two hours, but it wouldn't work for most people. Imagine telling your boss you were going to snooze fifteen minutes every two hours. Depending on your sleep schedule, it'd be hours 1,3,5, & 7 or 0,2,4,6(followed by another right after clocking out). As Seymour Spacely said, "JETSON! Yyoouu'rree FIRED!"
2003-04-29 04:51:39 AM  
So I guess I don't have to worry if I eat the whole damn bag.
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