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(Washington Post)   NASA engineer dies testing rocket in his backyard   ( divider line
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4521 clicks; posted to Main » on 28 Sep 2001 at 9:58 AM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-09-28 10:00:07 AM  
2001-09-28 10:02:16 AM  
I guess they are going to ban amateur rocketry now.
2001-09-28 10:07:13 AM  
2001-09-28 10:07:24 AM  
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2001-09-28 10:07:57 AM  
Ah... so you *must* have the quotes around the path to the image to get it to post right. Finally figured that one out!
2001-09-28 10:08:28 AM  
Conspiracy!!! I think he was taken out! He must have known too much, or been a terrorist (and the government killed him to save embarressment)

I mean...a rocket scientist that doesn't take the necessary precautions when testing a rocket?
2001-09-28 10:20:09 AM  
Remember kids... don't try this at home
2001-09-28 10:24:38 AM  
I feel bad for this guy and his family, truly I do. But hey, one has to be careful when working with dangerous chemicals. I mean, I'm no rocket scientist or anythi...uh, well scratch the rest of that thought.
2001-09-28 10:26:36 AM  
Don't worry, it wasn't an actual rocket scientist, it was a system administrators. They're the red shirts of engineering companies everywhere. After all, they BREED in SEWERS.
2001-09-28 10:31:18 AM  
We could send a few of these DIY Rocket Kits to OLB & Co.
2001-09-28 10:37:08 AM  

[image from too old to be available]
that's one big toy , if it could kill you by accident.

2001-09-28 10:41:29 AM  
Is it me, or is this comment page displaying a little weirdly?
2001-09-28 10:42:03 AM  
Guess it was me
2001-09-28 10:50:13 AM  
Should be one hell of a backyard to do rocket testing there...
2001-09-28 10:51:39 AM  
Geesh, it aint rocket science....o wait, I guess It is.
2001-09-28 10:51:44 AM  
mm....i think that guy is on the west coast, oregon, as i seem to remember. he owns(ed) a toy company.

this one here was just another one.

my hat is still off to the 1981 lawn chair aviator.
2001-09-28 10:53:50 AM  
Once I played with my rocket in the backyard... wait, I can't tell you guys that story!
2001-09-28 11:03:20 AM  
This is how I originally mis-read the article as:

Phillip Bellmore, 42, died Wednesday at Memorial Hermann Hospital in Houston. He was blown there Tuesday night, shortly after the explosion.

Guess I need to clean my contacts..
2001-09-28 11:36:27 AM  
ah. he was from *TEXAS*

2001-09-28 11:41:15 AM  
Hisey: cheap shot. at least people in thie state die from doing rocket science. probably much better than any other state. i don't think that story about the guy making moonshine next to his pot fields was from texas, of course, he didn't die either.
2001-09-28 12:10:10 PM  
Oh there are plenty of stupid people in Texas.

I should know.. I grew up there.

"Hey Bubba! Watch this!"
2001-09-28 12:17:21 PM  
Cheeze: This just proves it doesn't take a rocket scientist to make shine.

Of course perhaps the rocket scientist would skip a step, and try to make shine from reefer, and call it like Wheedsky.
2001-09-28 12:22:38 PM  
Kalkin: Wheedsky!!!

i thought everyone was supposed to laugh and make fun of the dumb people from alabama and mississippi.
2001-09-28 12:31:00 PM  
In other ironic news........Anna Nicole Smith wins case,NOT BY BLOWING THE JUDGE
2001-09-28 12:38:19 PM  
Didn't he have a lab or something?
2001-09-28 12:42:53 PM  
All I can say about mississippi is damn it smells everytime I drive thru on my way to or from Florida.
2001-09-28 01:01:55 PM  
i am not sure if this is the same guy who was on the art bell show a while back saying that he was going to use a rocket he built for under $200,000 to propell him into low orbit.

space is the place
2001-09-28 01:04:14 PM  
Cheeze: yeah, I know it was, but I couldn't resist after all the nonsense in the Texas thread yesterday.
2001-09-28 01:12:16 PM  
This guy was a Systems Analyst! They don't do any engineering what so ever. No wonder he blew himself up. If there is any aerospace SA's out there you can correct me if I'm wrong, but from what I've seen, in the aero field, SA's just check boxes on gov't contracts.
"Did you engineers do this test?"
"Did you do enviroments on unit ....?"

I wouldn't trust one with a screwdriver, not to mention rocket fuel!
2001-09-28 01:30:29 PM  
ok, sorry. its definitely not the rocket guy, he lives in oregon.

dont trust people from the south, they got shifty eyes.
2001-09-28 03:25:27 PM  

Darwin: 1
Texass: 0

-he who stacks pork
2001-09-28 04:41:51 PM  
No, SA's tinker on stuff. That's where they get systems to analyze.
2001-09-28 05:20:25 PM  
I wonder if he worked on the Chalenger mission...
2001-09-28 06:25:51 PM  
Definately a Darwin Award Winner.
2001-09-28 07:02:49 PM  
Poor man's last thoughts: "....careful now.. steady... must avoid jolting container while transferring the hypergolic propellant ... just one slip up and... Heck, I'd buy the farm... Wha.a.AHHH! There's a squirrel running up my leg!


[squirrel runs away]
2001-09-28 07:54:22 PM  
We really need that Darwin icon.
2001-09-28 10:23:38 PM  
I guess he makes a good reason not to take work home with you.
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