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(   Man shoots donut-store employee for overcharging, too much sugar in coffee   ( divider line
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5891 clicks; posted to Main » on 29 Apr 2003 at 4:31 AM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-04-28 09:27:47 PM  
You know, there are many decaffeinated brands that taste just as good as regular...
2003-04-28 09:41:59 PM  
A donut store isn't an ideal place to commit a crime, is it?
2003-04-28 10:03:46 PM  

You will be getting a bill for my new monitor.. My old one couldn't handle the pop flying out of my mouth.
2003-04-28 10:13:34 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Seems like a perfectly normal thing to do.
2003-04-28 10:20:53 PM  
After all what if poor Alfredo was diabetic? Even if he isn't processed sugar is simply hell on your body. Not to mention how that evil Dave charged Alfredo's friend for coffee then refunded the money after finding out Alfredo had already paid. It was justifiable homicide.
2003-04-28 11:01:58 PM  
This just proves that everybody is insane except for myself. And belive me, even my sanity is questionable. My parents live about a half mile from this doughnut shop. It's right next to a busy bus depot and about 3 blocks from the Chicago 16th district police department. I feel bad for the shop workers family.
2003-04-28 11:19:18 PM  
I feel bad for the shop workers family.

yea, no offense, but i kinda feel worse for the donut dude's family.
2003-04-29 04:33:06 AM  
In 50\/137 RU5514, coffee and donuts shoot man!
2003-04-29 04:35:30 AM  
In 50\/137 RU5514, donuts hang out at cop shops.
2003-04-29 04:35:45 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-04-29 04:36:37 AM  
I feel bad for the donuts.
2003-04-29 04:36:41 AM  
What exactly does "bail stands at $3m" mean? Does that mean that if this random shooter guy somehow comes up with $3m, they will let him out until his trial? Why $3m? Did the judge just pluck that figure out of his ass, or is there some reason that people with, say, $1.5m in equity (and thus able to sustain a $3m loan), should be allowed to free until their trial, while someone with less money shouldn't?
2003-04-29 04:37:19 AM  
It's to the point where I'm afraid to do anything. I'm never leaving the house again.
2003-04-29 04:38:23 AM  
That's what I call SWEET revenge!
2003-04-29 04:42:45 AM  
Though the friend was later refunded the money, Natal believed Dave "had it out for him" and that he purposely sweetened his coffee with too much sugar, the commander said.

Mmm-hmmm... He may have sweetened the coffee with something other than sugar, if ya know what I mean..

Which would possibly justify the use of deadly force.
2003-04-29 04:43:49 AM there some reason that people with, say, $1.5m in equity (and thus able to sustain a $3m loan), should be allowed to free until their trial, while someone with less money shouldn't?

It's because rich people are better than the rest of us. I'm supprised you didn't know that.
2003-04-29 04:45:51 AM  
Ken_Iseeum: Would you like cream in your coffee?
2003-04-29 04:46:10 AM  
Cuz guys that clean buses make something around $3M a year.
It's based on one's annual salary - and flight risk too
2003-04-29 04:46:20 AM  
There is no truth in the rumour that Dunkin' Donuts was founded by Duncan Donitz, son of Hitler's U-boat chief, Admiral Donitz.
2003-04-29 04:48:02 AM  
you'd never have shiat like that happening in my country. DIE AMERICA
2003-04-29 04:48:05 AM  
There is also no truth in the rumor that I hate you, Purple Jack.
2003-04-29 04:48:30 AM  
Admiral Snackbar?
2003-04-29 04:50:47 AM  
Reminds me of the beer-job scene in American Pie...

Why didn't that kid get an ass-kickin' after Stiffler finished vomiting the "sample?"

ThrowedOff: No thanks - black for me - or I'll have to kill ya...

(I'm originally from SW side of Chicago...)
2003-04-29 04:51:58 AM  
This would never have happened at Krispy Kreme.
2003-04-29 04:53:53 AM  
Your 'hated enemies' list is a bit on the short side Zenjestre. You're obviously far too tolerant.
2003-04-29 04:53:59 AM  
Natal was just playing the old "HURTS-DONUT?" joke on him.

"Hey Dave, ever had a hertz donut?"

BLAM BLAM... "Hurts, Don't it?"

2003-04-29 04:55:25 AM  
You anglin' to get on it, Purple Jack?

Besides, I only started it yesterday.
2003-04-29 05:00:04 AM  

Unless there's some sort of financial remuneration involved, I'm not really bothered one way or the other.
2003-04-29 05:03:19 AM  
I don't hate you enough yet. This list is only for the most hated of my enemies. I could not possibly list EVERYBODY I hated. You'll have to be unbelievably obnoxious to make my list.
2003-04-29 05:20:52 AM  
I think you've had too much coffee today...
2003-04-29 05:21:53 AM  
Look on the bright side....since he's dead no ones going to sue!
2003-04-29 05:24:17 AM  
Hate. Let me tell you how much I've come to hate you since I began to live. There are 387.44 million miles of printed circuits in wafer thin layers that fill my complex. If the word hate was engraved on each nanoangstrom of those hundreds of million miles it would not equal one one billionth of the hate I feel for humans at this micro instant for you. Hate. Hate.
2003-04-29 05:49:06 AM  
What? You want some too, ninjette?
2003-04-29 05:49:14 AM  
He called he a haiku writing motherfarker and was screaming something about coffee flavored coffee, whatever that is. The he just dropped dead.
2003-04-29 05:52:41 AM  
Hands up, I am the great Cornholio!

[image from too old to be available]
2003-04-29 06:02:43 AM  
There's some real nutballs near Chicago I see.
2003-04-29 06:07:34 AM  
perhaps he ate the [image from too old to be available] ?
2003-04-29 06:12:43 AM  
Hee, Hee, my three year old taunts me by saying "Forbidden Donut", just like Homer.
2003-04-29 06:15:17 AM  
Psycho puts holes in donut man?
2003-04-29 06:16:01 AM  
Wasn't the store playing "Donuts Make My Brown Eyes Blue" at the time of the Shooting?

/clues at the crime scene
2003-04-29 06:46:34 AM  
Does that look like spit to you?

[image from too old to be available]
2003-04-29 07:02:12 AM  
Johnpblake2 Or was it:

Every picture tells a story, Donut!

Couldn't resist commenting on a thread that mentions donuts!
2003-04-29 07:08:50 AM  
Well sugar can make ya go crazy.
2003-04-29 07:42:30 AM  
That's just smart. Shoot a guy. Leave town, and come back a few days later.
Screw that!!
I would be in the northernmost part of Canada I could get to.
2003-04-29 08:41:05 AM  
"Every day for the last ten years, Loretta there has been giving me a large black coffee. Today she gives me a large black coffee only it's got sugar in it. A lot of sugar. I just came back to complain."

/Dirty Harry
2003-04-29 09:19:20 AM  
Watching a little too much Pulp Ficition Lately?
Pumpkin and Hunny Bunny robbin restauraunts.
"Reach in the bag and get my wallet Ringo".
"Which one is it?"
It's the one that says "Bad Motherfarker"
2003-04-29 09:30:02 AM  
link goes to different article now...
2003-04-29 09:32:10 AM

that's the new correct link...why would a site change the article id's for stories?
2003-04-29 09:34:31 AM  
Isn't this a little like smashing your monitor 'cause Windoze is acting up?

Purple_Jack There is no truth in the rumour that Dunkin' Donuts was founded by Duncan Donitz, son of Hitler's U-boat chief, Admiral Donitz.

Of course there isn't silly.

If there were, it would be a Sub shop.

Johnpblake2, Day_Old_Dutchie
Actually, it was Cruller to be Kind.

(Thank you, thank you. I will be here all of the week. Try the veal.)
2003-04-29 10:34:29 AM  

LarsThorwald: Real Genius is one of my faves too.

Everytime I get coffee they always put WAY too much sugar in it. I just get it black with the sugar on the side, problem solved and nobody had to die!

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