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(DesMoines Register)   Mugger robs restaurant owner of bills, not cash: "I hope he pays them" says owner   ( divider line
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2398 clicks; posted to Main » on 28 Sep 2001 at 12:00 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-09-28 12:07:09 AM  
Stupid Crook..


Just checking the filter...
2001-09-28 12:11:47 AM  
Filter test:

2001-09-28 12:14:28 AM  
Now thats funny!
2001-09-28 12:22:31 AM  

Man can't pay his bills on time, blames it on a "crook. Rumour has it that this is the same person who started "the dog ate my homework" and "the check's in the mail." Full story after a few more beers.
2001-09-28 12:28:02 AM  
2001-09-28 12:39:55 AM  
Criminals are too stupid to make an honest living.
2001-09-28 12:57:20 AM  
Fuh_Q: You owe me a keyboard. There is half drinken beer spewed all over mine.
That was funny.
2001-09-28 03:06:31 AM  
I never would've thought that Des Moines, Iowa was such a tough city.
2001-09-28 04:35:42 AM  
"electrical crackling noises" and passed it over part of Reel's body.

apparently robbers now invest in... The Clitoral Vibrator.
2001-09-28 05:17:46 AM  
i'd like to know this: why is the american spelling of cheque, check, and not cheque?
2001-09-28 05:35:43 AM  
For exactly the same reason that they can take the acronym
LASER which we all know stands for
Amplified (by)

and spell it with a "Z"
2001-09-28 05:44:12 AM  
satchmo: and the american spelling of colour is color, not colour.

'why don't you and the giant "LAZER" get a freakin room for gods sakes'

i like that line...
2001-09-28 06:09:27 AM  
Hoi, recharge...

Don't you come all that Aussie prissiness with me, I once
heard a story about an Aussie who was picked up at Heathrow
and wanted to go to "Loogabarooga"...

Turned out he wanted Loughborough!!!

Suppose we all make mistakes...

BTW when people say "speak the Queen's English", remind
them she's actually German (well Hanoverian)!
2001-09-28 06:10:28 AM  
SatchmoR: Good point. I never thought about it like that. Lazer is very wrong.
2001-09-28 06:13:53 AM  

For those of you who don't know how Loughborough should
be pronounced it's:
2001-09-28 06:19:09 AM  
Now I feel a little daft!

According to the OED online the word Laser is defined as:

[l(ight) a(mplification by) s(timulated) e(mission of) r(adiation).]

la·ser (lzr)
Any of several devices that emit highly amplified and coherent radiation of one or more discrete frequencies. One of the most common lasers makes use of atoms in a metastable energy state that, as they decay to a lower energy level, stimulate others to decay, resulting in a cascade of emitted radiation.


Still, no "Z"
2001-09-28 06:32:29 AM  
sachmoR they always drill aussies at heathrow, you're expected to know the post code of where you are going to stay, who with, what work u will be doing etc. i've heard nightmare stories of people waiting in transit for a flight back home because they got nervous and farked the answers up

i used to live in woolloongabba. that's a cool name, right?

i've got one of those "LAZER" pointy things, and my dogs (back home) love it, they follow the spot everywhere.

there i think i've covered all 3 topics in 9 easy lines.
2001-09-28 06:41:59 AM  
Recharge: What does "woolloongabba" translate to?

(Given that "Kangaroo" translates to "I don't understand"
- according to Urban Legend)
2001-09-28 06:45:20 AM  
Recharge: How do your dogs see the laser spot back home
(I figure you mean Oz) from your pointer here?

Are you using the heavyside layer to reflect?
2001-09-28 06:59:10 AM  
sachmoR: from my moonbase that has a giant "LAZER" - sorry i'm still on about that movie but i just lurve it.​.htm

but it still doesn't give us the translation from aboriginal language. pity, really.
2001-09-28 07:02:44 AM  
Hoi, Recharge

Who's sachmor, are you 2-timing me?
2001-09-28 07:02:48 AM  
ha hA! just found it
2001-09-28 07:10:11 AM  
I was going to use the online Aboriginal --> English
Dictionary, but:
a) Don't want to subscribe and
b) Don't know which Aboriginal People are associated with
the area.

Wow, lots to the lingo.

"Him fella nu-chum, down yarra-yarra,
shook my lubra, b'long King Billy"...
2001-09-28 07:10:18 AM  
nursing the hangover from hell, not at work, as a consequence my tiping si all worng
2001-09-28 07:23:09 AM  
Is that the one where the little green bear visits you,
hides your car keys, steals your wallet, craps in you
mouth, and hits you round the head with a lump hammer?

I am at work, and have a deadline this PM, so, as a
consequence, am doing b**ger all!
2001-09-28 07:24:19 AM  
Subst: "your mouth" for "you mouth" in penultimate

2001-09-28 07:44:34 AM  
Satchmo The little green bear remark just bough tyou one coffee destroyed keyboard my good man. I always heard it called the invisible blow your horn and scat your way to get me a new keyboard.
2001-09-28 07:49:56 AM  
SatchmoR: (It's payback for being a grammar-shark...) I know you Brits like to use Arthurian words like "penultimate", but this really is poor use of the word, unless you knew you were to die immediately after that last statement. After all, penultimate means "second to the ultimate".

Of course, you've not responded yet. I guess you could be dead, and that would be your penultimate statement. What a way to be proven right.....

(feeling spooked....)
2001-09-28 07:59:50 AM  
SatchmoR: Thanks for the correct LASER explanation. I thought I was losing it (at electromagnetic...)
2001-09-28 08:44:47 AM  
i've been tinking of doing LAZER surgery on my eyes. good idea ya think? have to wear glasses or contacts now so it's just an option
2001-09-28 08:54:24 AM  


pe·nul·ti·mate (p-nlt-mt)
Next to last.
Linguistics. Of or relating to the penult of a word: penultimate stress.


I tried it once, that's why I now have a Braille Monitor.
The next to the last.

[From Latin paenultimus. See penult.]

pe·nulti·mate·ly adv.
2001-09-28 09:29:13 AM  

(The) delay in replying (was) caused by partaking of a
large amount of cholesterol in the form of Greasy Jim's
All-Day Breakfast.

(I'm) back now.
2001-09-28 10:30:03 AM  
only in iowa will you have a business called 'la pizza house''s right next to 'international house de pancakes'
2001-09-28 10:35:05 AM  
Well they're not as sophisticated as you Minnesotans.
2001-09-28 11:25:45 PM  
This place has the best onion rings in Des Moines. The rest of the food is pretty iffy.

P.S. Watch out for the cats that run around the parking lot.

Not that anyone cares.
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