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(Mainichi Daily News)   "Primarily, the reason why these women strip in cyberspace is to turn men on"   ( divider line
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8420 clicks; posted to Main » on 27 Apr 2003 at 2:48 AM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-04-26 10:19:40 PM  
And here i was thinking they did it in hopes of finding a nice guy to settle down with. Well if their doing it to turn me on why dont they make them high quality and stock them with good looking girls?
2003-04-27 12:31:18 AM  
Why those sick Japanese! They... oh wait, they do that here too. never mind.

And here i was thinking they did it in hopes of finding a nice guy to settle down with.

Yeah, just like strippers, and pornstars, and crack hoes.
2003-04-27 02:51:42 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-04-27 02:52:11 AM  
They must not be doing their jobs, because I'm off right now. If any aspiring farkettes want to pick up the slack, please contact me. In person.
2003-04-27 02:53:14 AM  
You mean a Strippers Bar is not a good place to find a Wife?

*understand now why he is single*
2003-04-27 02:53:15 AM  
or.. to turn themselves on?

or.. to get people to buy them stuff from their extensive wish lists?
2003-04-27 02:53:36 AM  

...and because even the most mediocre looking girl will have tons of guys panting for her online, because somehow they think that by exasperatingly complementing her she'll get a plane ticket and go down on him.

Even in FARK threads. A girl says some boring, not funny comment, and a bunch of guys have to type...


OMG. that is teh funny. Seriously. You are cute"

I'm going to create an alter ego as a chick on FARK for when i crave attention.
2003-04-27 02:57:18 AM  
Because it works! It's amazing, in all the years I have
been on this site, how many Farkettes have bought plane tickets
to go down on me. Just ask 'em. Laws yes.

And I'm not as big a playah as some of the Greats here!

In other news, Monchichi Daily News is teh wiggedy wack.
2003-04-27 02:57:29 AM  
Less talk. More links.
2003-04-27 02:57:36 AM  

OMG that is teh funny. seriosuly. j00 r cute.
2003-04-27 03:01:43 AM  

ha! smart ass!
2003-04-27 03:02:13 AM  
Didn't Drew & Co. have a wish list last Christmas? And not even one live cam.
2003-04-27 03:04:43 AM  
I must admit that I've been surprised at how many farkers have checked my blog since I updated the link in my profile yesterday...

It is easier to get more attention online if you are a girl...respect is another issue however...
2003-04-27 03:04:54 AM  
Drew, show us ur boobs!!11
2003-04-27 03:10:15 AM  
I'll gladly strip online for anybody willing to knock my wish list down a few items.
2003-04-27 03:13:45 AM  
It's great to see you aroung again Takogirl.

Don't bother Alph.
If you crave attention, all you have to do is single out one of the female posters and start calling her an 'attention whore' or strongly present your case as to why she's really a man.

Seems to get some guys a lot of attention here...
2003-04-27 03:15:37 AM  

OMG that is teh funny. seriosuly. j00 r cute.

Okay, I'm done now.
2003-04-27 03:17:55 AM  

dude, how am I supposed to single out just one?
2003-04-27 03:18:20 AM  
*smacks Zenjestre upside his head*
2003-04-27 03:19:47 AM  
Beats me...

I've seen your blog on occasion. Some good stuff.
2003-04-27 03:19:58 AM  
*waves back at Ku No Ichi*

Alph just pick someone at random. It'll entertain us on this slow news day.
2003-04-27 03:20:30 AM  

plane tix are cheap right now too...
2003-04-27 03:22:25 AM  
I just got ninjutsu'd in the head. I'll volunteer to be Alph's fall-farker.
2003-04-27 03:23:27 AM  
I have no problem with the women posters here, they're pretty cool in general. It's just the fark casablancas I hate. It's just shudderific when you see them in action.

Alph is very on the moneys. Cool site also, rants are spot-on!
2003-04-27 03:26:15 AM  
casablancas? BWAHAHAHAHA
[image from too old to be available]
"The problems of a few attention whores don't amount to a
hill of beans on this crazy site. Someday you'll understand
that. Now,'s looking at you, kid."
2003-04-27 03:27:06 AM  
I've seen your blog on occasion. Some good stuff.

holy crap dude. thanks. Although i dont agree with the term "blog," because i never really write about personal issues or what i had for breakfast, but I'm used to being thrown into the blog crowd... maybe ill actually start updating again?

you dont even have a website with a blurry pic of yourself and wish list! How dare you think you are worthy to incur my wrath!

...i actually dont blame the girls for doing what they do. If i could get tons of attention with crappy pictures of myself and being misanthropic, I would probably do it to... as it is, i've got to try and be witty every now and again. sucks.
2003-04-27 03:28:05 AM  
Biggest lol of the day@F.rst

*wiping tears*
2003-04-27 03:29:27 AM  
I actually do have a website, but I haven't gotten around to scanning any pics and then running them through 5 photoshop filters yet. I could draw a nude self-portrait, if you want?
2003-04-27 03:31:11 AM  
I have a freaky negative pic and a link to a wish list on mine...maybe I'm a candidate...

/attention whoring
2003-04-27 03:35:09 AM  
Takogirl, you are such an attention whore. You need to get over yourself and just post like a regular farkette. You're probably just a man anyway who made up a girlie forum persona to get more attention.

2003-04-27 03:35:35 AM  
Wow Takogirl!

ur a q-tee!
Show us yer b00bs!

2003-04-27 03:36:27 AM  

Actually, what you're going to want to do, is put the black and white pic in your profile, and then go into the "boobies" thread, and make a comment, and comment, and watch the attention just rollllll in!

You can try sending me the drawing, but do to years of internet porn, I have trouble getting aroused at a naked girl when a goat isnt in the picture.
2003-04-27 03:37:38 AM  
ignore my horrible spelling.
2003-04-27 03:37:56 AM  
*does a search to find out the typical responses*
2003-04-27 03:38:57 AM  
Takogirl If you are really a girl ;) then you can pull of the girl chat. So just find the picture of a girl on the internet that you feel that you are... and put her picture up. Will help with the attention whoring!
2003-04-27 03:39:23 AM  
I could add a goat to the picture, but it probably wouldn't help, because a self-portrait isn't likely to have any girls in it.

Still want it?
2003-04-27 03:39:43 AM  
*takes notes*
2003-04-27 03:41:52 AM  
Why Brazil aren't I cute enough to use my real photo?
2003-04-27 03:42:50 AM  
Takogirl Do you own a Hello Kitty purse?

/trys sussing out age
2003-04-27 03:43:52 AM  
No - but I do own a Hello Kitty eyelash curler and sanitary pads.

What age does that make me appear?
2003-04-27 03:46:01 AM  
Why Brazil aren't I cute enough to use my real photo?

Well... I just pulled the negative from your blog, reversed it, and yes you are.
2003-04-27 03:46:30 AM  
Oh, Alph.
Have you seen the male turn-out in the weeners threads?

Mostly the girls posting in the boobies and the guys posting in the weeners are just being silly and having fun.
Nothing serious.
Plus, girls will kindly stroke the egos of the guys posting in the weeners threads too..
2003-04-27 03:47:24 AM  
Takogirl Heh heh. Hello Kitty sanitary pads. Now that is funny.
2003-04-27 03:49:12 AM  
Hello Kitty stuff isn't an indicator of much.

I know this guy who's almost 30 who owns a Hello Kitty purse. I don't think he's gay anymore either.

So there goes your frame of reference.
2003-04-27 03:52:38 AM  
What, no links?
2003-04-27 03:54:33 AM  
i got all the attention i need. I got my own photoshop thread
2003-04-27 03:58:09 AM  
hehe thanx Ku_No_Ichi =)

Takogirl!: [image from too old to be available]
2003-04-27 04:01:54 AM  
I would kill a man for a tiny pocket version of that banana to take out and dance in real life.
2003-04-27 04:05:21 AM  

Can we assume the DragonballZ fark profile is yours as well?
2003-04-27 04:10:45 AM  
Ain Soph

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