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(Some Guy)   Jesus struck down Columbia because the Hindu, Unitarian and Jewish astronauts mocked him   ( divider line
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9024 clicks; posted to Main » on 27 Apr 2003 at 2:49 AM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-04-26 07:14:33 PM  
But of course this was the reason...

Freakin Nutjob
2003-04-26 07:19:36 PM  
2003-04-26 07:23:52 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

A man who claims to be Christian but whose last name is the same as the God of War? STRIKE HIM DOWN JEBUS!
2003-04-26 07:36:35 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-04-26 08:21:14 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-04-26 09:01:10 PM  
that guy's name is an anagram for "ex-armrest". This means something.
2003-04-26 10:29:10 PM  
Damn straight...Finally the truth comes out.
2003-04-27 12:06:25 AM  
Oookey dokey...
2003-04-27 02:52:47 AM  
OMG! It is also an anagram for Texas Merr. The cows are coming!
2003-04-27 02:52:51 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

You got it mang
2003-04-27 02:53:54 AM  
So why did Jesus make me stub my toe the other day? The life of sinning? The 'false' religious beliefs? Of because of the Jews?

Damn Jews.
2003-04-27 02:55:03 AM  
makes perfect sense
2003-04-27 02:55:58 AM  
I will never understand why so many people hate the Jews. Without us you wouldn't have any entertainment you stupid ass gentiles.
2003-04-27 02:57:02 AM  
What a bunch of farking idiots.
2003-04-27 02:57:34 AM  
plus Jesus was jewish. i dont know where this guy is getting off.
2003-04-27 02:58:02 AM  
We're laughing at you Bobbjoo.
2003-04-27 02:59:18 AM  
Well, I hate the Jews because my toe hurts.
2003-04-27 03:00:48 AM  
fair enough
2003-04-27 03:01:51 AM  
If Jesus had meant for us to fly....
2003-04-27 03:02:02 AM  
I think Jebus was part of some group of crazy Jews that had a slightly different religion. But don't mind me I'm not sober.
2003-04-27 03:02:02 AM  
Is there an
img.fark.netView Full Size
tag big enough to describe this jeezoid wackjob? And I thought you couldn't slither any lower than Jack Chick or Fred Phelps. Never underestimate the KKKristian talent to be an uncouth, arrogant p.o.s.
2003-04-27 03:03:49 AM  
Two 40s were not able to cushion my system from the stupidity of that article. Saving throw failed, lose 4 intelligence points for 20 rounds.
2003-04-27 03:04:00 AM  
The Lord works in mysterious ways.
2003-04-27 03:06:48 AM  
Does a bear shiat in the woods? Is the pope catholic?!
2003-04-27 03:07:34 AM  
Wait, that's not the right link.

What a weirdly coded site.
2003-04-27 03:07:45 AM  
i definitely dont trust that guys name. havent read the article yet but ive heard things like this before.
2003-04-27 03:08:39 AM  
Uh.. this is a real site?

I assumed it was a joke.

2003-04-27 03:11:59 AM  
Praise "Bob">
2003-04-27 03:12:06 AM  
well that site just went in my bookmarks.

/file under bullshiat
2003-04-27 03:12:20 AM  
"Jesus was jewish, but only on his mother's side."

/Archie Bunker
2003-04-27 03:15:56 AM  
If that were true, then Fark and most of its inhabitants is due to be struck down several times over any second now.
2003-04-27 03:16:23 AM  
The scary thing - there would be some dumbass in the world that would read this and think, "yeah, makes sense."

But do those idiots have computers? Hmmm.
2003-04-27 03:17:14 AM  
All slack.
Kiz [BareFark]
2003-04-27 03:18:10 AM  
That photo really screams "See these pearly white teeth? Don't you want to smack them down my throat? Sure you do."

Unfortunately, according to a message I received from God last night, the Columbia was actually destroyed because a self-claimed Christian named Texe Marrs masturbated that night. So it's all his fault.
2003-04-27 03:22:54 AM  

We've replaced Texe Marrs' regular coffee with high-grade LSD. Let's see if he notices.
2003-04-27 03:22:59 AM  
His homepage is damn funny. I love this apparently meaningful picture:

[image from too old to be available]

Some of the titles for his archived articles are great too:

-The Vatican TerminatorWill The Next Pope Be The Last Pope?

-Is The Pope Catholic?

-Mormon Temples of the Dead

-Masonic Jews Plot To Control WorldZionist Secret Society Conducts Luciferian Rituals Deep in Cave Under City of Jerusalem

-Planet XDark Red Star on a Collision Course with Earth
2003-04-27 03:25:42 AM  
Why is it that the wackier the conspiracy theory nut, the suckier the HTML skills?
2003-04-27 03:25:55 AM  
I call bullshiat on Texe Marrs.
2003-04-27 03:27:02 AM  
For my fill on conspiracies I go to I love the crazy people on the message boards.
2003-04-27 03:28:13 AM  
I knew those astronauts shouldn't have proclaimed "This mission will be bigger than Jesus, suck it!" before dry-humping a crucifix.

Eeeeediot conspiracyworld guys
2003-04-27 03:28:13 AM  

like anyone cares
2003-04-27 03:29:40 AM  
I'm sticking with the Iraqi theory that Allah struck down the Shuttle because of Middle-East policies...

Oh yeah, and there was a Jew on board.
2003-04-27 03:30:19 AM  
A wee bit grumpy tonight?
2003-04-27 03:30:41 AM  
It's okay, Bobbjoo. Typical Jew typo. We'll let it go, since y'alls people can't handle stuff like computers.
2003-04-27 03:31:01 AM  
That guy's not the only fundie whackjob spouting such bullshiat:
2003-04-27 03:31:20 AM believes this information needs to be shared.

Shared, laughed at and then roundly mocked.
2003-04-27 03:32:02 AM  
My Theory: When you've got a machine with thousands of different parts that all have to work right, things will occasionally go wrong.
2003-04-27 03:32:04 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

Who knew Penn and Teller were evil
2003-04-27 03:32:28 AM  
We've replaced Texe Marrs' regular coffee with high-grade LSD. Let's see if he notices.-Joshg

LOLOL!! Sounds more like you replaced his brain with raw sewage.
2003-04-27 03:33:22 AM  
"the United Nations, an unholy affront to God"
I suppose we should all be at war with every other country if it pleases "god"
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