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(WIXT)   Scientists have finally confirmed that flies can actually fly. Still no cure for cancer   ( divider line
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5727 clicks; posted to Main » on 26 Apr 2003 at 9:10 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-04-26 07:04:22 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

And in other news, it has been confirmed that the Pope wears a funny hat. Still seeking word on what bears do in the woods.

2003-04-26 08:48:14 PM  
Previously, scientists thought that their light weight allowed flies to technically "swim" in the air.

Scientists actually believed that flies swim?
2003-04-26 09:00:29 PM  
More "still no cure for cancer" headlines, please.
2003-04-26 09:13:20 PM  

Work on something important please.
2003-04-26 09:15:30 PM  
I have written a study that says that most people can't come up with an original headline.
2003-04-26 09:16:18 PM  
meanwhile, the speed of dark still unkown
2003-04-26 09:16:26 PM  
Why the hell is this important? Why do people study these things? I just don't understand. They could spend all of their time on fark instead!
2003-04-26 09:17:16 PM  
NEWS FLASH: Harvard study finds that fish can swim!
2003-04-26 09:17:26 PM  
you know i found out that water is wet earlier today
2003-04-26 09:18:51 PM  
And beers make me drunk.
2003-04-26 09:19:36 PM  
2003-04-26 09:20:13 PM  
What happens if they come up with a cure for cancer? Will the world explode or something?
2003-04-26 09:20:34 PM  
Photo is of a firefly, which does fly just like real flies.

No way!
2003-04-26 09:20:38 PM  
Have any of you seen this online game

Its like make pretend drug selling. And i was wondering with the power of fark and all. that maybe i could get some clicks. and try to get my self onto the top 25 list? so what do u say. willing to help guys? Help A Farker Out.
2003-04-26 09:21:02 PM  
scientists also include flying is harder for humans
2003-04-26 09:21:39 PM  
um....humans without wings
2003-04-26 09:21:49 PM  
Excuse me, How would I submit a photoshop idea? And to whom would I be submitting to? I need help coming up with a softball team logo. thanks

2003-04-26 09:22:46 PM  
What happens if they come up with a cure for cancer? Will the world explode or something?

britney spears will be a talented artist, the USA will fall to iraq, and the core will be an A+ movie based on scientific studies as useless as the article
2003-04-26 09:22:46 PM  
Flying's not so hard. All you have to do is fall, and miss the ground.

Check "Life, The Universe, and Everything" by Douglas Adams for a more in-depth explanation.
2003-04-26 09:23:01 PM

ZAZ [TotalFark]
2003-04-26 09:23:06 PM  
Isn't this old news? I read an article last year about how flies can -- surprise! -- fly. The secret is flapping the wings. Seriously. There were bits about vortices and transient flow, but when it comes down to it the conclusion was that a fly can only fly if it flaps its wings really hard. (Or maybe that was a bee. But I still think it's basically old news.)
jbc [TotalFark]
2003-04-26 09:23:06 PM  
Stop complaining. The headline could have been more idiotic.

Scientists have finally confirmed that flies actually fly. Duke sucks.

Scientists have finally confirmed that flies actually fly. This affects about six of you.

Scientists have finally confirmed that flies actually fly. Your dog wants steak.

Scientists have finally confirmed that flies actually fly. Birds surrender.
2003-04-26 09:23:49 PM
2003-04-26 09:23:59 PM  
Mr. Drew, could we at least PLEASE keep the font sizes bwetween the frontpage and consistent?
2003-04-26 09:26:36 PM  
Beattie1982 - Don't be a spamming pest.
2003-04-26 09:27:10 PM  
Not spamming. Just asking for help. Dont Farkers help one another sometimes?
2003-04-26 09:32:40 PM  
I'm glad that this revelation does not reduce the entertainment value of a bug zapper.
2003-04-26 09:37:23 PM  
Previously, scientists thought that their light weight allowed flies to technically "swim" in the air.

Yeah, so does this guy:
2003-04-26 09:38:51 PM  
Aw, crappit! *sigh* It's a fish with wings. I messed up the html.
2003-04-26 09:52:53 PM  
Dont Farkers help one another sometimes?

You could try submitting it to the main fark page, not hijacking a thread to be a spammy pest.
2003-04-26 09:53:16 PM  
I'll believe it when I see it.

Till then, the earth is still flat, god is an old white man, and the government actually cares about you.

2003-04-26 09:57:22 PM  
A talking fish is found. . It tastes like chicken. Hilarity ensues. PETA surrenders. Still no cure for more cowbell. and I got nothing.

Worst. Post. Ever.
2003-04-26 09:57:50 PM  
The world might not explode, but I'm guessing as to what the headline would read on the FARK front page:

[image from too old to be available] Scientists discover cure for cancer. Still no cure for cancer
2003-04-26 09:59:58 PM  
04-26-03 09:17:26 PM Lemures
you know i found out that water is wet earlier today

2003-04-26 10:02:00 PM  
Mods, will you please delete the posts from Beattie1982
2003-04-26 10:09:37 PM  
This is stupid. This is no differnt that the one thread you guys had. where they voted the girl to number one. this is pretty much the same. I dont give a fark delete them. What a bunch of dicks
2003-04-26 10:13:38 PM  
Damn scientists got it all wrong. They were supposed to find out how bees fly.

Drosophilia flies are also used in genetic experiments, because they breed so fast and they can be bred to have red eyes, and curly wings, and all kinds of weird stuff. These flies are like the VIPs of the fly world.
2003-04-26 10:16:20 PM  
Beattie1982, what, were you dropped on your head recently or something? Get it on the main page, don't spam the god damned threads that don't have anything to do with it. There is a difference.

Also, choke on a cock.
2003-04-26 10:18:13 PM  
Most ppl who've posted are ignorant morons.

The point here was that flies, based on body weight, wing density, and drag/lift of the wings calculations, SHOULDN'T have been able to fly. Scientists merely assumed that the a certain motion of their wings, kept them airborne.

No cure for cancer? How about advancements in aerospace? That float your boat?
2003-04-26 10:20:37 PM  
Beattie1982 (and everyone else):

How does people going to your site REALLY help you? I mean, are you set to profit from the traffic? I assume so. In that case - how much could you possibly make from a sponsor banner on your little game site? A nickel a day? A penny every 100 clicks?

Why don't you punch in at a real job. Oh my! In the time you've been jacking threads with your link, you could have pulled in $5.15 at any federally-regulated business establishment! That's 50,000 clicks!
2003-04-26 10:22:12 PM  
Scientists discover cure for cancer. Still no cure for cancer

haha....that made me laugh
2003-04-26 10:24:44 PM  

OK, now you're starting to be a little biatch about it. You are about one post away from about 50 Farkers flooding the Mods with demands to suspend your account for a few weeks.

Until then:

2003-04-26 10:30:28 PM  
Beattie1982 -

Out of pity for your shameful existence, I went and tried out your "game."

THERE IS NO FREAKING GAME! Your stupid "Drug Lords" barrel of fun is simply an updating tally-sheet of those who recruit other people by sending them the link! The SOLE entertainment value consists of typing in a username . . . because that's all you can do! What the hell? Do you realize how stupid that idea is? And how even DUMBER the people are who are trying to crack the "TOP 75 DRUGLORDS" chart?

GET A LIFE, SERIOUSLY. At least start a porn site, or something!
2003-04-26 10:35:59 PM  
Nothing like wasting a bunch of money on teh obvious...

Oh and keep it on-topic, farkers...good thing I'm not a mod, jebus...;)
2003-04-26 10:38:58 PM  
Flies do not fly! There is not one fly that can actually fly!
2003-04-26 10:43:04 PM  
Damnit! There goes my theory that flies don't move, they just move the space around them.
2003-04-26 10:48:08 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

This Fly can't fly. I dunno if he can swim though.
2003-04-26 10:49:24 PM  
Flies don't fly. They use anti-gravity belts.
2003-04-26 10:55:58 PM  
I wonder if airplanes fly or just swim through the air?

We might have to rename them to swimplanes.

2003-04-26 11:26:01 PM  
Dial it up!
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