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(Yahoo)   Morgan Webb now tops the biggest search term decline in one day at Yahoo   ( divider line
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17361 clicks; posted to Main » on 26 Apr 2003 at 3:12 AM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-04-25 08:48:21 PM  
Probably a result of having zero nudie pics.
2003-04-25 09:24:48 PM  
Well that made my day.. i might take a screencap and use it as my background.
2003-04-25 10:04:59 PM  
Am I the only Farker that doesn't get Tech TV?
2003-04-25 10:58:44 PM  

You must be one of them ... non-geeks ...

wierd. never met one before.
2003-04-25 11:41:03 PM  
I don't mind if Morgan Webb goes down. Am I the only one?
2003-04-26 02:28:59 AM  
Wow, I've never seen her before, but now that I have, all I can say is: Nice Rack!
2003-04-26 03:13:45 AM  
2003-04-26 03:14:37 AM  
I don't get TechTV, but I like her.
2003-04-26 03:14:50 AM  
Eh, she's nice looking, not a 10. I don't see how people could diss here, or droll over her.
2003-04-26 03:15:26 AM  
i mean her, not the way.
2003-04-26 03:15:51 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-04-26 03:15:54 AM  
In the future, everyone will have 15 clicks of fame.
2003-04-26 03:16:38 AM  
I don't get Tech TV either...
I still voted for her though :)
2003-04-26 03:17:03 AM  
Nice to see phrack will have its bandwidth back.
farkers dont hack, hackers just fark.
2003-04-26 03:17:48 AM  
yay! 15 minutes is up...

I noticed that 3 on the list were: Helen of Troy, the Trojan War, and Sienna Guillory(hottie!). so I guess there are people out there somewhere who watch USA network
2003-04-26 03:18:09 AM  
looking at that list, i'm going with helen of troy over any tech tv floozy any millenia of the week. and wtf do they call her helen of troy when she was from sparta. farking greex should sue.
2003-04-26 03:18:33 AM  
who the fark is morgan webb?
2003-04-26 03:18:52 AM  
2003-04-26 03:19:19 AM  

people were actually searching for Rosie Perez?

2003-04-26 03:22:06 AM  

No.. the full search was.

"Rosie, Perez, drown, how-to."
2003-04-26 03:22:55 AM  
Rosie Perez has the same irritation factor as a blistered hemorrhoid.
2003-04-26 03:25:29 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

Morganna has bigger tits. Bah.
2003-04-26 03:25:56 AM  
Morgan Webb is hot, but has anyone else noticed that her tits are kinda low hanging?
2003-04-26 03:27:59 AM  
Rosie is still around? I can hear that nasal voice in my head..
2003-04-26 03:28:55 AM  
Morgan Webb is hot, and that voice of hers is oh so soft.
2003-04-26 03:29:58 AM  
She's very cute, but this push was sorta insane. There's a difference between coming into the limelight and having it thrust upon you. This whole madonna situation has sort of imploded. I must admit, I'm still rooting/voting for her in the K-Rock Poll, but this is like a poll where some girl refuses to show her hoochie. TS for the fellas, so the ratings go down...whatever.
2003-04-26 03:30:27 AM  
No.. the full search was.

"Rosie, Perez, drown, how-to."

lol, but she was so good in White Men Can't Jump!!
2003-04-26 03:31:05 AM  

just to make that clear
2003-04-26 03:34:37 AM  
Surprise, surprise.
2003-04-26 03:36:39 AM  
What is this TechTV? Is it I guess like a whole channel devoted to techy stuff, like the sci fi channel or history channel?

That actually sounds pretty stupid. I understand niche channels like the Home & Garden channels, because cheesecake eating housewives can watch Trading Spaces to get ideas on how they can spruce up their home but never do. And I can understand sports channels, because hey--sports!

But I think the whole Tech channel thing is probably mostly geared towards non-techy people who need help turning on their computers. Because REAL techies would obviously be ON their computers too often to bother turning to their television sets to watch TechTV tell them what they already know. Besides, everything one could possibly want to know about computers and the internet is on the internet itself, for free. That makes it kind of superfluous.

But why would non-techy people want to watch the Tech channel anyway? They're usually to busy watching the Oxygen channel or the Friends channel or the Reality Show channel to care about what some ditzy faux-blonde has to say about customizing your windows desktop.

Watching TechTV is like reading about food.
2003-04-26 03:44:22 AM  
That was kinda cool, to see what the 25 people who still use yahoo as a search engine are searching for.
2003-04-26 03:45:03 AM  
C'mon, maybe you just need to play with your food more...
[image from too old to be available]
Behold! The Tuna-RollerCoaster!!!

Nevermind, I can't make sense of it either.
2003-04-26 03:49:39 AM  
Okay, WTF is that one Google-based site where you search a name or word, and it comes up with a zillion phrases that matched that word? It's amusing.

Oh, and... Bambi's AunT? Bambi the deer? I don't care enough to look most these no-names up.
2003-04-26 03:50:20 AM  
Well Ishkur, I see myself as tech-inclined (freshman in Comp Eng. major), and I enjoy TechTV. I do not watch the more basic tech help stuff, but they have documentaries of cool tech people (Michio Kaku anyone?) and reviews of new technology/products. Cool stuff I think. They also have help for the slightly less than uber geek with obscure hints and fixes for windows, macOS, and (gasp) linux. I don't get it at school sadly, but I'll get it again in a few weeks.

Oh yeah, Megan, Morgan, Kat, Sumi, etc. are all good looking and intelligent to boot!
2003-04-26 03:52:56 AM  
Yesterday was the first time I'd ever heard of Ms. Webb, and I'm already surprisingly tired of the topic..
I think we've been saturated..

But if I watched TV and all, I probably wouldn't be saying that.
I guess I have no point to make here.
2003-04-26 04:04:00 AM  
....wait a minute - people use Yahoo to search for stuff?
2003-04-26 04:10:09 AM  
Ishkur, like the guide to music guy?

I think its funny that you've never even seen Tech Tv and therefore have no idea what its about. Then you make conclusions based on what you think its about and then you finalize with "Watching TechTV is like reading about food."

You should probably watch the channel before making such conclusions. The truth is that the channel is geared more towards gear heads and people who know how to turn on their computers.

This nerdom or geekdom is not a trend or a fad, its a way of life for most of us. TechTv is a part of that life and fills it quite well. There are so many different kinds of shows not only related to computers, but cool gear, lifestyle, news etc. I hope it stays, but I don't know if its going to.
2003-04-26 04:10:30 AM  
That's believable, considering no one knows who the fark morgan webb is after looking at the hax0red madonna site.
2003-04-26 04:17:28 AM  

Extreme hottie
Former member of techtv's Screen Savers
Host of techtv's X-Play which starts next week
2003-04-26 04:19:11 AM  
Yooyooyoo: yes, the music guide guy. I have an internet monopoly on this name. No one else uses it. So it means me.

No, I still don't get it. I'm a nerd/geek/techy/whatever-you-want-to-call-it, but I don't even watch tv (except for hockey. I don't think we get TechTV up here in Canada). You know why? I'm too busy on my friggin' computer!!! Honestly, that makes no sense to me. Why would you leave your computer to watch TV about computers? Unless you use your computer to watch TV about computers.

Like I said: anything you could possibly want to know about anything is online. Why would you leave the most powerful resource in the world for a lesser, more constrained one?
2003-04-26 04:19:28 AM  
Me sad!

That page is mean!...

It mentioned Bambi's aunt, and that reminded me of Bambi, and now I'm sad!!

Mean page, me hate you!
2003-04-26 04:20:59 AM  
Watching someone else do tech work is like watching someone work in the get the gist of it, but you don't know the subtleties. If you're watching either on TV though, it's a valid analogy.

You're not close to the components/ingredients, and you're not making the additions/mods yourself. You appreciate and learn, but you're not doing it for yourself from an "original" start-point...
2003-04-26 04:58:17 AM  
She's not that fit. Why go crazy over someone because she's alright looking and knows how to use a PC?

2003-04-26 04:58:41 AM  
Too busy to watch the channel? Then go to the channel's website.

I understand the whole "too many specialized channels" argument, but at least try to understand something before you judge.
2003-04-26 05:19:17 AM  
I think its funny phrack got second. I also think its funny people search for phrack.
2003-04-26 05:33:55 AM  
Its not just about computers. Tech stands for technology..

Shutdown for a day or too bud, watch some tv or get air or something.. you seem a bit tense..
2003-04-26 05:34:44 AM  
If you do that, i will remember my to,two,and toos
2003-04-26 05:46:32 AM  
Who are Morgan Webb?

Does Yahoo search

Up they go again

/defeats object
2003-04-26 05:59:03 AM  
Ishkur: Like I said: anything you could possibly want to know about anything is online. Why would you leave the most powerful resource in the world for a lesser, more constrained one?

Classic man..... Why bother going outside anymore? You can get all your entertainment from your computer.. Why date? You can have internet chat-dates.. Why try to have a girlfriend? You have computer porn.. Why shower and shave and wear clean clothes? You dont need them for computing.. You can always find out online what styles you wont need, women you wont talk to, and lots of other crap that you can read about online and assume its true..

Yes the internet has alot of information.. but its not the only source you should consult.

I have this friend who only needs a few thousand dollars to collect millions from a Nigerian bank. You want to help me out and earn money?
2003-04-26 06:01:49 AM  
Really Ishkur, go watch some other channels besides MTV and you will find things not on the net. Try some of the Discovery Channel Network ones (Discovery Channel, TLC, History Channel (my favorite), Animal Planet). Even try TechTV, its definently not all about computers. After that get up to date on the news on the Daily Show on Comedy Central.

One thing about the net that sucks is that theres very little video, and what there is is either grainy or takes a long time to download. Someday this will change, but for today, it stays.
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