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90654 clicks; posted to Main » on 25 Apr 2003 at 6:05 PM (12 years ago)   |  Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-04-25 06:37:16 PM  
Penski BWAAAHAAAAAA!! chia-crotch.
2003-04-25 06:38:22 PM  
2003-04-25 06:38:54 PM  
whoa whoa whoa....cubicle-slave....11th grade? that has to put her under 18...arent there laws against that? then again, you did say its in florida....
2003-04-25 06:41:13 PM  
maybe one decent one can save this link
2003-04-25 06:42:02 PM  
Cubicle-slave, I have to agree with Frimel on this one. Then again, I'm younger than her, so she's fair game for me. :p
She's hot, though. Yow.

How long 'til she's eighteen? I've got time. ;)

Mike_y: So do I, but can't they even try? I mean, who'd want to draw things that boring?
2003-04-25 06:43:36 PM  
Ya know, that could be the headline for ANY |300|3!35!!1111!!
2003-04-25 06:45:33 PM  
Cubicle-slave, I'd just like to say

"Where the hell was she when I was in eleventh grade?" Damn...
2003-04-25 06:45:47 PM  
Everyone that link I sent above are SFW (barely) photos on it so its good to go. Nothing wrong with looking at 17 (she might be 18) year old photos of some girl with godly 34DD boobies!

Take a look. You won't be sorry.
2003-04-25 06:46:04 PM  
The vast majority of them look great. There are only a couple who are below average, at least compared to actual, everyday women, as opposed to the ones to get paid to be naked.

And most of you 15-year-old virgin chronic masturbators will be shocked to learn that a majority of real, actual, women who are not strippers or pr0n stars do not completely shave their bushes, just like the women depicted here. Some everyday women do, but most don't. And you will be equally shocked to learn that most men who have actually seen such women naked are not horrified by the presence of pubic hair on a woman, and many actually prefer it that way.
2003-04-25 06:46:35 PM  
FatherG Hotlinking is when you actually link the picture itself, so that every time someone pulls up the page, a request for the picture is sent to the server, which can really rack up bandwidth (how many times have you refreshed this thread?).

What JOHN did was to provide a link to the picture, so that anybody can click who wants to, but it isn't automatically pulled up. I learned from a fark thread of long, long ago that this process is called deeplinking.

Mmmm....deep, hot....linking.
2003-04-25 06:46:44 PM  
Frimel, she could be 18, and also, at least the ones I saw were not pornographic.

Well, maybe the wet t-shirt one was. I dunno.
2003-04-25 06:47:06 PM  
Thanks for the heads up FatherG there are some great artists there and I wouldn't want anything happening to them.

back to booby hunting.

2003-04-25 06:48:58 PM  
Now these are boobies! I'd hit them all!
2003-04-25 06:49:40 PM  
the best thing about the posted Christina site is the list of deadbeat members on the bottom of the page. Hilarious.
2003-04-25 06:50:56 PM  
That Christina site disturbed me. Not enough not to check it out, but still...
2003-04-25 06:51:47 PM  
HEY! Those women's bodies don't look anything like all the ones in the magazines and on TV. What's up?
2003-04-25 06:52:16 PM  
I also like on the bio page it lists that she plays volleyball for her school. OMG can you imagine that jumping up and down? There must be a hell of a turn out for those meets.
2003-04-25 06:52:41 PM  
you can totally tell her youth by that babyface.

makes the juxtaposition of face and body kinda eerie.
2003-04-25 06:52:58 PM  
Wait til you get to her movies. Bouncy bouncy bouncy bouncy....

bouncy bouncy....


You get the idea :)
2003-04-25 06:54:20 PM  
Previously spoken of Celebrity Jeopardy episode

Cropped down to just the part in Final Jeopardy.

2003-04-25 06:56:50 PM  
Cubicle-slave - Thanks for bringing boobies to my Friday.

04-25-03 06:46:04 PM Cyberluddite - And most of you 15-year-old virgin chronic masturbators will be shocked to learn that a majority of real, actual, women who are not strippers or pr0n stars do not completely shave their bushes, just like the women depicted here. Some everyday women do, but most don't. And you will be equally shocked to learn that most men who have actually seen such women naked are not horrified by the presence of pubic hair on a woman, and many actually prefer it that way.

My wife and I disagree with you :-}~
2003-04-25 06:57:27 PM  
She has a piercing that means over 18....right? She looks like a whole lotta fun

Oh yes indeed. I need to move.
2003-04-25 06:57:45 PM  
Cubicle-slave Holy Crap!! you were right on about the movie. My eyes are still bouncing around. Damn!
2003-04-25 06:59:37 PM  
Geesh, the site -- those girls don't even remotely look to be having fun.
2003-04-25 07:01:38 PM  
I was just thinking about that JOHNDX. Personally I think she is 18+ now but some of the photos were probably taken when she was 18-. Either way... fap fap fap...
2003-04-25 07:11:16 PM  
Read what I said, Scout32. As I said, some everyday women are shaved, but not all, or even most. And many men are not grossed out by that. To each his own.
2003-04-25 07:12:20 PM  
JOHNDX: My guess is 18 but only recently, that tattoo looks fairly bright and fresh, unless it's a fake one.
2003-04-25 07:12:26 PM  
Hardly any of those girls is hot :(
2003-04-25 07:12:33 PM  
JOHNDX I think she is a fun girl too :)
2003-04-25 07:14:26 PM  
Wydock I actually had girls that looked like that (or better?) in my highschool... oh so many moons ago {wistful sigh}.

I'm still not sure how I passed American History class with 3 cheerleaders sitting near me; I think the (male) teacher was distracted as well.

As far the link: how DO they get that hair that thick? MiracleGro? Or is it camera angle?
2003-04-25 07:15:44 PM  
She can arrest me anytime!
2003-04-25 07:17:06 PM  
This is the lamest boobies link I have ever seen.
2003-04-25 07:17:40 PM  
unzip pants....oh wait...
2003-04-25 07:19:25 PM  
Just as sexy as the next gynecology textbook.
2003-04-25 07:20:40 PM  
Dufus: Wydock I actually had girls that looked like that

There were plenty of pretty girls in my graduating class, but only one I'd call model quality, although she was kind of short. Not that I cared.
2003-04-25 07:23:45 PM  
Well the oldest photo I could find with the tatoo was her set she did on 9-08-01. If she did get a legal tatoo then she is well past the legal age by now. Anyone know the legal age in Florida to get a tatoo? 18?

I would just think she hasn't updated that one page saying she is still in 11th grade. Then again she could just be getting held back...
2003-04-25 07:25:07 PM  
nothing like a 19 year old 11th grader. I guess she got breasts instead of brains.
2003-04-25 08:19:28 PM  
After seeing that 18 yo all I have to say is "The junk is all fapped out".
*Staggers outside to find a dead kitten. Trips over curb falling into rose bush while Colt45 smashes on sidewalk.* *Friend points and laughs with snot bubble in nose*
2003-04-25 08:25:09 PM  
C-Slave, when I get my foot out of my mouth, remind me to thank you.
2003-04-25 08:27:44 PM  
2003-04-25 08:30:09 PM  
I am just trying to provide quality Friday boobies. Enjoy everyone.
2003-04-25 08:31:25 PM  
Take a look at her movies. Lots of mammory ondulation. I like.
2003-04-25 08:35:37 PM  
I looked at the movies and all I could do was laugh
2003-04-25 08:40:43 PM  
I think this is my favorite photo of her - wow... then again maybe this one... or this... whimper whimper... nevermind I love them all!!
2003-04-25 08:41:43 PM  
I like the natural look myself. As long as it's well-maintained. I think that's more the younger set these days that goes in for the clean look. Women over 30 usually don't, which is one more reason I love them.

Oh, and that Christinamodel site?
[image from too old to be available]
2003-04-25 08:42:22 PM  
Flg8or, you rock.
2003-04-25 08:44:30 PM  
I'm envisioning the bright future that girl Christina has. She'll hit 27 and realize people--her parents included, apparently--see her as nothing more than a set of 34DDs; that's when the alcohol dependency will head into high gear.
2003-04-25 08:48:48 PM  
Hey, if you want nice looking pictures of teens (legal ones) and more, check out At least they have beautiful girls (variety) and real photographers, and not 'daddy's friend with a camera'
2003-04-25 08:52:21 PM  
A lot of the stuff on DOMAI is underage (they were taken in Europe where the legal age is younger--16, I think). They're a lot like MET that way. Technically, as long as they're not engaged in any lewd or lascivious conduct, it's legal to have them up.
2003-04-25 08:56:12 PM  

My brother's response to your link was:

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