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(TechTV)   Fark credited for Morgan Webb's victory yesterday. Now she takes on Jeri Ryan, seriously dividing the nerd vote   ( divider line
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24711 clicks; posted to Main » on 25 Apr 2003 at 1:49 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-04-25 04:09:28 PM  
heheehehehheee, he said 'stuffing the box'
2003-04-25 04:10:57 PM  

"You look like some kind of super nerd! It looks like you were built in a laboratory out of parts from lesser nerds!"

/Triumph at the "Attack of the Clones" premier

2003-04-25 04:11:24 PM  
TechTV is really a terrific example of it... Every chick I've seen that they have working there seems to be really damn cute... and really damn stacked. (even the non on-airs that you glimpse roaming in the background) Now, I'm not saying they're not qualified, according to their bio's, most have them have graduated from pretty prestigious schools, but looks clearly seem to be a significant employment factor there. (which makes sense for the on-airs)

then explain the fat ugly pregnant one?
2003-04-25 04:12:37 PM  
Hey, Megan's cute, in my opinion. She's not at all ugly. And she had her baby, by the way...
2003-04-25 04:14:56 PM  
04-25-03 02:50:16 PM Johnson

Next up...Ellen Feiss vs Janie Porche

[image from too old to be available]

2003-04-25 04:15:33 PM  

I think your question could more accurately be interpreted as: who would win, someone with the ability to control the force or Q. The question as you stated it "Who would win..The Force or Q" is like asking who would win, a river or Joe Pesci.

One of the most powerful controllers of the force would have to be the Emperor (as he uses the darkside of the force). Now at his peak we see him shooting some lightning bolts out of his hand and frying young Skywalker.

Q is on a different level entirely. The guy could wipe out the galaxy with the snap of his fingers. He has the ability to travel through time (from our perspective). He has godlike powers.

Lightning bolts vs god. You decide.
2003-04-25 04:15:50 PM  
Of course, if we are going to get into Sci-Fi babes here let's not forget Babylon 5. Claudia Christianson was damn hot on that show.

Claudia Christianson is a freak. Apparently if you get a little alcohol into her she becomes very friendly...

"Not only were some of my favorite artists and writers there, but we learn first hand that Claudia Christianson from Babylon 5 wears WHITE PANTIES.According to the MIB boys, Claudia has a history of finding the sorriest geek boy and getting him to pay for all her beer and pool. This con was NO exception. While the Bab5 actor I have come to refer to as "Resistance Empath Leader w/ Magical Fabio Hair" drank and played HIS game of pool, Claudia hugged every fan near her. She tipped back and forth, and due to the combination of her short skirt and pool technique we witnessed ass shots AND up-skirt shots. I saw her emerge from a quick trip to the lady's room and am sad to say she looked ROUGH. I guess there is no sequel to Hexed coming up in her future. Damned shame, I always liked her in Bab5.

And now for some more Gillian....

[image from too old to be available]

[image from too old to be available]

2003-04-25 04:15:59 PM  
Janie Porche is really cute, but she was obnoxious on that commercial.
2003-04-25 04:16:04 PM  
Attention all lonely virgins!!

If you stop looking at girly pics on the web and voting for TV hosts in stupid polls and actually go and talk to someone from the opposite sex your chances of actually getting laid will vastly improve.

That is all.
2003-04-25 04:17:01 PM  
Ellen Feiss over the chick that thinks it takes all afternoon to download a driver for windows.
2003-04-25 04:17:36 PM  
2003-04-25 04:18:56 PM  
this thread is pathetic
2003-04-25 04:20:11 PM  
I_B_OTAY - then explain the fat ugly pregnant one?

I'm guessing you mean this one?

[image from too old to be available]
2003-04-25 04:21:36 PM  
Now, how can you say she's ugly?
2003-04-25 04:22:12 PM  
Yooyooyoo "You are like some sort of Uber-dork, made up from pieces of lesser dorks."

2003-04-25 04:23:14 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-04-25 04:26:48 PM  
She's (Megan Morrone) awfully damned cute...

(pretty damned stacked, too. Using her as an example hardly refutes my original point... I wonder, is it LaPorte who's the breast man? Does he have input on hiring?)
2003-04-25 04:28:13 PM  
YEAH, spooda. That's who Morgan looks like. Couldn't remember her name.
2003-04-25 04:28:56 PM  

2003-04-25 04:29:23 PM  
Gwen Stefani?!?!?! Don't even go there, dude! She's gotta one of the most stuck up women on the planet. She sucks.
2003-04-25 04:29:48 PM  
Nah, I'll just pull out my peacekeeper weapon and put one through your forehead. You'll never have a chance.
2003-04-25 04:30:13 PM  
The geekiness in this thread is nearly unbearable.
2003-04-25 04:30:14 PM  

And in the picture, Megan looks a little cold, too.
2003-04-25 04:30:15 PM  
Spooda: /boobies?
2003-04-25 04:30:53 PM  
hahahaha....Spitzer, go to another thread, then.
2003-04-25 04:33:56 PM  
"I don't think there are any sci-fi babes hotter than Denise Richards. Starship Troopers."

She seemed be a bit cartoony to me, sort of like a CGI hot chick as opposed to a real one. Dina Meyer was THE hottie in the flick (IMO). Just look at those curls, that smile, that ass, those breasts....

God it's fun to pick apart and parse women I'll never meet.
2003-04-25 04:34:51 PM  

Agreed. Dina Meyer is MUCH more appealing to me. Denise Richards is hot, but she kinda reminds me of a fish...
2003-04-25 04:35:30 PM  
Came for the Webb Vs. Ryan pics.

Stayed for the Gillian Anderson pics.

Trying to forget that a few of you actually compared Jeri Ryan's and Morgan Webb's friggin personalities.
2003-04-25 04:36:36 PM  
Regardless of who you vote for remember...neither will sleep with you.
2003-04-25 04:36:41 PM  

Ein schoener Name, den du da hast.

Lets hear it for german login names!
2003-04-25 04:36:52 PM  

HAH! I'll never see Denise and not think of a fish now! The other side of that is... will I start thinking of Denise Richards when I see a fish?
2003-04-25 04:36:55 PM  
3Horn -- Of the latest pictures posted, the topmost of the two is one of my all-time favorites. She just looks smokin' hot. Damn, I miss Scully.
2003-04-25 04:36:59 PM  
Gwen Stefani?!?!?! Don't even go there, dude! She's gotta one of the most stuck up women on the planet

You don't know her. You sure as hell aren't EVER gonna fark her.

Shut up and fap.
2003-04-25 04:37:20 PM  
John Crichton, does Wynona have something to say?

2003-04-25 04:37:20 PM  
HanZnSolo - And in the picture, Megan looks a little cold, too.

Yeah, doesn't Letterman have a thing about comedy being better in a cold studio? It seems to work pretty well for breasts, too.
2003-04-25 04:37:33 PM  
I surprised that in this Techtv babe feast no one has mentioned Michaela Pereira.
2003-04-25 04:37:43 PM  
So Morgan Webb likes anime, computers, and is very fappable? Are you all sure she's for real and not just a really good actress? Just look at her last name: Webb, as in the internet, and she's suppose to be a computer expert. Coincidense?

It's a well known fact that women hate anime because of its sexist portrayal of women. And computer girls tend to be overweight slobs or skinny beanpoles. Both kinds have ugly classes, bad teeth, and more acne than you typical highschool 98-pound-weakling-just-starting-puperty. That's why they're so good at computers: no social life to interfre with their studying.

And most hot girls tend to be total socialpaths. Since they can attract men with their looks they need not work on having a personality. Might as well take the airheaded bimbo who is easily manipulated into doing it.

I found my life was a lot easier after I realized women can't have both brains and beauty. So now I only date the hot girls and manage to get around the whole lack of personality by treating them as objects.

Who cares about a personality? Women are for sex, plain and simple.
2003-04-25 04:38:48 PM  
I can't think of a fish when I see Denise. All I imagine when I think Denise is her fine ass on the Undercover Brother dvd box.

Jeri is still a Russian she-male.
2003-04-25 04:40:28 PM  
god we're geeks.

there are guys out there banging the chicks we habitually post pictures of.

gotta get to the gym/plastic surgeon/gun store/bank
2003-04-25 04:44:01 PM  

I would've mentioned her, but I couldn't spell her name....heheheh...
2003-04-25 04:44:08 PM  
Anyone who has argued who would win in a Star Wars Vs Star Trek war, and has gotten visibly angry during the argument, should probably kill themselves.
2003-04-25 04:44:43 PM  
"will I start thinking of Denise Richards when I see a fish?"

I hope so. It would be an ill wind indeed that blew no good at all.
2003-04-25 04:45:50 PM  
Ahh...Morgan Webb...She's magically babelicious.
2003-04-25 04:46:05 PM  
then explain the fat ugly pregnant one?


That was awesome. I for one have never found Megan cute, and her "I'm queen of the dorks, worship me!" Schtik got very old, very quickly.
2003-04-25 04:47:11 PM  
SherKhan - I haven't even mentioned Wynona in here because most posters would think she's...either a Judd or a Ryder. But Wynona is the most reliable one!
2003-04-25 04:48:47 PM  
Morgan is my dreamgirl. I voted for her. More than once. Lets get another victory here!
2003-04-25 04:49:05 PM  
Not too much of a change.

Morgan Webb (champ) 69.43%
Jeri Ryan (challenger) 30.57%
9173 votes counted

A fapping I will go, A fapping I will go...
Morgan Webb is champion
A fapping I will go.....
2003-04-25 04:50:32 PM  
And I agree that the whole thing may be an act, but she's still my dream girl.

/peace out
2003-04-25 04:51:05 PM  
Hell yeah, that Wynona's a real pistol ain't she?

*begins self-ban for lame joke*
2003-04-25 04:51:06 PM  
Father_Jack - Danke!! finally someone who doesn't think my name is Saul Ecker!
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