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(TechTV)   Fark credited for Morgan Webb's victory yesterday. Now she takes on Jeri Ryan, seriously dividing the nerd vote   ( divider line
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24711 clicks; posted to Main » on 25 Apr 2003 at 1:49 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-04-25 02:07:40 PM  
Jeri Ryan is total hott.

Until Morgan picks a haircolor/style and sticks with it, Jeri is my fantasy pick for the position of pole shiner.
2003-04-25 02:07:40 PM  
Farkers in their own minds

[image from too old to be available]

Farkers in reality

[image from too old to be available]
2003-04-25 02:08:51 PM  
that one 4th from the left has a great tan
2003-04-25 02:09:00 PM  
Wheaton had a link to this contest on WWDN this morning. He and his geekly minions should get some credit for jump-starting Morgan's lead today.

Wel done wil!
2003-04-25 02:09:11 PM  
A bever is apparently a female bevet.

2003-04-25 02:09:16 PM  
Morgan v. this?

[image from too old to be available]

I don't think so. Jeri all the damn way.
2003-04-25 02:10:15 PM  
Ya thats a in the womb tan
2003-04-25 02:10:37 PM  
"see, the webmaster got smart. forget the silicone airheads...give the geeks wht they want. i suppose the winner will be up against (Alienware)"

/geek alert
Um, true geeks never buy pre fab computers. Contest would be one self-built rig against another. I'll put my computer against any store bought one anyday.
/geek alert

Oh yeah, my vote goes for Jeri Ryan. Being a math freak as well, I have always wondered how 7 would go into 7 of 9.

[image from too old to be available]

2003-04-25 02:10:56 PM  
Oh good Christ, this again?

Goddamn crack/peroxide.
2003-04-25 02:11:07 PM  
So I went and voted... giving props to TechTV... a group that could use any help it gets.

Star Trek? Blows. It's all about Star Wars. Do you want to Phase a bad guy? Or BLAST him?

So I clicked the link to Morgan's site and saw the link to the new show X-Play. There is a link to Adam Sessler talking about Rainbow Six. And another one to a video where he "Tries it for real" or at least "Live" using airsoft.

I laughed my ass off. If your pro-gun - you gotta watch that. If you have ever done that for real - you gotta watch that.

What a geek.
2003-04-25 02:11:58 PM  
No contest, Jeri all the way
2003-04-25 02:12:23 PM  
Let's even things up....

[image from too old to be available]


[image from too old to be available]
2003-04-25 02:12:27 PM  
Funny thing is, Webb and Ryan could very well both be reading this and laughing their asses off at you all.

/Don't mind me, I'm just here to mock you. But I promise I won't get out of hand if you don't take me seriously.
2003-04-25 02:12:35 PM  
As soon as we get her in a pictorial for Maxim, we can stop. Until then, go vote!

Of course, my heart still belongs to Megan.
2003-04-25 02:12:43 PM  
"Not today, Morgan....., not today."
2003-04-25 02:12:52 PM  
oops, i hit add comment before i finished typing...

nice figure, but not much substance...

for all of you who just get laid for the hell of it, not really caring about the person you're doing it with, that's great and all for now, but when you're 40, you're going to be "that guy" who drives a trans am with a wife-beater and a mullet, with no wife or kids... kinda pathetic if you picture it that way...

what kind of legacy are you going to leave behind? you'd better invent something cool, because that's the only way your name is going to be remembered when you die... here's a tip... find a nice lady who has the same interests as you, settle down, have some little s and teach them how to be somebody important...

(oh, and for all you people who are under 25 years old, this doesn't apply to you yet... keep having fun...)

Oh, and beat off every day, whether you're married (or whatever it's called nowadays) or not... you don't want your balls to explode....

/old man rant
2003-04-25 02:13:07 PM  
Morgan is wiping the floor with her.
2003-04-25 02:13:19 PM  
hey baby, can I mount your partition?
Wow, you are definatley an ext3!
your syslog is telling me this date isnt working out...
ROOT access denied!

/typical Luser j/k
2003-04-25 02:14:10 PM  
From the article:

If there's any kind of gal who can trump a hottie like Webb who casts her spell on the pocket protector set by knwoing her way around a Linnux box, it's a chick who wore a tight outfit on a Star Trek series. Am I wrong?"

Apparently, yes.

As of 1:14 central standard time:
Morgan Webb (champ) 72.37%
Jeri Ryan (challenger) 27.63%
2003-04-25 02:14:19 PM  
jeri ryan is so hot. i have no life....
2003-04-25 02:14:56 PM  

[image from too old to be available]
[image from too old to be available]
2003-04-25 02:16:19 PM  
WTF... How is this geekchick winning... Either or... Which would you fcuk... "Well, she likes computers, but the other one is hot.... I dunno, I guess I'll go with the one that likes computers..."
2003-04-25 02:17:42 PM  
I vote for not voting.
2003-04-25 02:17:54 PM  
Morgan is cute but nowhere near curvy enough. Jeri Ryan all the way.
2003-04-25 02:18:19 PM  
Hah! He spelled Linux wrong to try and piss off us geeks.

Not gonna work.
2003-04-25 02:18:21 PM  
Morgan's roots are showing.

I volunteer to check if she is a true blond.
2003-04-25 02:20:03 PM  

You've got my vote... er... not vote... umm... I'm in. Yeah.
2003-04-25 02:21:12 PM  
unrelated question/

I noticed an ad for a radio station "K-rock". Is this a total rip-off of the KROQ in Los Angeles? I mean k-rock in itself is meaningless....right?
2003-04-25 02:22:13 PM  
...Yeah, Jeri is hot, but she's not the kind of person you could bring home to show your parents. Plus, she always seems to have that look on her face... You know, that one?

/submits too early
2003-04-25 02:22:17 PM  
2:00pm: Morgan Webb (champ) 77.00%
Jeri Ryan (challenger) 23.00%
1565 votes counted

Morgan Webb (champ) 71.56%
Jeri Ryan (challenger) 28.44%
2940 votes counted

Looks like a gain for Jeri...
2003-04-25 02:22:34 PM  
looks like Webb is up at 74% so far.
2003-04-25 02:22:37 PM  
Quantum Leap is on. Thats some good news today.
2003-04-25 02:23:16 PM  
BEHOLD! The power of...

oh nm
2003-04-25 02:24:12 PM  
With regards to Jeri Ryan's face, I think the problem is that her Jaw structure is too big. It looks almost masculine. And her lips are too big.

And I thought beaver was a nick name for a woman's pubic area. I'm not exactly turned on by porn women who flash their entire pussy in my face.
2003-04-25 02:24:20 PM  
2003-04-25 02:24:38 PM  
she don't stand a chance against Sumi Das (say that name 20 times in a row)
[image from too old to be available]
2003-04-25 02:25:04 PM  
Sorry, Morgan.

Jeri, you can assimilate me any time.
2003-04-25 02:25:24 PM  

Your a Nerds Nerd. That was too nerdy
2003-04-25 02:25:59 PM  
there are plenty of girls in this world who like anime and computers. But a girl that likes anime and computers and is attractive? That is a very special person.
2003-04-25 02:26:12 PM  
I want to eat Sumi raw like Sashimi.
2003-04-25 02:26:29 PM  
um. Me likey the Ryan. Wifey likes the Ryan.
2003-04-25 02:26:42 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

w.t.f? damn you [backspace]!!
2003-04-25 02:27:01 PM  
"give me some sumi das to go, please"
2003-04-25 02:27:02 PM  
Morgan seems like the type of chick that can get up in the morning, put on a pair of men's boxers, toss her hair into a pony tail and head out for the day.... just plain-Jane type of hottness.
2003-04-25 02:27:08 PM  
Anyone know what Kate Botello is doing these days?
2003-04-25 02:27:15 PM  
I'd fsck her file system!
2003-04-25 02:27:24 PM  
Please. Don't vote for the woman who took what was basically the suckiest Star Trek series and made it suck worse. She didn't ever sound Borgish, she sounded like a bored cheerleader stuck in a room full of dweebs. True? No personality. Morgan has big pups AND personality to spare.
2003-04-25 02:27:43 PM  
If you guys make Morgan win again, I swear you're the most pathetic, worthless, will NEVER EVER EVER get laid people in the whole world!
2003-04-25 02:28:30 PM  
Zionists are jews or those who support them.

First, Zionists are not, as you put it, "jews." That is somewhere between an oversimplification and just downright wrong.

Zionism noun
1. A political movement for the establishment and support of a national homeland for Jews in Palestine, now concerned chiefly with the development of the modern state of Israel.

2. A policy or movement for Jews to return to Palestine from the Diaspora.

Second, does anyone know whatever happened to the supposed Farkette that asked us to vote for her in the Cosmo model search? Remember that? Did I miss the followup?
2003-04-25 02:29:17 PM  
HanZnSolo - Deeznuts and a chill pill are in your future.
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