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(News 8 Austin)   Bin Laden pi�atas for sale along the border   ( divider line
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2657 clicks; posted to Main » on 28 Sep 2001 at 12:00 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-09-28 12:09:38 AM  
I have my lot
2001-09-28 12:19:33 AM  
Osama bin Laden piñatas. Say it three times - really fast.
2001-09-28 12:23:48 AM  
Bet'cha can't hit just one!
2001-09-28 12:35:31 AM  
Laden costumes for Halloween. (*shudder*)
2001-09-28 01:58:30 AM  
uh... so what did they put in them? The usual stuff?
2001-09-28 02:14:19 AM  
no no guys its called an Osama Piniata... say it it makes you giggle
2001-09-28 04:36:07 AM  
Shouldn't the tag be asinine. Does this make the people buying these as bad as the afgans burning effigies of Dubya?
2001-09-28 07:05:22 AM  
Don't believe a single word of the CRAP that comes out of Texas news. They're all liars. And if they claim they aren't, they're lying. We're talking about Texas, afterall....
2001-09-28 08:34:56 AM  
misterSym, you're a really nice guy!
2001-09-28 08:50:29 AM  
THAT, Terron, was just a joke. But thanks, I know I'm a nice guy; that's why I'm still looking for the one...
2001-09-28 09:00:15 AM  
He should sue. He's put a lot of effort into establishing his likeness into a world-wide image, and others are profiting off of his success. Damn, whatever happened to the American Dream?
2001-09-28 09:10:42 AM  
MisterSym: I am lying right now!
2001-09-28 09:14:33 AM  
MisterSym...just what the hell is your problem? I am not a natural Texan, but I've been working in Dallas for nearly 20 years. This state has its problems (as all do!), but we don't deserve to be villified by clowns like you.

Where do YOU live? I'm sure I could scrounge up some lame-ass insults, too.
2001-09-28 10:18:10 AM  
Isn't insulting/defending a STATE kind of absurd? It's not like you founded the damn thing, and it's not like you live in some ultimate utopia of American society.
Let's regain that grip on reality, folks.
2001-09-28 12:43:46 PM  
Groucho2: All you have to do is click on the name, to find out where someone lives.

As for insulting Chicago, why bother? MisterSym is right, but he limited it to Texas news, when it should be all news.

As for Texas, it sucks:-)
2001-09-28 03:03:33 PM
2001-09-28 09:02:23 PM  
Texas is not that bad. Try Florida. There are several thousand Floridian refugees currently in Alabama. And Alabama sucks worse than Texas.
2001-09-29 12:23:21 AM  
Why all of the Texas bashing all of a sudden. Let's pick on another state, like West Virginia.
2001-09-29 05:25:38 PM  
Texas sucks? Oh well.
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