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(USA Today)   Teflon, Gore-Tex, and other chemicals beginning to show up in human bodies   ( divider line
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2003-04-24 11:43:38 AM  
That's a good thing! The Gore-Tex keeps my liver dry, and the Teflon makes it easier to poop.
2003-04-24 12:05:42 PM  
The pesticide DDT was touted as revolutionary in the 1940s before it became apparent that it caused the eggshells of predatory birds like the bald eagle to thin, lowering their numbers dramatically.
The DDT scare is questionable, however!
2003-04-24 02:44:26 PM  
I think we will soon find out that aluminum is very bad for us as well. Food used to be kept in lead cans. We found out that the lead leaked into the food and killed you. Aluminum is also a soft metal, and the effects may be much more long term and slower acting than lead.
Many people now believe that aluminum may be one of the causes of Alzheimer's disease. Aluminum from deodorants, or food packaging may leak into your body, and cause the disease.
2003-04-24 02:45:44 PM  
Gore Tex.
[image from too old to be available]
2003-04-24 05:31:50 PM  
So will this be good or bad for my sex life?
2003-04-24 05:31:59 PM  
does that mean we get to be mutants?
2003-04-24 05:32:15 PM  
Uh oh!!

/runs off to change his teflon pants
2003-04-24 05:33:16 PM  
But it's still ok to make pipes out of aluminum cans when you don't have any rollies, right?

/been there, done that
2003-04-24 05:33:27 PM  
I've heard that perfume, detergent ingredients and make-up chemicals have been found in breast-milk.

2003-04-24 05:34:17 PM  
I drink my own urine.
2003-04-24 05:34:39 PM  
Yay! Now I can be waterproof inside and out, and slippery as an eel all day long!

I want to be thermochromic, too. When I'm cold, I want to take on a more pinkish hue to offset the blue my skin currently takes on.
2003-04-24 05:34:50 PM  
you are what you.....wear?
2003-04-24 05:35:08 PM  
Does that mean I can stop watching my LDL and HDL?
2003-04-24 05:35:48 PM  
Yikes! I can't say I'm surprised. Maybe this will lead to cool mutations ala X-Men. X2 is coming out soon and I love dem mutants. Colossus and Nightcrawler are gonna rock! Rogue (sweet Anna Paquin) is mine! Don't even look at her!

2003-04-24 05:35:56 PM  
damn, this is scary!
2003-04-24 05:36:03 PM  
So I should stop using Teflon instead of KY?
2003-04-24 05:36:15 PM  
Hmm... I smelll a flame war brewing... No sir, I don't like it. I reckon I'll get me some french fried pataters.
2003-04-24 05:36:20 PM  
It's all worth it.
2003-04-24 05:36:22 PM  
I can see how Teflon can get in, but Gore-Tex? You are what you wear?

That said, I think I'll cook with my iron skillet exclusively from now on.
2003-04-24 05:36:34 PM  
Analysis of my blood: Bacardi, THC, urine, pigs blood, Dr. Pepper, and pudding. I am a picture of health.
2003-04-24 05:36:35 PM  
Hey what happened to the red tags for our IDs?
2003-04-24 05:38:26 PM  
2003-04-24 05:39:04 PM  
Must be something to it. 3M took the flourinated ingredient in ScotchGard out years ago, without any provocation. What's that tell ya?
2003-04-24 05:39:21 PM  
"widely used chemical called perfluorinated acid. Tests in rats have shown reduced fetal weight of pups, delays in masturbation and kidney problems"

ok thats eat I'm eating out of dirt pots I handcraft myself...

2003-04-24 05:39:59 PM  
CrazyCuervo -

i miss the red tags too.. so much black now. creepy.
2003-04-24 05:40:28 PM  
I'm tired of all this hysteria. Next thing you know they will probably come out with something that says sniffing glue is bad for you.
2003-04-24 05:41:09 PM  
Scientists have known about chemicals and other yukky things infiltrating our bodies for many years. I used to keep up with the research on it--how many and what kind of chemicals (substances that never, ever, would be found in our bodies naturally) are showing up in our blood and tissues, and I gave it up. It is just too depressing to think about. And as the article mentions, we have no idea what most of these substances can do to us.
2003-04-24 05:41:17 PM  
looks like I picked the wrong week to quit sniffing glue
2003-04-24 05:42:09 PM  
Good Peikko. I was worried it was just me. Drinking time hadn't started yet.
2003-04-24 05:42:17 PM  
I hope McDonald's doesn't use Teflon when they cook my triple cheeseburgers.
2003-04-24 05:42:47 PM  
I think rats and mice are born with cancer, thus every test run on them turns out positive.
ZAZ [TotalFark]
2003-04-24 05:42:49 PM  
It didn't say Teflon® got into the body. It said chemicals used to make Teflon did. Teflon is extremely inert. I don't think it is harmful by itself.

(Remember the old puzzler, how do they get Teflon to stick to frying pans? That was actually a big problem. They solved it by making the chemical less pure so it was a little less non-stick. Some C2F3Cl instead of C2F4, if I recall correctly.)
2003-04-24 05:43:00 PM  
That said, I think I'll cook with my iron skillet exclusively from now on.

Gonna have to get used to that new nickname, then, Rusty.
2003-04-24 05:43:25 PM  
They've moved our cheese.
The bios now open differently too. :(

Change bad!
Must whine!
2003-04-24 05:44:15 PM  
Fifty years ago, gasoline contained tetraethyl lead and our canned food was in direct contact with lead-soldered seams.

Soap and toothpast contained hexachlorophene.

Polychloronated biphenyl polluted rivers burned.

You can probably go on and on. Wasn't the end of the world then. Isn't the end of the world now.
2003-04-24 05:44:25 PM  
At chemical giant DuPont, there's concern that such a regulatory system would be costly and complicated. "We've been able to accomplish a great deal of work on the hazards of chemicals under a voluntary framework," says Ed Mongan, director of energy and environment.

Really Ed? i guess that big pit of powder chemicals(mixed in with water so it doesnt go in in the air) next to the Sayerville toll on the Garden State Parkway in Jersey is not hazardous. any day now they'll clean it up, any day.
2003-04-24 05:45:06 PM  
04-24-03 05:43:00 PM Luckyeddie
Gonna have to get used to that new nickname, then, Rusty.

Yeah, but I'll never be anemic :-)
2003-04-24 05:45:13 PM  
Aren't rats prone to growing tumors anyway? Is there anything that doesn't cause cancer in laboratory rats?
2003-04-24 05:46:07 PM  
Why wasn't smog mentioned? There are places in Japan where you can buy a few minutes of fresh air to breathe. Sound silly? About as silly as growing up in the 1950's, and being told people would someday PAY for drinking water. Because now, cities can't filter out all the junk in tap water.

I'm sure we now injest teflon from cooking with coated frying pans. Old iron skillets were actually a source of iron, due to small amounts being released into foods cooked in them. Cutting boards made of Delrin or plastic are now sources of salmonella, because the natural acid in wooden cutting boards would kill those germs.

It's alway something.
2003-04-24 05:46:08 PM  
Wow - what a made up story.

Invade Syria, at least the news is more interesting than this teeth gnashing and hand wringing stuff.
ZAZ [TotalFark]
2003-04-24 05:46:17 PM  
My chemical formulae were properly subscripted, but the Fark filter ate the subscript tags. Is there a list of acceptable HTML tags?
2003-04-24 05:46:23 PM  
Fark has gone goth

Just had to add to the "my name isn't red anymore" thing so I don't feel left out.
2003-04-24 05:47:27 PM  
We are all going to die. At least my body won't stick to the mortician's slab.
ZAZ [TotalFark]
2003-04-24 05:48:50 PM  
Cosimo: Wasn't the end of the world then.

Some say the Roman Empire fell due to lead poisoning.

I don't know if that is true, but I do know US regulatory agencies are way too paranoid.
2003-04-24 05:49:26 PM  
Fifty years ago, gasoline contained tetraethyl lead and our canned food was in direct contact with lead-soldered seams.

Scitt, up until Fifteen years ago, gasoline contained lead.
I'm sure there are a lot more examples to give, but it seems that there's nothing more hazardous to human life that liveng.

/I miss the Red tags too.
2003-04-24 05:51:29 PM  
Teflon? What for? a well seasoned cast-iron skillet is
pretty easy to come by in a thrift shop, real easy to season, never ever wears out or flakes off in the food,
and it's nonstick if you know how to do it. they only rust
if you let water sit in it for a long time. had mine for
fifteen years now.
2003-04-24 05:51:43 PM  
Humans: The only species in the world who are going to make THEMSELVES extinct.
2003-04-24 05:52:10 PM  
Mixalot said it best: (as always)

Hollow-point nine, to the boots, ricochet
Leavin' mud prints when I romp in the rain
Draw black scars on the new gym floor
Pimps like to wear 'em when they kick them whores
This is it baby, big shiny black boots
Runnin' over punks like Iranian troops
Trample, crush, hittin' like a dump truck
Jump in my face and a size twelve get stuck
In your butt, 'cause you wanted to box
One-two punch and the GoreTex drops
On your toe, your brother got caught
By GoreTex boots from the GoreTex shop

2003-04-24 05:52:31 PM  
2003-04-24 05:53:33 PM  
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