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(London Times)   Husband uses neon sign to bad mouth wife's lover   ( divider line
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5651 clicks; posted to Main » on 27 Sep 2001 at 10:20 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-09-27 10:23:56 AM  
Well, boobies, AND.

I support this guy 100%.
2001-09-27 10:29:34 AM  
yup, me too. sounds like the banker is getting what he deserves...
2001-09-27 10:29:55 AM  
Maybe they should start selling loud signs that say "Hey guess what everyone!? My wife is unsatisfied with me!"
2001-09-27 10:32:17 AM  
Oh those kooky cuckholds!
2001-09-27 10:34:52 AM  
He added that he wanted to overturn the long-standing perception of the wronged husband as a figure of fun. Ha Ha Ha. Loser.
2001-09-27 10:38:02 AM  
This happened in France... since when do they make a big deal out of this?
2001-09-27 10:43:01 AM  
The message read: "If your wife has an account at the bank, Patrice Chopin will not only take care of her money. Her intimacy interests him as well."

Easy there buddy, don't use such strong language. Jeez, what a potty mouth! How about just calling her a 'skanky whore' and him a 'needle-dicked bug frkker'? Always worked for me.
2001-09-27 11:12:08 AM  
This may sound stupid, but what's a cuckold? Some weird British Name for someone who got cheated on?
2001-09-27 11:12:20 AM  
It is France, and the French are a couple of male chauvinist bastards. Wifes have already learned not to make too big a deal out of it, but husbands still need to learn that lesson.
2001-09-27 11:12:41 AM  
So this banker guy boned his wife, big deal. Kick the whore out and go get some strange! This guy doesn't know it yet but this was a blessing in disguise. He now can trade his whore of a wife in for a newer better whore.
2001-09-27 11:19:19 AM  
Merchant banker
2001-09-27 11:22:08 AM  
'Cuckolds'? What is this, 18th century Dickensian London?
2001-09-27 11:23:17 AM  
Hmmm....her intimacy yielded high intrest at his bank and therefore they compounded daily.
2001-09-27 11:23:37 AM  
Mon Dieu! Now I know why the deposit slips are always so sticky!
2001-09-27 11:23:50 AM  
A dude named Patrice!?!? AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
2001-09-27 11:30:51 AM  
It is France, and the French are a couple of male chauvinist bastards.

Oooooo racist and there are only two french?
2001-09-27 11:35:00 AM  
Yea FatTulip, and they both surrendered.
2001-09-27 11:42:58 AM  
JugeeFruit Ha Ha Ha
2001-09-27 12:50:35 PM  
Somehow I think his message lost something in translation..
2001-09-27 12:55:05 PM  
Way to go buddy!
2001-09-27 01:49:19 PM  
Damn...and I thought bankers were honest blokes...
2001-09-27 01:57:17 PM  
The stupid cuckold should be wearing large neon horns. It's an Italian thing, with "cornuto", or 'horned one', being the equivalent of 'cuckold'.

Of course, an Italian man would've just put the banker's lights out. And packed his wife's bags and set them outside the front door, after changing all the locks.
2001-09-27 02:42:16 PM  
An American would handle the situation differently: beat the living shiat out of the guy, then throw the biatch out on her ass!

-he who stacks pork
2001-09-27 03:27:07 PM  
typical. They say 'Come on in' to Hitler, now this guy doesn't have the stones to do the right thing, being castrate the guy and throw his wife's shiat (unpacked) out on the porch.

This is why wrong husbands in france are a target of fun. If they had any bals, they'd be using them to fark their wives.
2001-09-27 05:13:15 PM  
Some people just don't understand banking and how it works. They screw you and then your wife and if you still haven't learned they will screw the rest of your family. Think about it.
2001-09-27 06:32:17 PM  
Appie: "Wifes have already learned not to make too big a deal out of it, but husbands still need to learn that lesson." I certainly hope you're not talking about the biatch cheating on her husband.
2001-09-27 06:46:36 PM  
I think this guy exhibits great panache.

Hit the banker where it hurts, right in the business.
2001-09-27 07:05:12 PM  
They need to fire the translator, what kind of tit uses the non-word "cuckold" anyway?
I`m a brit and have no clue what it means.
2001-09-27 07:25:41 PM  
cut the biatches eyes out
2001-09-27 07:36:28 PM  
Krik81: It's a good thing if you don't know...
2001-09-27 10:04:40 PM  
yep, that's what she said
2001-09-28 01:29:45 AM  
Etymology: Middle English cokewold
Date: 13th century
: a man whose wife is unfaithful

Always wondered if the word was related to this one:

Date: 13th century
1 : a largely grayish brown European bird (Cuculus canorus) that is a parasite given to laying its eggs in the nests of other birds which hatch them and rear the offspring

Anyone know?
2001-09-28 01:30:52 AM  
Shermania: "cut the biatches eyes out"

Wow, you should be a federal judge.
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