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(SFGate)   Mario Andretti involved in spectacular crash at Indianapolis Speedway   ( divider line
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8373 clicks; posted to Main » on 23 Apr 2003 at 8:56 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-04-23 08:54:44 PM  
You can never go home again!
2003-04-23 09:00:43 PM  
Is it just me or is this story the biggest non-event ever. "There was a car crash. No one hurt. Nothing happened."

Geeze - the stuff between my toes is more interesting than that article.... not that I am looking.
2003-04-23 09:01:23 PM  
So he hit some debris from someone else's crash.. flipped his car and walked away from it. It's not like he forgot how to drive a car because he's old. I don't see the big deal here.
2003-04-23 09:02:51 PM  
At least now he can drive for 500 miles with his left turn signal on and not piss anyone off!
2003-04-23 09:03:37 PM  
I think its a big deal if he fills in for the driver who has a broken arm. Having one of the most legendary drivers in the world race after 9 years would be exciting to watch.
2003-04-23 09:04:05 PM  
No video? Nothing like a good auto-racing crash
2003-04-23 09:04:10 PM  
i bet excessive speed caused this accident. when will people learn.
2003-04-23 09:04:21 PM  
no pic = no interest
2003-04-23 09:04:27 PM  
63 years old?
Probably mistook the gas pedal for the brake....

/also got nothing
2003-04-23 09:05:26 PM  
an anagram for Mario Andretti is "A Roman tried it"
2003-04-23 09:05:39 PM  
I hate that there is no video or picture. My imagination is really horrible.
2003-04-23 09:06:08 PM  
But he's not going to race...was only going to try to qualify the car for another driver. He's even said as much.

But another black eye for EARL and Georgie-boy. The cars suck, drivers are getting hurt right and left, and I still haven't seen 33 drivers for Indy.
2003-04-23 09:06:22 PM  
i saw it on tv, it was pretty bad. he got airborne for a while and just wipped around. its amazing he walked away.
2003-04-23 09:09:00 PM  
I need to see this. Should be an awesome sight. Indy cars break apart like no others. It's all about safety.
2003-04-23 09:17:26 PM  
hehe... respect. :)

No rocking chair for Andretti.
2003-04-23 09:19:34 PM  
Only 63, jeese, the pilot of the last airline I flew on looked way older than that. At least old Mario was just puttering around on his own.

"You younger drivers have got it too easy, in my day we had to change our own tires in the pit, and with no jack, and we liked it" Granpa Mario
2003-04-23 09:20:13 PM  
All this and no link to the video? COME ON
2003-04-23 09:22:09 PM  
He has to drive again. Otherwise we'll never hear the most famous words at Indy:

"Mario is slowing down."
2003-04-23 09:23:05 PM  
Im going to say this once, and you all had better understand...

2003-04-23 09:24:18 PM  
What's with papers posting articles online about "visual" events but with no photos? What's the point? At least a crappy little thumbnail, if not a real picture?

I'm waiting for the text-only article titles "Amazing photographs shock and amaze! Nothing like them has ever been seen!"

2003-04-23 09:26:29 PM  
There. Was that so difficult? (So much for "spectacular".)
2003-04-23 09:28:15 PM  

Image is here, or from
2003-04-23 09:34:57 PM  
Andretti Family Photo Album

[image from too old to be available]

Mario in the olden times with Michael there in the back
2003-04-23 09:35:26 PM  

Nude student mad that photos on internet... no pics
Topless mermaid gets $10,000.... no pics
Mario goes airborne in Indy trial.... no pics

Not a great day today at Fark, I might be tempted to actually turn on my TV
2003-04-23 09:36:14 PM  
Oh, and I think that's little Jeffy Gordon next to Mario.
2003-04-23 09:44:09 PM  
The video on CNN showed him launcing into the air and flipping end over end about 3 times.
2003-04-23 09:45:00 PM  
reggiemiller: You're right. Those words are even more famous than "Gentlemen, start your engines...">

/old Indy infield drunk
2003-04-23 09:50:38 PM  
Mario is 63 years old. Amazing. I hope I'm as cool as him when I am that old.
2003-04-23 09:57:04 PM  
Did he hit a koopa troopa?
2003-04-23 10:07:15 PM  
whatever happened to the Gumball 3000?! who won dammit?
2003-04-23 10:10:51 PM  
If he does drive again, he will be going 30mph with his blinker on.
2003-04-23 10:15:53 PM  
This article had a major local media buildup, blah blah blah. Those of us who live in Indy are not at all surprised that something bad happened. Hell, it's an Andretti. They're like one for forty in Indy 500 races.

The Mario jinx is almost as long-lived as the BoSox jinx...

Mario is a nice guy, BTW. The old-timers are, except for AJ Foyt. Rick Mears, Al Unser Sr., are good guys.
2003-04-23 10:20:48 PM  
No, THIS is a spectacular crash (Stan Fox):

[image from too old to be available]
2003-04-23 10:25:01 PM  
That Stan Fox wreck happened right in front of me. Probably the ugliest one that I've seen the track. The sight of his legs flopping around as he flipped still haunts me.

I'm no racing fanatic, but the first full speed (racing) lap at Indy ranks with the greatest thrills you can experience in sports. Goosebumps every time...
2003-04-23 10:28:35 PM  
I don't get this whole racing thing. My cousin is a rabid fan, but I have never gotten into it.
2003-04-23 10:29:18 PM  
Mario Andretti once said of IRL drivers "I wouldn't let most of those guys drive my Ferrari to the drugstore". This year's list of injuries should have been enough to keep him out of a crapwagon, but apparently not. Oh well, live and hopefully learn.
2003-04-23 10:30:12 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Long live the reset button!
Kat [TotalFark]
2003-04-23 10:31:00 PM  
Yea, and people claim they watch car races for something other than the crashes...

I call bullshiat.
2003-04-23 10:37:23 PM  
he was always jealous of Dale Earnhardt, so uch so that he could no longer stand living in the shadow of the legend #3. as if anyone cared about auto racing. not even a sport. As I always say: you can dress them up like pro bass fishermen all you want but it is still not a sport.
More like a parade at 185mph. disintegrating into a seroius of car crashes all so they can peddle beer and chew.
2003-04-23 10:40:20 PM  
Icepal is a funny moron.
2003-04-23 10:45:03 PM  
He makes some great wine
2003-04-23 10:50:11 PM  
Yea, and people claim they watch car races for something other than the crashes...
I call bullshiat.

And some folks claim they don't read Fark for the stupid comments.
2003-04-23 11:10:20 PM  
Looks like what we have here in Frodo is one of them there closet race car lovin-fishermen types.
2003-04-23 11:18:10 PM  

F-1 10X > CART
2003-04-23 11:43:29 PM  
I watch racing for the crashes. Or more specifically, the anxiety of knowing that 3 seconds from now, dozens of cars travelling 180 mph, could be flipping, burning, and chewing up the wall.

2003-04-23 11:50:40 PM  
2003-04-24 01:20:11 AM  
2003-04-24 07:26:20 AM  
Saw it on ESPN last night.
Someone crashed in front of him and his car hit a small piece of debris and launched into the air, flipping end over end three times, landing right side up. I have no idea how he walked away from this one with only a small scratch on the chin.
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