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(St. Petersburg Times)   bin Laden dummy shot outside bar; "made me feel better" says patron   ( divider line
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2757 clicks; posted to Main » on 27 Sep 2001 at 8:20 AM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-09-27 08:34:23 AM  
You need THREE farking handguns to go to the bar?
2001-09-27 08:39:47 AM  
Poor guy, he just loves his country too much. Cute.
2001-09-27 08:52:04 AM  
30 years down the line all our taxes will be going to nutcase vets who got screwed in Afghanistan. I say anyone whos been to war should not be allowed to come back. OK you defeated the enemy. now go conolize (sp.) them. Live of the spoils of war.
2001-09-27 08:55:10 AM  
SiNaKaL - good troll, wanna milk bone?

Fb- that was my thought, I could see one gun, two was pushing it, but why the hell threee of them? And was it a single charge of carry concealed, or three charges?
2001-09-27 08:57:50 AM  
The article says the reward is only 5 million but its really $25 Million.
2001-09-27 09:03:31 AM  
And remember, guns don't kill people, bullets kill people.
2001-09-27 09:15:45 AM  
Shouldn't this link have the
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2001-09-27 09:17:06 AM  
"But it didn't land Robert James McLennan Jr. the $5-million reward for the terrorist leader"
Yuck-Yuck, me report made funny!
2001-09-27 09:23:17 AM  
WOOT! - My boobies! I'm 1 for 4 - trying to establish some credibility
2001-09-27 09:24:52 AM  
That's great - very funny...
2001-09-27 10:03:12 AM  
Um, I was just wondering: WHY was there a dummy of Osama bin Laden outside this bar??
2001-09-27 10:05:28 AM  
See, not all nuts are from Texas.
Hah, love the boobies filter. =) Congrats on your Boobies.
2001-09-27 10:06:46 AM  

[image from too old to be available]
Crazy White Man Drink To Much Fire Water

2001-09-27 10:13:43 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2001-09-27 11:32:15 AM  
Vietnam really screwed some people up in the head. This story is so sad. I feel bad for this guy, I hope he gets off without anything. These vets really know about freedom and the price of it. We can play all we want about how tough we are but these guys saw their friends die by the handfuls the entire time over there. That's hardcore. Too bad they get little to no respect from their country.

Sam Stone, came home, to his wife and family...
2001-09-27 11:35:42 AM  
Two weeks later, newfound American heroism and solidarity quickly turns to typical American idiocy and racism. This is getting depressing.
2001-09-27 11:38:17 AM  
I hope the judge cuts this guy a break. Seriously. Ever since the attack, I keep a nice ruger p38 under my driver seat, I doubt I would take it into a friggin bar.

BTW SiNaKaL Are you serious? If so we need to have a little talk. Feel free to e-mail me.
2001-09-27 11:50:44 AM  
A $25 million dollar award is not all that lucky shooter will get. He'll never have to buy another meal or beer in this country again. Hell, he can live at my house and fark my sister.
2001-09-27 11:53:26 AM  
Does anyone else wonder why the hell a bar would have a dummy outside that looks like Osama Bin Lauden?
2001-09-27 12:10:06 PM  
Honky_the_Clown, I'm total agreement with you. I wish I could find a way to pay this guys fines.

As for some people who say, "Vietnam vet's brains are screwed" well I think you've been watching too many movies most all are great americans, I'm proud to say my father is a Bronze Star Vietnam Vet, nothing wrong with him.
2001-09-27 01:12:44 PM  
Thirdrail: your dad -- besides being a hero -- is a lucky man to have not suffered any psychological trauma. However, a LOT of vets suffer from some sort of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and not just from Vietnam, but from any war (or other similarly horrible situation). In fact, there is evidence that WWI survivors suffered from this as well, and I'm sure that a certain number of WTC survivors will develop some sort of PTSD.
2001-09-27 01:25:19 PM  
Give that man a cigar.
2001-09-27 03:07:15 PM  
Thirdrail has it pretty good compared to other people who have Vietnam vets as parents then. You're a lucky bastard (bastard, in the nicest way possible).
2001-09-27 03:08:06 PM  
Thirdrail - Tell your Dad to go down to the local VA and apply for compensation. My father (WWII) started getting a check every month ($1100-1200) a few years ago and he's never shown any ill effects from being in the war. He just applied and jumped through a few hoops - now he gets the check. It pays for his golf and beer!
2001-09-27 03:22:16 PM  
Gwinny, point well taken. Oh and thanks for the "being a hero" comment about my dad, yeah he's cool like that as are all the vets.
2001-09-27 03:28:44 PM  
Gwinny, in my haste I clicked the 'add comment' to quick. As I said point well taken, I just don't like people watching movies and thinking all Vets go nuts after a war or more likely to freak out because of some flash back.
2001-09-27 03:59:18 PM  
Thirdrail: yeah, it's certainly not true that everybody comes out of a war all messed up -- but if people are dumb enough to base their visions of reality on what they see in the movies, well that's their problem ; )
2001-09-27 04:28:43 PM  
hey Saywhat: your dad disgusts me then, that's a sad statement. You should be farking ashamed. This loser who lived next to my dad slit his wrists and called the ambulance just so he could get worker's comp and not go to work anymore. Unfit for work or something like that. That's farking pathetic. Let your dad take advantage of programs set up for the unfortunate and you go ahead and brag about it. Just hope that no one with a good sense of morals who knows you ever finds out about that cause they'd beat you down. And you'd deserve it. You make me sick.
2001-09-27 06:03:18 PM  
Wippuh: I agree 100%. I have an uncle that did two tours in Nam and it screwed him up real good. He has tried to get assistance but has been blocked for 20 years, probally because of people like Saywhats dad sucking up the funding. That is pretty pathetic.

Saywhat: Next time you dad has a beer bought with ill gotten money, tell him to drink one for my uncle. Its hard for him to go to the store in a wheel chair and one hand.
2001-09-27 06:21:31 PM  
Quess I'm now having second thoughts about my Halloween Costume: Bin Laden mask with a target painted on a t-shirt.
2001-09-27 07:05:08 PM  
I too wonder where the faux-Bin Lauden came from. Did the Guy bring it with him? I don't think the issue is shooting a dummy. He could have taken it to an empty field somewhere, but firing a gun around a bar full of people probably isn't a good idea.
2001-09-27 10:59:28 PM  
Yo, Wippuh - I see where you're coming from and I'd have to agree with you if I didn't know my father. I said that he doesn't show any ill effects - that doesn't mean there aren't any - he just has managed to control them. He was shot down over Germany, managed to parachute out with half the crew and spent the last 18 months of the war in prison camp. His personality is just the way it is...
2001-09-28 01:16:27 PM  
Thirdrail:'As for some people who say, "Vietnam vet's brains are screwed" well I think you've been watching too many movies most all are great americans,'

Yep, and some are even great Australians.
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