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(   No fish and no sex means Keiko the Killer Whale won't leave home   ( divider line
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1724 clicks; posted to Main » on 23 Apr 2003 at 1:04 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-04-23 11:08:08 AM  
No fish and no sex makes Keiko something something...
2003-04-23 01:07:48 PM  
Go crazy?
2003-04-23 01:07:49 PM  
Oh, just kill the damn whale already.
Feed people with him for all I care, I hate that damn whale.
2003-04-23 01:08:33 PM  
Sounds like my life.
2003-04-23 01:08:57 PM  
At least he's got his priorities straight.
2003-04-23 01:09:54 PM  
Makes keiko a dull boy?
2003-04-23 01:10:38 PM  
And then they ate him
2003-04-23 01:10:56 PM  
....makes Keiko a Farker?
2003-04-23 01:11:05 PM  
will any Farkettes volunteer?
2003-04-23 01:11:12 PM  
Flee Wirry!
2003-04-23 01:11:14 PM  
Couple million dollars down the crapper. Oh, well.
2003-04-23 01:11:24 PM  
They should just keep Keiko in human territory and stuff, not in the wild. He loves humans and can never turn back into the wild.
2003-04-23 01:11:34 PM  
[image from too old to be available]


[image from too old to be available]

= fuel for [image from too old to be available]
2003-04-23 01:11:56 PM  
all fish and no sex.. wasnt that me in Catholic High School during Lent?
2003-04-23 01:13:25 PM  
I did it all for the nookie
The nookie
So you can take that cookie
And stick it up your, yeah!!
Stick it up your, yeah!!
Stick it up your, yeah!!
2003-04-23 01:13:51 PM  
Needs fish and sex? Won't leave home?
All could have been purchased if he only remembered his American Express card. Damn shame.
2003-04-23 01:14:09 PM  
Kinda sounds like we need to hook Keiko up with Cow-Boy from a couple of threads down...
2003-04-23 01:14:17 PM  
Seriously though, they should just send him to Sea World and name him Shamoo.
2003-04-23 01:14:43 PM  
Damn, Now I need an alternative for soap...maybe I'll just stop bathing.
2003-04-23 01:17:46 PM  
still his life seems more exciting than mine. how depressing.
2003-04-23 01:18:06 PM  
Keiko is SO going to get his ass kicked, first pod he meets. Mark my words.
2003-04-23 01:21:48 PM  
Keiko, the Killer Whale should hang out with Skoura, the Gentle Shark
2003-04-23 01:22:16 PM  
2003-04-23 01:22:45 PM  
Maybe while they decide his fate, he could star in a new movie about his lack of sex, "No Willy".
Man, the special effects guys will have a job ahead of them, trying to give a whale blue balls.
2003-04-23 01:23:03 PM  
doh! smoking crack, but you get the idea
2003-04-23 01:25:50 PM  
All fish and no sex leaves Keiko with blue balls and a glazed doughnut face...

2003-04-23 01:25:54 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

You're goin' down Keiko.

/needed to use image
2003-04-23 01:26:13 PM  
man I wish I had a team of experts trying to make sure I was properly fed and regularly laid.
2003-04-23 01:29:20 PM  
Qballe -- Don't mind if I DO!
2003-04-23 01:32:12 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Right episode, wrong scene but in keeping with the recent Stephen King dicussion.
2003-04-23 01:53:12 PM  
still his life seems more exciting than mine. how depressing.

Oh, come now Cola. You're a sexy biatch. I wish I were a sexy biatch.

And you get to spend your days uploading both weeners AND boobies. How much better do life need to be?
2003-04-23 02:06:12 PM  
All work and no play makes Kieko a dull whale...
2003-04-23 02:17:35 PM  
04-23-03 01:26:13 PM HomestarJunior
man I wish I had a team of experts trying to make sure I was properly fed and regularly laid

You don't have a priest, Homestar?

/going straight to hell on the next bus
2003-04-23 02:47:05 PM  
Now that the Japanese know where Keiko is, he ain't got a chance. If it swims, they'll eat it. For research purposes only, mind you.

My friend was scuba diving off Honshu once, and next thing you know...a harpoon in the ass, and he's getting flensed.
2003-04-23 02:52:21 PM  
He could always have sex with a dolphin
2003-04-23 02:55:47 PM  
I got loads of fish in my fridge. Keiko can have some if it makes him happy. I won't give that thingamablob any sex though.
2003-04-23 07:12:19 PM  
Thorbjrg Kristjansdottir

How'd you like to scream that name out while having an orgasm?
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