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(Canoe)   Topless, thong-clad mermaid says arrest violated her U.S. civil rights   ( divider line
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23281 clicks; posted to Main » on 23 Apr 2003 at 4:15 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-04-23 09:29:48 AM  
Ok, I'll say it...what, no pictures?
2003-04-23 10:03:33 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
"If you can see tit, you must acquit!"
2003-04-23 10:41:38 AM  
I'm having a harder time figuring out how a mermaid would wear a thong.
2003-04-23 10:48:54 AM  
I posted this in the other article submission (w/non-nude pic)...
JAY-ZUS! She was a model? For what, Lumberjack Monthly?!?!
2003-04-23 11:59:18 AM  
Is that tuna or chicken of the sea I smell?
2003-04-23 01:14:53 PM  
I thought her name was Madison.

Anyway, I thought it was legal in New York State for a woman to be topless in public.
2003-04-23 02:35:23 PM  
04-23-03 09:29:48 AM Darth
Ok, I'll say it...what, no pictures?

Hey, Darth: Be careful what you ask for, you just might get it. For those who didn't get to see it on TotalFark, here's a pic of the "mermaid" from the different version of the story that someone else submitted. Don't blame me--I'm just the messenger. I can see why they arrested this swamp donkey--talk about indecent exposure!

[image from too old to be available]
2003-04-23 02:38:54 PM  
O.K., O.K., actually, she's not that horrible looking. Maybe she has a smokin' hot body, who knows. But it seems like, in stories like this, the reality of the woman involved is never as good as the image that one conjures up in one's mind. Sorry to ruin the illusion.
2003-04-23 04:18:50 PM  
Actually, I think she's fairly attractive...But then maybe that's just me, having seen women that weren't just jpegs and all...

2003-04-23 04:19:24 PM  
Amendment I

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.
2003-04-23 04:20:07 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
I'd hit it.
2003-04-23 04:20:21 PM  
What a-hole cop arrests a mermaid in a thong? I can't believe that a merman didnt try to intervene.
2003-04-23 04:20:49 PM  
jeez, what a bunch of boobs

/got nothing
2003-04-23 04:21:37 PM  
Arresting thong-clad topless women violates my civil rights.
2003-04-23 04:21:47 PM  
The day they make showing boobies and thongs illegal is the day that I... that I...

Well, I'll do something really bad, damnit!

Free the boobies!

Seriously, since when did the nipple become so horribly scary to people? Man nipples = OK. Girl nipples = bad. WTF?
2003-04-23 04:22:11 PM  
When is this tit festival? I will be sure not to miss it this year.
2003-04-23 04:23:11 PM  
NEW YORK (AP) - A mermaid who was captured after parading topless through Coney Island will get a $10,000-US cheque from New York City.

Captured? How long could she have been out there? Without legs they would've caught her in seconds.
2003-04-23 04:23:15 PM  
"Thong-clad mermaid"

2003-04-23 04:24:06 PM  
Shouldn't the header be:
img.fark.netView Full Size

2003-04-23 04:24:11 PM  
Congress shall make no law respecting the flashing of boobies while at a Mermaid Parade, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof. A well regulated set of bare titties, being necessary to the sanity of free men, the right of some butterface to walk around with her milk cartons showing, shall not be infringed.

Are we currently confusing the lines between rights, privileges, and conveniences in this country? Just a question. Discuss...
2003-04-23 04:24:40 PM  
Salmon, the OTHER pink meat.
2003-04-23 04:25:19 PM  
Let's hear it for equal rights! Seriously, I don't know why women can't go around topless. Now I'm not just arguing this from the typical male "yay boobs" point of view, I'm saying seriously, what is the real difference between a man showing off his chest in public and a woman showing hers? Just because one happens to be bigger and more appealing to look at (for most people) doesn't mean it's any more indecent. You'd think with all the civil rights activists nowadays, someone would have pointed this out. Besides, if topless women were an everyday sight, I think they'd lose their appeal to guys after a while. Guys would no longer be interested in boobs. Oh wait, that would suck, now that I think about it. Go figure.
2003-04-23 04:28:25 PM  

I'm thinking they don't let women go around topless because they don't want women getting dry humped every time they leave the know it would happen.
2003-04-23 04:31:33 PM  
Move to Ontario - it's legal for females to walk around topless.
2003-04-23 04:32:47 PM  
From the webpage:

Gunderson naturally ascribes to the idea that all nipples are created equal

Amen sister! Free those jailed nips ladies!!
2003-04-23 04:35:00 PM  

I reckon I'd have to get up pretty early to get one past you.

I reckon you shouldn't go to bed!

I've been damned by a Father...does this give me priority seating on the Bus to Hell that seems to leave here daily?

2003-04-23 04:36:39 PM  
Isn't New York City broak? Yes or No. Dude I want $10,000.
2003-04-23 04:36:43 PM  
Note to self: Attend next mermaid parade because topless chicks will be out in full force in seek of an additional $10k.
2003-04-23 04:42:52 PM  
A win for boobies everywhere!

I'd hit it, but I think it was already hit.
with the ugly stick.
2003-04-23 04:48:37 PM  
Where the hell's Aquaman when you need him?
2003-04-23 04:51:49 PM  
Yes! Topless mermaid parade again! No more Giuliani!
2003-04-23 04:52:52 PM  
Women in Austin can legally go topless. I expect to see a lot of boobies this weekend at Eyore's Birthday, which is sort of an equinox celebration here.

Yeah, Austin kicks Coney Island's conservitive ass.
2003-04-23 04:55:45 PM  
other topless women quickly covered up with seashells, beads and Band-Aids...

the humanity... the HUMANITY!

and by the way... topless = jail, but topless except for band-aids = OK? something wrong with that equation
2003-04-23 04:56:24 PM  

Only mermaid I'd want topless:

[image from too old to be available]

2003-04-23 04:58:17 PM  
Mmmmmmm Merhead.
They can go hours without taking a breath.
2003-04-23 04:58:42 PM  
GCD: i live in toronto where its legal for topless women, but you still dont see many chicks topless, too cold i guess, or they just dont want to anyways
2003-04-23 05:02:34 PM  
I certainly wouldn't call her a swamp donkey, that's harsh.

"But it seems like, in stories like this, the reality of the woman involved is never as good as the image that one conjures..."

I think the key word there is REALITY.

2003-04-23 05:08:56 PM  
They say Troy McClure sleeps with the fishes...
2003-04-23 05:13:09 PM  
I'd fish for it!
2003-04-23 05:14:01 PM  
GCD: It's legal for women to be topless in NY, too .. hence the $10,000 award for wrongful arrest 8p

Dunno what the cop was thinking .. it's been legal for several years.
2003-04-23 05:14:25 PM  
I don't think she's that bad looking. Her nose seems a little wide, but other than that she'd probably look fairly pretty if you saw her in person. I think the picture just kinda makes her look a little funny
2003-04-23 05:15:44 PM  
04-23-03 05:02:34 PM Please
I certainly wouldn't call her a swamp donkey, that's harsh.

Yeah, you're right, that's why I immediately retracted it in the next message. She's not really that bad--she's kind of average looking.
2003-04-23 05:20:36 PM  
arrest violated her U.S. civil rights

Why is it always just her civil rights?

Don't we have any civil rights to see topless, thong-clad mermaids?

Maybe we should sue, too...
2003-04-23 05:27:34 PM  
"You haven't been sleeping with my topless, thong wearing daughter, have you?"
[image from too old to be available]
2003-04-23 05:32:04 PM  
Here in Ontario it is indeed legal for women to go topless. At a music festival last year I saw so many amazing breasts that I swear I actually felt my interest wane over the course of a single weekend. Or maybe that was due to the fact that I was 28, and a lot of these girls were 18 _at the most_. I kind of felt like a perv even trying not to look.
2003-04-23 05:36:59 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
"I'd hit it!"
2003-04-23 05:38:59 PM  
hehe... her lawyer is Ron Kuby.

i want my lawyer man... i want ron kuby...
2003-04-23 05:53:08 PM  
Move to Ontario - it's legal for females to walk around topless.

Funny, though, none of them DO. WTF is up with that? I support their right to walk around topless and then they don't exercise that right? I'm just...furious.

I'm thinking they don't let women go around topless because they don't want women getting dry humped every time they leave the know it would happen.

That's the same reasoning that lead to the Taliban making women wear burkhas and throwing acid in their faces. They though that the sinful body of a woman would so inflame the lusty urges of men that it must be kept hidden away. You know, because they had NO SELF CONTROL.
2003-04-23 05:54:31 PM  
I wonder if it would ever be legal for women to go topless here in West Virginia... ***shudder***
2003-04-23 06:01:17 PM  
-why do i hate america?
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