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2003-04-22 11:25:50 PM  
2003-04-23 01:07:01 AM  
eeeuuughhhh... weeners...
2003-04-23 01:09:37 AM  
mmmmmm....Wild advance in playoffs...
2003-04-23 01:10:15 AM  
i like weeners, with chili and onions mmm
2003-04-23 01:13:28 AM  
They look way tooo serious, like its a math exam or somethin
2003-04-23 01:13:40 AM  
Check out the hairstyles on some of these guys. You know it's really old-skool when the pompadour suddenly appears.
2003-04-23 01:13:51 AM  
That is actually a pretty cool site. It isn't everyday you can check out Boobies from 1920.
2003-04-23 01:16:33 AM  
Yay! Late night weeners link when I have a horrible headache. At least these don't look like most of the weeners links that are geared toward other weeners (for weeners who like weeners, of course.)

I really have no idea what I have just said. Late night headache hallucinations.
2003-04-23 01:16:59 AM  
Kitschnsync, you could marry an 80 year old
2003-04-23 01:23:50 AM  
They do look too serious. I prefer my porn to be cheerful. Oh well, it's not going to stop my from looking.
2003-04-23 01:24:29 AM  
yo kitschnsync, working hard?

go to the SARS thread dude
2003-04-23 01:24:52 AM  
ooh :D some of these are artistically rather nice.

I have a wee bit of gay porn from the 50s/60s.. It's fun but not arousing, I can't get over their weird hair and shiat. Heh.
2003-04-23 01:25:49 AM  

I like the vintage pictures, not the vintage vagina.
. . .but I might hit w/out liking it
2003-04-23 01:27:35 AM  
*tips hat at Wskne*
2003-04-23 01:29:59 AM  
Cola: the 60s called, they want their porn back.
2003-04-23 01:43:40 AM  
stop flattering the socialist
2003-04-23 01:44:28 AM  
Wow, some of these are very nice. I generally don't like weiners but I like the more "normal" looking guys, like the Kovert pictures (wont allow direct linking dont know how Cola got around it).
2003-04-23 01:45:06 AM  
Here you go (NSFW, not gay but cute anyway)
2003-04-23 01:46:02 AM  

Ahh...the wonders of light overexposure.
2003-04-23 01:48:33 AM  
Kitschnsync, yes. This is a weeners thread though, focus on them.

Resident_weevil, wouldn't call it a wonder per se. Usually makes pictures look like shiat and like the people have holes in their faces instead of a nose :/
2003-04-23 01:51:30 AM  
Stop looking at my grandpa you pervs!
2003-04-23 01:52:50 AM  

I would hope that the irony of my question was apparent to everyone.

Since we seem to have lots of ladies that like ladies, I think we can all admire the artistry and form in this picture:

Dig the reflections off the water.
2003-04-23 01:57:06 AM  

What's irony?

I am either from the American deep south, a fourteen-year old boy, illiterate, or for some reason, a closeted homosexual and thus am unfamiliar with the term.

/being a jerk

Seriously though, thumbs aloft. : )
2003-04-23 01:57:12 AM  
Kitschnsync, man that pic is sexy....
2003-04-23 01:59:48 AM  

You like B&W photography? Check out Henri Cartier-Bresson's work. Not erotic at all, but very neat. Works with reflections, definitive moments ("le moment propice"), etc.
2003-04-23 02:02:15 AM  
Don't post boobies in the weeners thread.

It's a nice picture but I wish the mods would delete that kind of thing.
2003-04-23 02:02:16 AM  
those are really awesome photos, alot of them are perfect for artistic study (no seriously).
2003-04-23 02:03:30 AM  
You don't have to like ladies to like that pic. Most "artistic" nude are more about appreciation of human beauty rather than only sex (I can't say that about all of the pictures on the site, but most of them). So yes that picture is beautiful, though I wouldn't be surprised if another mod deemed it NSFW. Its on the border for me but I'll leave it like I would leave a painting or a statue up.
2003-04-23 02:07:00 AM  

Thanks for the tip! Henri has some great stuff. This one is very erotic, but a lot of it seems to revolve around social issues/ visual themes.

. . .now back to your regularly scheduled weiners, ladies
2003-04-23 02:09:24 AM  
Sorry, Toriko, I thought it was cool because all the NSFW areas are covered by water or her arms.
2003-04-23 02:10:44 AM  
Boobies sould be permitted.

Retro-nudity is the theme. It's not like he was threadjacking.

Boobies, weeners. Tom-ay-to, tom-ah-to.
It's all flesh, people.
2003-04-23 02:12:25 AM  
Dorothea Lange is cool too, Kitschnsync.
Political photograpy from when political art really made a difference. : )
2003-04-23 02:15:05 AM  
ah, good times, good times.
2003-04-23 02:19:35 AM  
Holy Beefcake Batman!
2003-04-23 03:10:27 AM  
Not bad for beefcake I guess, just not my thing.(hello! your peepee will look smaller!)
I learned early the way of the sleek track star body in high school...mmmmmmmmmm GRRR

John Donohue... John Donohue...
where ever you are...
I'm sorry I was such a bi+ch to you

Cola, you are indeed, a hot smokin' babe!
Pretty grrrl=)
2003-04-23 03:15:49 AM  
Love to see the weeners tag pop up.

Artistic? Yes, very nice to look at. A bit too serious for my taste? Some men appear so. A bit silly and/or naughty because the images remind me of old black-and-white television series like Leave it to Beaver, Father Knows Best, and The Andy Griffith Show? Definitely.

Now I can't stop whistling that darn theme song.
2003-04-23 03:17:48 AM  

Yeah, track & field/swimming guys are the way to go. Amen.
2003-04-23 03:19:06 AM  
Cool, something to look forward to when I get home.
2003-04-23 03:27:29 AM  
YaY! I know I'm not alone Resident, but where are the slinky guy nudes?8D
It's always chippendale builds:(
2003-04-23 03:35:15 AM  
I'm with Cola on the put boobies on boobies sites.
Also Kitchnsync are you into Weeners just wondering by your boobies pictures. If not get out.

As far as comments of women wanting to look at boobs despite the myth most don't, but if you do, go to a boobies link.

This is a weeners link.

Either that or maybe we weener likers should start posting pictures of weeners on the boobies sites.
2003-04-23 03:55:39 AM  
LOL Resident, yeah, that's the type.
wish I'd a scanner so we could compare evil! LOL
(wondering if I'd do that to my old flames...mayhaps evil ones)
:/deprived scannerless freak
2003-04-23 04:04:47 AM  
Looks that way Resident, everytime I refresh the main page, the #'s decrease:o)
So much for the slinky guys:(
2003-04-23 04:05:59 AM  

I am sorry if you feel like I was referring to a "myth" of latent lesbian tendencies in our little community. You misunderstood me. I was only referring to the fact that there were lesbian/bisexual farkettes posting at that time. If you have a problem with their sexuality, take it up with them.

You might have noticed that our mod for the night found nothing inappropiate about the pic I posted. Even if you didn't, there was nothing wrong with it. It was from the linked article, didn't expose too much flesh to be NSFW, and is generally asthetically pleasing.

For your information, I am not into weiners but I enjoy reading the weiners thread to see what the ladies think. Don't try to command me out of the thread, because I have every much as a right to be here as you do. And if you want to post weiners in the boobies threads, knock yourself out. I would probably find the results entertaining.

With all that being said, I think you need to lighten up.
2003-04-23 04:06:28 AM  
LOL Resident
2003-04-23 04:30:12 AM  
04-23-03 03:15:49 AM Kady
Love to see the weeners tag pop up.

2003-04-23 04:49:30 AM  
It actually got through!
DaCricket: I spent my evening break trying to find you cowboys, but got this instead.
Forgive me, but this whole site was a lot of fun for me.
Cheesecake and Beefcake from 40 to 100 years ago made my otherwise crappy day. :)
2003-04-23 04:56:04 AM  
While I get usually get really pissy when nude women show up in my weeners, here's one for the guys and girls who like really retro women as well:
(**Warning!! disturbing NSFW pop-up, but cool site)
2003-04-23 05:09:29 AM  
Thanks for sparing me your wrath. :)I think I've had enough.
I really don't see what the big deal is, still. The picture is tasteful, from the submitted link, etc...

It is disappointing that something that should be light-hearted and fun, like a boobies or weiners link, took on a tinge of emotional drama for me.

Great submission, by the way. I'll check out those other links soon.
2003-04-23 05:09:57 AM  
Ksync: It's the best I could do considering the hour.

Since we are now on the topic of vintage bods, I love the nudie playing card journals found here. I wish they did a male series as well. I think they would make great gifts for the chicks in my life.

(This is not an ad for this product. Honestly, I am not connected in any way to the nudie journal site. But if the mods feel this is some sort of endorsement, rather than a simple nod to vintage boobies, please feel free to delete my post.)
2003-04-23 05:19:19 AM  
The truth of why we're a bit testy about that here Kitschnsync?
When a woman comments on a boobies link she gets called an 'attention whore', gets accused of really being a man and takes a whole lot of crap for it in general.

And I'm talking about women who are helping the thread along by posting links to, well, hot women.

When I was first here, as a stupid joke I posted a link that said 'hot' and it was to a hot guy (not even NSFW) because I found it silly that a bunch of guys were biatching about an unreasonably hot woman...
I got 4 very very nasty e-mails and I got reamed on the board.
I was just being silly, but I learned that here, the sanctity of the titties must be observed.
I guess we're just asking for our own space.

Like Cola said, it seems to work out best if we keep the weeners in the weeners and the boobies in the boobies. :)
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