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(Ben Maller)   Alabama lineman will skip the photo shoot for the Playboy preseason All-American team because God told him to   ( divider line
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2003-04-22 09:39:46 AM  
The only dumbass is the one that wrote this headline.

The last thing we need are athletes that are positive role models. We need more wife-beating, gang-banging, drug-dealing jerkoffs, right?
2003-04-22 09:58:04 AM  
How does doing a photo shoot for an established men's magazine suddenly make him a wife-beating, gang-banging, drug-dealing jerkoff?

That's a nice little slippery slope you have there.
2003-04-22 10:10:03 AM  
It doesn't...It's just as stupid to call him a 'dumbass' for skipping the photoshoot to stand by his morals. Wank all you want to the ladies in this dying magazine, but don't call people like Wesley a dumbass for wanting to set a better example for kids.

If you only read thew news, you'd think all football players were thugs.

And of course THIS article gets picked by the mods to go to Fark... Way to go mods, another winner!
2003-04-22 10:12:41 AM  
I like your spin on that.. the way you took the word "porn magazine" and called it an "established men's magazine." That was cool.
2003-04-22 10:13:20 AM  

I meant serial

need more coffee
2003-04-22 10:19:54 AM  

What morals were involved? Nowhere in the article does it state that he'd be posing with naked women around him. All it does is quote him going on about "talking" to a nonexistent deity for advice.

As for basing my thoughts of a group of people based on the actions of a select few: I don't think so. I don't know about you, but I don't think that all football players are thugs. And if you honestly believe that the news carries that much power, then what about all the positive press football players get? Like when they do charity work, host pre-game shows, etc. There's no evidence of them acting like a thug when they're doing that. If you base your judgements on a group of people based on the actions of individuals then you're headed down another slippery slope.

Oh, and BTW: It's the ADMINS, not the MODS who select the articles for the mainpage, don't place blame where it doesn't belong.
2003-04-22 10:20:25 AM  
My God would have told me to go and spend as much time at the mansion as possible. Infidel.
2003-04-22 10:20:50 AM  
Ever been to Tuscaloosa? My god they have some pretty girls.

No need for Playboy there.
2003-04-22 10:26:52 AM  
Initially, I was like, `Heck yeah, I'm going to take it. It's a great honor,' '' he told The Cullman (Ala.) Times. ``But after thinking about it for a while, I decided this is not one of my goals. I put God first and I set my goals for Him. I talked to God about it and I felt it just wasn't the right thing to do.''

He goes on to say he spends a lot of times talking with kids, church groups, and schools, and he wouldn't be comfortable appearing in Playboy.

And no, from his quote, God did not tell him anything. He doesn't want to appear in the magazine, and that's his choice. Kinda cool to see a person make a choice and not be afraid to say why. (insert 'personal responsibility' comments)

BTW, I asked God why I couldn't spend a week doing a photo shoot for Playboy, and he said it's cuz I'm a non-talented middle aged fat man who doesn't deserve the chance.
2003-04-22 10:47:00 AM  
I think he made the right call. By appearing in the magazine, he would appear to be advocating the magazine which alot of church groups and youth groups would frown on. Seems like he is a good role model who stands up for what he believes in. Can't see how this makes him a "Dumbass".
2003-04-22 11:56:06 AM  
Does he have a little elf who tells him to start fires, too?
Joan of Arc surrenders!
2003-04-22 12:40:14 PM  
This is like a repeat of the Jim Caviezel/J.Lo article for Angel Eyes a year or two back. The thread has already turned into a religious flamewar.
2003-04-22 01:21:58 PM  
So anyway, where can I get a hat that has the elephant on the front and BAMA on the back? I don't want one with the A on it.
2003-04-22 01:22:20 PM  
Am I the first to say.........


It is a sad day on FARK.
2003-04-22 01:22:27 PM  
He was attached to a farm animal at the time
2003-04-22 01:22:30 PM  
"It doesn't...It's just as stupid to call him a 'dumbass' for skipping the photoshoot "

Yeah, personally, if Fark had the tag, I would have labeled this as "Gheyboys and PeterPuckers" myself.

2003-04-22 01:22:49 PM  
The blue background, arrrrgh it burns, it burns!
2003-04-22 01:23:08 PM  
God told me to go home early and have a beer. I'm gonna listen.
2003-04-22 01:24:23 PM  
More power to him.
2003-04-22 01:24:32 PM  
Numberz, I think He was talkin' about me, with that fat, middle aged thing. You go ahead and spend a week at the mansion. Tell Hef He sent you.

And regardless of religion or politics, good on this guy for standing up for what he believes in. He should not be the object of ridicule for doing that.
2003-04-22 01:25:01 PM  
Say what you want about this guy - he has morals and the grapes to back them up, knowing full well that small-minded individuals will call him a dumbass and make fun of his religion.
2003-04-22 01:25:01 PM  
link is farked already
2003-04-22 01:25:13 PM  
Hugh Hefner isn't God?
2003-04-22 01:27:07 PM  
Wow. It's nice to see a Christian that actually has some decent values. I mean I loathe Christianity and love nudity, but hats off to the guy for not wanting to debase himself in a skin mag. The only asshat is the person that wrote the headline.
2003-04-22 01:27:39 PM  
God told me to call this guy a typical brainwashed religious sheep
2003-04-22 01:28:23 PM  
Playboy is still a magazine?
2003-04-22 01:29:14 PM  
There is nothing wrong with this guy skipping the shoot. Many football players have skipped in the past. (Tommie Harris from OU did last year.)

Some people just do not want their named associated with porn.
2003-04-22 01:29:26 PM  
Sheep? This took courage, man. And unfortunately, this isn't "typical" enough.
2003-04-22 01:29:58 PM  
Whoever the headline writer is, can you please show your face in here?

/cracks virtual knuckles
2003-04-22 01:30:10 PM  
Ben Maller hasn't been sterilized?
2003-04-22 01:31:25 PM  

Website to crash in 3...2..1.
2003-04-22 01:31:36 PM  
Playboy = Old & Busted
Maxim = New Hotness
2003-04-22 01:31:54 PM  
Yeah..the headline should have a "dumbasses" tag for everyone in here.
2003-04-22 01:32:48 PM  
Now the more important question: "Would Jesus Play Football?" Personally, with the long hair and shaggy beard, I think he's more of a hockey-type. Besides, he'd be right at home gliding across the ice, as he's walked on water.
2003-04-22 01:33:55 PM  
I've got no problem with the guy not wanting to be in a porn zine. Proclaiming that he decided to sit out the shoot after a talk with his imaginary friend isn't too bright though.
2003-04-22 01:34:07 PM  
Does playboy now have naked football players in it?
2003-04-22 01:34:15 PM  


That is all.
2003-04-22 01:34:23 PM  
While I don't think he deserves the "dumbass" tag, I sure wouldn't call a refusal to pose in a section of the magazine dedicated solely to sports as "having good morals". If he had declined to be in one of the VERY few photo shoots that Playboy has in its pages, then perhaps we could applaud what he holds as "morally right". But not being in a picture with other athletes just because 14 pages later is (GASP!!!!!!) a naked woman isn't moral.

By the way, what's so immoral about the nude photgraphy that Playboy does anyway (not porn in general)? Any of you folks on your moral high horse wanna field that one?

/I get paid each time I use the word "moral"
2003-04-22 01:34:36 PM  
uhhh, yeah ok.
2003-04-22 01:35:35 PM  
Who'd want to see this guy in a thong?

(without a bikini wax, at least!)
2003-04-22 01:35:52 PM  
"Now the more important question: "Would Jesus Play Football?" Personally, with the long hair and shaggy beard, I think he's more of a hockey-type. Besides, he'd be right at home gliding across the ice, as he's walked on water. "

Nah, he'd be a surfer. Wouldn't even need a board.
2003-04-22 01:36:22 PM  
I totally agree with you, Frumbehind and Jabber. There is nothing dumb about having morals.
2003-04-22 01:36:39 PM  
God instructs many people , like David Koresch and Jim Jones.
2003-04-22 01:36:50 PM  
Now the more important question: "Would Jesus Play Football?" Personally, with the long hair and shaggy beard, I think he's more of a hockey-type. Besides, he'd be right at home gliding across the ice, as he's walked on water.

Jesus would have played ultimate frisbee.
2003-04-22 01:37:10 PM  
God told me to call this guy a typical brainwashed religious sheep I would rather be brainwashed by God than tv. Obviously God is the more powerful brainwasher, but its easier to be brainwashed by tv because you have to actually start paying attention to God first. With tv you don't have to give a shiat about whats on it, just be in the same room with it.
2003-04-22 01:37:12 PM  
He isn't the first. I'm sure there are more, but a few years back, Florida State's star center, Clay Shiver, refused the honor for the same reasons. He ended up playing for 3 or so years for the Cowboys.
2003-04-22 01:37:23 PM  
Obviously the guy has a little more fiber than some athletes you hear about, but I think you have to be pretty careful making judgments about where and in what light you will appear. This may have been an easy call for the guy. Despite the attractiveness of the naked chicks and some pretty decent literature, it's easy to make the argument that the fundamental viewpoint of Playboy is degenerate. On the other hand, would the guy actually be perceived as supporting Playby? Maybe. What about the writers who get their stuff published in Playboy? Tougher call. Jimmy Carter was interviewed by Playboy. Does anyone think he subscribes to Hef's manifesto?

What if you receive an interview request from a publication with an avowed political viewpoint with which you disagree? I personally find NPR offensive because it takes my tax dollars, but if I had a message to get out, would I turn down an interview? Doubt it.
2003-04-22 01:37:28 PM  
NICU8697 - just because it doesn't conform to your sense of morals doesn't mean that it is amoral entirely. Clearly it *does* seem immoral to him. And that's what he's standing up for. By the way, I don't find it immoral either, but I am not so concieted as to tell others definitively what is and what is not moral.

That is all.
2003-04-22 01:37:39 PM  
I bet none of you would call this guy "dumbass" to his face:

OT Wesley Britt
6-8, 312, 1VL, So., Cullman, AL

A Freshman All-America and first-team Freshman All-SEC selection in 2001, Britt has now started 21 consecutive games.
2003-04-22 01:38:04 PM  
It amazes me that he talks about what God wants him to do and takes a moral stance in the public eye. Maybe God does not want him to pose with a bunch of naked women, does make moral sense. And I think it's great that he stands by his morals (if I was him I'd be packed and waiting to go see some bunnys). It doesn't make him a dumbass, it makes him a man of conviction.

But he if ever thanks God for helping him win a game than he isn't a man of conviction, he's just an idiot.
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