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(Yahoo)   Turkish soccer player apologizes for sticking his hand down his pants after scoring a goal   ( divider line
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435 clicks; posted to Main » on 22 Apr 2003 at 8:43 AM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-04-22 08:44:57 AM  
2003-04-22 08:45:14 AM  
2003-04-22 08:45:56 AM  
i lose :(
2003-04-22 08:46:31 AM  
Soccer is boring....
2003-04-22 08:46:32 AM  
The French striker told a news conference on Monday he had been overcome with excitement after a long period without scoring a goal.

2003-04-22 08:46:46 AM  
I thought soccer players couldn't touch the ball with their hands.....
2003-04-22 08:46:59 AM  
if you shake it more than 3 times, you are playing with it!
2003-04-22 08:47:18 AM  
he shoots, he scores!! oops-wrong sport.
Maybe he was trying to make the other team jealous -mine's bigger than yours!!
2003-04-22 08:47:27 AM  
Big Deal. Whenever I score at foosball, I drop my pants and swing my c0ck in a circular motion, sorta like a meat fan. And the crowd goes wild.
2003-04-22 08:47:58 AM  
Why apologize? It's not like you use your hands to play soccer.
2003-04-22 08:48:30 AM  
He was looking to shake hands with Geralo.
2003-04-22 08:48:57 AM  
2003-04-22 08:49:36 AM  

2003-04-22 08:50:57 AM  
Don't you get it?
It's soccer!
You're not allowed to use your hands.........

Ok, I got nuthin'
2003-04-22 08:52:10 AM  
Al Bundy wants his move back.
2003-04-22 08:52:35 AM  
He was giving himself a header

wocka wocka
2003-04-22 08:54:27 AM  
televised women's turkish soccer anyone? :D /sexist comment
2003-04-22 08:54:37 AM  
Turkey's television watchdog said it was examining the footage, being repeated on a number of channels. Some lawyers said the Frenchman could be prosecuted under obscenity laws.

So I guess it's not the television networks' fault for showing this again and again...

2003-04-22 08:55:05 AM  
Frenchmen...hmmmfff...get a grip!
2003-04-22 08:56:03 AM  
I'm watching this on telly at the moment...

damn, he's just way too casual about it. I mean, this guy looks like he needs help.

and yes, NICU8697, it does look Bundyesque
2003-04-22 09:00:04 AM  
Hahahahah, o yapiyordu ya? pfft, ibne.
2003-04-22 09:00:22 AM  
NICU8697 - I agree, first thing I thought of was King Al.
2003-04-22 09:01:03 AM  
You mean this isn't normal celebration?

Like when I'm at the top of the score list after a nice CS match I shouldn't give myself a "how's your father?"

2003-04-22 09:01:50 AM  
At least he didn't stick it down someone else's pants.
2003-04-22 09:02:23 AM  
pfttt. o fransiz'dir ....tabii ki...ya
2003-04-22 09:04:38 AM  
Good GOD! Political correctness has overwhelmed Turkey. Who gives a shat that this dude grabbed his beanbag? WTF is wrong with you people? Can't anybody TOUCH themselves anymore? Ya bunch of friggin' hypocrites.

/rant over
2003-04-22 09:05:11 AM  
The first thing they taught us in Law school was that if we win a big case, we are to wait until we exit the courtroom before jamming our hands down our pants.

The second thing they taught us was res ipsa loquitor.
2003-04-22 09:07:36 AM  
Besiktas 1 Kittens 0

2003-04-22 09:10:12 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

just become an iceskater
2003-04-22 09:13:38 AM  
Hey, he scored one goal, and he was just looking for another chance to score.
With himself.
2003-04-22 09:16:23 AM  
I guess he was just looking for another hand to shake.
2003-04-22 09:18:48 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

If you're gonna do something, do it right. Sheesh.
2003-04-22 09:24:55 AM  
I can accept that the guy was excited but was there any need for the cock-ring & bottle of baby oil he pulled out his pocket?
2003-04-22 09:27:06 AM  
Isn't he a FRENCH soccer player, playing on the Turkish team? That explains his obsession his his johnson.
2003-04-22 09:30:25 AM  
I tried to watch a few minutes of a match that was on cable the other night. I could come to only one conclusion: soccer is gay.
2003-04-22 09:35:56 AM  
As a fellow soccer player, I can empathsize with his excitement over ending his scoring drought....but the johnson-jiggling (not the sport) was a bit, shall we say, gay.
2003-04-22 09:37:52 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

Right ball, left pocket!
2003-04-22 09:39:38 AM  
See also: Micheal Jackson, Madonna, Andrew "Dice" Clay, 98% of MLB players, and those football players from "Revenge of the Nerds" when the nerds put that hot stuff in their jocks.
2003-04-22 09:45:03 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

NEVER apologize for sticking your hands down your pants.
2003-04-22 09:46:37 AM  
He should've just pulled a sharpie out of his sock and sign the ball like real athletes do!!!!!
2003-04-22 09:54:34 AM  
I did that a red card (ejection) tho.

"was it worth it?" you might ask

and i respond: "do the French surrendur?"
2003-04-22 09:59:33 AM  
A Frenchman leading a successful attack?
2003-04-22 10:19:20 AM  
"If it wounded Turkey, then I am sorry."

Yes - I'm sure the home of Kirkpinar was mortally wounded by him touching himself.

[image from too old to be available]
2003-04-22 10:23:19 AM  
Self-inflicted nutmeg? That is a no-class move. They should send him to play on the Columbian national team. Those fans will pop a cap in somebody's a**.
2003-04-22 10:36:46 AM  
Pffft, stupid french weenies
2003-04-22 10:52:17 AM  
Yani bunlami buraya cikacaktik bea.

I got a picture of it.

[image from too old to be available]
2003-04-22 10:53:19 AM  
The Frog was merely behaving the way the Turks themselves do. "When in Rome" etc...

Which is why kebabs aren't my favourite food...
2003-04-22 11:20:42 AM  
In other news, Derek Jeter stuck his hands down Alfonso Soriano's pants after hitting a home run....

(Yes I know he's on the DL. Still funny.)
2003-04-22 11:34:12 AM  
MadTurk LA'de ne yapiyorsunuz? :) ...
2003-04-22 11:37:08 AM  
JJ_UK: shut up, turks don't act like that, they are extremely well-mannered people..dipshiat.
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