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(New Zealand Herald)   39-year-old Auckland mom arrested for supplying her son's 15-year-old best friend with copious amounts of liquor and sex. No name or mugshot, so feel free to insult the liquor bottle in the pic   ( divider line
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2010-02-27 02:14:23 AM  
I havent seen the word copious since the first gay p0rn book I found in a bowling alley mensroom. Back in the 1940's.
2010-02-27 04:14:29 AM  
copious is a great word.
2010-02-27 05:50:18 AM  
That bottle has sharp knees.
2010-02-27 05:54:26 AM  
I have hit it.
2010-02-27 06:03:42 AM  
That farking bottle looks like a douche.
2010-02-27 06:07:53 AM  

You secretly photograph sc*t-frak featuring your toaster
getting it on with the Kitchen Aid blender!!

/urngh, dough hooks...
2010-02-27 06:08:14 AM  
It's been done.

i2.fc-img.comView Full Size
2010-02-27 06:14:58 AM  
with friends like that who needs.. err.. their mom's poontangs?
2010-02-27 06:15:13 AM  
She must be pretty hideous if she has to ply a 15 year old lad with liquor to get him to sex her up.
2010-02-27 06:16:47 AM  
Ah... name suppression because of a minor. i'm gonna go out on a limb and hope that the mom is hot, because if she isnt..... *shudder* Beer goggles much?
2010-02-27 06:50:09 AM  
The affair began in early December when the boy went to see his mate, who wasn't at home, but was invited in and given about four glasses of wine.

Dude, you don't fark another person's mate. Wait for them to break up or drive them apart yourself.
2010-02-27 06:52:25 AM  
Crikey, they like 'em young in Austria.
2010-02-27 07:36:43 AM  
I wouldn't hit it without some protection. And plying.
2010-02-27 08:24:36 AM  
In her defense, it was a dare.
2010-02-27 08:30:45 AM  

RubberBabyBuggyBumpers: In her defense, it was a dare.

Triple dog?
2010-02-27 08:35:53 AM  

Godscrack: I havent seen the word copious since the first gay p0rn book I found in a bowling alley mensroom. Back in the 1940's.

Copuious was a popular world in the old porn writings. I believe "The Greaseman" used it a lot in his earlier radio broadcasts.

What copious amounts of hair gel might look like:

img25.imageshack.usView Full Size
2010-02-27 09:43:47 AM  
I found this a pretty interesting advertisement on tfa:
psibur.comView Full Size
2010-02-27 09:46:13 AM  
2010-02-27 10:38:51 AM  

Hawnkee: I found this a pretty interesting advertisement on tfa:

Where's your burger now?
2010-02-27 11:43:43 AM  
Pics of the mom or A)it did not happen, B)should never have been greenlit, C)all of the above.
2010-02-27 12:52:43 PM  
i2.photobucket.comView Full Size

This is a picture of Kim Cattrall, when she was sort of 39-ish. It is highly unlikely that the woman described looked anywhere half as good. But we would like to think so.
2010-02-27 01:36:51 PM  

fearmongert: That bottle has sharp knees.

And the neck is far too skinny.

/Do not want
2010-02-27 02:22:54 PM  
My mother used to "tutor" one of my friends... I'd get sent out of the house to go play elsewhere... They didn't want any "distractions". They would tutor at my mother's desk, which was in her bedroom... The tutoring seemed to involve more silent study than i'd have expected. It did seem odd when he would come over while she was gone, and he wasn't really interested in chilling with me... Then there was the one time they were so blatant about wanting me to get lost, and I came back after a while and looked in the window and saw Ricky's 15 y/o ass and balls bobbing up and down...
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