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(Yahoo)   The history of the Bengals screwing up their always high draft picks. Witness it Saturday   ( divider line
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100 clicks; posted to Main » on 21 Apr 2003 at 5:34 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-04-21 03:08:17 PM  
What's scary is that the Cardinals will do worse...

And with no Plummer, no Boston, no Sanders and maybe no Jones, the Cardinals should be even worse than the Bengals this year.
2003-04-21 05:37:20 PM  
don't take the quarterback.
take a qb with the 2nd pick.
2003-04-21 05:40:08 PM  
Take Mandrich!! It's a no-brainer.
2003-04-21 05:41:41 PM  
Recockulous -- You've got that right. I just spend my money going to D-backs game and try to forget that the Cardinals even exist.
2003-04-21 05:42:00 PM  

That's unpossible.
2003-04-21 05:43:31 PM  
Colleges do drafts now? Wow, I'm behind the times.
2003-04-21 05:44:06 PM  
It's because the other teams hide catnip under the Bengals draft table.
2003-04-21 05:45:49 PM  
Screw Mandrich. TAKE LEAF!!
2003-04-21 05:46:23 PM  
What's scary is that this very specific interest material keeps getting posted to Fark...

2003-04-21 05:47:32 PM  
Bengals shmangels. Hockey is on in a little while.
2003-04-21 05:47:49 PM  
The Bengals are already on the clock for the 2004 draft
2003-04-21 05:47:52 PM  
Dave Klinger to the rescue!
2003-04-21 05:49:21 PM  
right on Cjsmith11878. Two Game 6's on tonight..
2003-04-21 05:50:16 PM  
Did David Lettermen get over that case of the Bengals he had? Havent seen the show in awhile, too busy hunting down net porn...
2003-04-21 05:50:50 PM  
The NFL needs to get itself some secondary divisions so that the crap teams don't pollute my Sunday TV watching. English football's got that much right.
2003-04-21 05:50:50 PM  
Bring back Ken Anderson and Cris Collinsworth. Now that was a contending team.
2003-04-21 05:55:27 PM  
But with a new head coach, things will be different this time!

/mmmmm, tasty delicious Kool-aid
2003-04-21 05:56:14 PM  
What's scary is that this very specific interest material keeps getting posted to Fark...

Yeah. I mean, hardly anybody watches football, after all. (?)
2003-04-21 05:58:28 PM  
More importantly, what should the Bears do? No doubt draft another running back that will win rookie of the year and not live up to his potential for the rest of the year.

When is the WNBA draft?
2003-04-21 05:58:32 PM  
I do not think that the players that get selected are bad at all. I think that the Cincy program is just a black hole for positive energy. Akili Smith was the best quarterback I had seen in a long time and he just got swallowed up.
2003-04-21 05:59:44 PM  
With the first pick...QB Scott Bakula. And then some crazy Aussie who plays without pads in the next round.
2003-04-21 06:02:34 PM  
OK, someone has to say it.

What the fark is up with sports writers?! End your article with a farking paragraph! There's always some stupid one-liner sentance at the end of every sports article like, "And for now, they won't need all that opium" or, "Next time, the team won't be spitting for points." They're not witty, they're not smart. fark, they should't even exist in journalism. Just do your farking job, sports writer.
2003-04-21 06:03:18 PM  
I hate sports. I think they get paid too much and should be forced to donate a portion of their salaries to teachers. After all, they wouldn't have gotten where they are today without them.
2003-04-21 06:05:33 PM  
ImYourHuckleberry, what next? A girl for a kicker?
2003-04-21 06:09:12 PM  
It seems that Marvin Lewis is a bright man and that Mike Brown is really letting him run the show. We'll see. The Bengals may not be playoff bound but at least people might stop laughing at the team now that a decent football man is in charge. Mike Brown may only be guilty of being loyal to the idiots he's hired in the past (Shula, Coslet, LeBeau) I think they made a boat load of silly calls and failed to develop players. Brown just waited too long to axe them and didn't hold them accountable for their failure as coaches.
2003-04-21 06:11:30 PM  
2003-04-21 06:12:55 PM  
Poor cinci.
They have talent, just no direction from the top. Mike Brown should step aside.
Who thought Bruce Coslett had any business being a head coach? It reminded me of my beloved Chargers hiring Kevin Gilbriath. What a mess that was.
2003-04-21 06:15:44 PM  
Wldncrazy: Yeah, a girl kicker! And then maybe a receiver who can't catch...

Oh wait, they seem to be doing the receivers-who-can't-catch thing already.
2003-04-21 06:18:35 PM  

I hate sports. I think they get paid too much and should be forced to donate a portion of their salaries to teachers. After all, they wouldn't have gotten where they are today without them.

Huh? when was the last time you saw any sport where the people drafting players gave a fark about what kind of education they had?
2003-04-21 06:19:24 PM  

The teachers will just waste the money on things like maps and red pens. Screw them and their 3 month vacations. If they want more money, they should learn how to catch a football.
2003-04-21 06:33:05 PM  

I know it's hard to believe, but not everyone on the internet is American.

2003-04-21 06:37:01 PM  
04-21-03 06:03:18 PM Mac
I hate sports. I think they get paid too much and should be forced to donate a portion of their salaries to teachers. After all, they wouldn't have gotten where they are today without them.

When 80,000 people will pay money to come watch teachers teach, or doctors operate, or firefighters put out fires, then you can say they deserve to get paid more.

Athletes are NOT OVERPAID. They are only earning what the market will bear. If someone is going to pay Alex Rodriguez $250 million dollars to play baseball, good for A-Rod.

And Hack4good, if you hate football so much, why did you post on this thread? It's not like you are required to read every link that hits Fark. Someone wanna post that picture of the baby complaining about sports links, or at least STFU guy?
2003-04-21 06:40:20 PM  
Football and education do NOT go together. The cleveland school system has been in shambles for decades. entire generations of under-educated kids have been turned loose into the world by a school system that can only put decent heating into their buildings with help from the state.

Yet the NFL comes along and says PAY UP! and a $250 million dollar stadium appears at taxpayer expense. and then every sunday you see those insulting commercials where the NFL pretends to give a fark about education because they donate some pocket changed to the united way. $250 million could have replaced every falling down school building.
2003-04-21 06:40:29 PM  

Also hard to believe: Lots of people love football.
2003-04-21 06:44:03 PM  
Don't mock me, but I agree with Tarvuz.

People make fun of the Bengals' draft picks, but there have really been NO bad first round picks. They have turned into busts, but most agreed with them at the time.

[Last year is the exception, by then the Bengals "rep" for bad first picks had become the public joke, so people giggled when they picked Levi Jones. However, that pick was to fill a specific need.

Other picks just didn't pan out [Dan Wilkerson, Copeland]

Then there is the Ki-Jana Carter deal too... who could know he would be injured so badly by falling?
2003-04-21 06:53:15 PM  
Oh shiat draft day. As a native NYer (transplanted to The Peopls Republic Of California), and NY Jets fan, it is time to get out my obligatory "BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" sign.

On a lighter and happier note, and keeping with the headline, The Jets are not the Bengals.

I feel for their fans.
2003-04-21 07:04:38 PM  
It's sad for the bengals because now the parity in NFL really allows for a lot of teams to win... I mean, on opening day, out of 32 teams, it's fair to say that 28-30 of them have a solid shot at playing in the superbowl.

It's about time the league does something to hold the bengals accountable I think...they're hurting the competition in the rest of the league. Plus, they end up taking good players in the draft (top 10 picks in every round...) and doing jack with them. I'm sure some other teams out there would love to have akili smith or peter warrick and develop them properly.
2003-04-21 07:07:19 PM  
Witness it Saturday. Get Manic about it on Monday.
[image from too old to be available]
2003-04-21 07:08:55 PM  
Go, King! Chad Pennington is the MAN!

/six years on the season ticket waiting list and down to #5800...
2003-04-21 07:09:23 PM  
Shiat, at least they select good talent. In the 83 draft the Jets took Kenny O'Brien (QB). If I remember correctly, besides Elway the entire QB class of 83 was still in the kitty.

But then again at least at least the good players (i.e.: Marino and Kelly) went to teams that could groom them properly *rolling eyes*
2003-04-21 07:10:13 PM  
I'll take Peter Warrick on my team. Heck, we had the other FSU receiver from Dillard's already...

/still pissed at losing Coles
2003-04-21 07:12:07 PM  
and the Bengals took Boomer Esiason
2003-04-21 07:12:44 PM  
damn, that is a great name
2003-04-21 07:19:36 PM  
Football, schmootball. It's hockey playoff time!

/Stars fan
2003-04-21 07:26:21 PM  
Hockey: soccer on ice.
2003-04-21 07:28:13 PM  
Give em a break...when they learn from all their mistakes, they'll be unstoppable. Or maybe they will just make other, even dumber ones. I'll go with the latter on that.
2003-04-21 07:46:36 PM  
Hockey: soccer on ice.

Soccer players: wannabe hockey players who couldn't skate.
2003-04-21 08:11:54 PM  
Hocky is soccer on ice? Perhaps, but I have to respect the manliness of a sport where people regularly lose teeth while playing and ram another guy into the glass at nearly 30 mph. (approx 45 kph for the metric-inclined).

On football. Poor Carson Palmer, we'll never see him again if he's on the Bengals.
2003-04-21 08:19:17 PM  
Soccer: Back and forth for a couple hours. At the end the score is 1-0.
2003-04-21 08:22:41 PM  
Wasn't Boomer in the 84 draft?
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