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(   Journalist who unintentionally delivered prank quote from one "Heywood Jablome" talks about his new life as the butt of a third-grade joke   ( divider line
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2003-04-20 10:27:04 PM  
in toronto, there was a contest a few years back where to get a shot at the grand prize, one guy had to LEGALLY change his name to that, including driver's lisence, library card, everything.
2003-04-20 10:40:47 PM  
Other funny name faves of mine:

Mike Hunt {Porky's}

Amanda Hugenkiss {Simpsons}
2003-04-20 10:56:42 PM  
My friend does stuff for the weekly kids section in the Post and Courier. I'll have to ask him if he's heard about and/or met this guy.
2003-04-20 10:57:04 PM  
Well, he could have been I. P. Friely. Or in the south, Dixie Normus.
2003-04-20 10:57:23 PM  
The reporter, that is. I'd like to hear what he says in conversation about it, not just something prepped for print.
2003-04-20 11:01:26 PM  
It's bad enough to make a mistake like that, but to turn around and whine about it in a column? This guy is asking for punishment.
2003-04-20 11:16:58 PM  
Here's the original article, for all you lazy Farkers.
2003-04-20 11:40:15 PM  
Heehee, he's just using his 15 min Halah.
2003-04-20 11:57:22 PM  
i don't understand why he used the name at all. he didn't directly get the guy's name, the guy was holding a cheauvanist sign, and the oddness of a name like Heywood Jablome should have caught his attention, he must've never thought of the name or said it aloud. this guy deserves to get laughed at.
2003-04-21 12:31:16 AM  

"Heywood Jablome. Heywood Jablome...why you little...just wait till I get you .."

[image from too old to be available]

2003-04-21 01:39:53 AM  
Once, I went with several friends to see a television show get taped. Between scenes, when the cast is working on something, there's a lotta dead air, so they have some sort of stand-up comedian "entertain" the audience so they don't get bored. This particular one was one of the WORST comedians, and further more, he did his very best to make a fool out of anyone he spoke to in the audience. Sometime later (I forget why), he was asking us about famous things named "Ben" ... like, Big Ben, Ben Franklin, Gentle Ben, etc. Everytime someone would call one out, he'd repeat it into the microphone ... then one of my friends casually slid in "Ben Dover", and it went right into the mike before he'd really thought about it. It was followed by much laughter...

Maybe you had to be there, but we were all thoroughly amused that we finally put this asshat in his place. :-)
2003-04-21 01:45:21 AM  
I don't get it.
--Hugh G. Wrection
2003-04-21 03:24:00 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

So, once again, I've been had.
2003-04-21 03:29:17 AM  
my dixie wrecked.
2003-04-21 03:32:49 AM  
Harry Coonts
2003-04-21 03:35:19 AM  
Theres a girl in one of my classes whose honest name is Tara Hymen. We had a professor from somewhere in the boston area who always pronounced it Tear-a.... oh boy... not easy to keep the laughter in.
2003-04-21 03:37:23 AM  
D. Snutz
2003-04-21 03:40:32 AM  
sofa king manly
2003-04-21 03:42:09 AM  
We had a Tara Hymen too!

No..wait..we didn't. But my friend in California did. And so did his girlfriend who grew up in Wisconsin. And my dad when he was younger. And then there was my cousin and THREE of his friends.
2003-04-21 03:43:49 AM  
Who can forget that famous call by Baba Booey at the conclusion of the OJ car chase?
2003-04-21 03:46:30 AM  
I don't get it... Tara Hymen?

//This guy is an idiot
2003-04-21 03:50:44 AM  
Well, hell. After having to talk about "Hootie Johnson" "Martha Jerk", "Ron Pontiff", and the "Boll Weevil Cafe", I suspect he turned his "bullsh*t names" filter OFF for the remainder of the day.

"I have a wery good friend in Wome named 'Biggus Dickus'..."
2003-04-21 03:50:51 AM  
Oh, I get it... never mind :-P
2003-04-21 03:51:45 AM  
Let's not forget the infamous "Red tapes" calls to the Tube bar in Jersey City. Names like "Stan D. Payne", "Al Koholic", "Stu Pitt", "Ben Dover", and others. Love that tape...was a riot to listen to in college.
2003-04-21 03:53:46 AM  
REAL Names of people who I knew in school: Mike Hunt, Amanda Love, Harry Johnson, Peter Hertz.

And I am Phil McCrevis
2003-04-21 04:02:05 AM  
My English teacher in high school was named Anita Blackman...I always got a kick out of that.
2003-04-21 04:09:28 AM  
Like....i am lost.......mornin'
2003-04-21 04:19:13 AM  
Local businessman in my home town: "Harry Rump".
Went to school with: "Penny Hooker".

I win 1st *AND* second place.
2003-04-21 04:20:33 AM  
When I was in high school in 1980's Brooklyn, I knew a kid in my grade whose name was Johnny Crotch. The Crotch family lived up the block from me, and he was the 3rd child out of 7. I tell you, the kids in that family were TORTURED while growing up because of their name. Lisa Crotch was one of the younger sisters and she was called "Licksome Crotch" by other girls. They moved away when I was in 11th grade, but their names were some of the funniest REAL ones I ever had heard.
2003-04-21 04:21:35 AM  
Ok, I went to school with Tor Seemen, worked with Anita Boner, and my aunts name is Jean Jean. Yikes!
2003-04-21 04:22:38 AM  
OMG! I can't believe I forget the most famous graduate of MHS...Ben Gay!!! He had a brother named Pete. And the funny thing is, every year in the yearbook his name was just listed as Ben. LOL
2003-04-21 04:26:31 AM  
Harry Ballsagne.
2003-04-21 04:32:39 AM  
Say it out loud:

I'm sofa king we todd ed.

Hey, you siad it, not me! :)
2003-04-21 04:33:48 AM  
Went to school with a Harold Baalsnatcher, refused to go by Harry but we did anyway. Had a neighbor named Iaeta (that's how it sounded, not sure about the spelling) Lipschitz. Only two I can remember at 3:30 am :)
2003-04-21 04:56:29 AM  
I do CD and concert reviews for that paper. I personally thought the incident was hilarious, and that the guy is at least showing he has a sense of humor about the whole thing.

My fave fake name, from an old school Red Skelton gag:

Skelton would have someone hand him a note in the middle of a performance, and he'd read:

"Oh, how says here that a Miss Helen Hunt has found a ladies handbag in the restroom, and would like to return it to its rightful owner. So to the ladies in the audience, if you've lost a handbag, you can go to Helen Hunt for it." (Red would then fake an exasperated face)

Thank you, good night, and drive safely!!!

Oh yeah....FINALLY I get something posted. Woo-hoo!
2003-04-21 04:56:58 AM  
There was a dude in my high school electronics class named Lo Hung Wang. Swear to God. I don't know why he was in an electronics class... It couldn't have been to help him in his future career. Because let's face it, when you've got a name like that, your options are pretty much narrowed down to two choices: gay porn star, or penis enlargement device spokesman.
2003-04-21 04:59:11 AM  
Atomiccat: Oh man... the Tube Bar calls.. I haven't listen to them in a long time. Those are great.
2003-04-21 05:01:54 AM  
Oh, Jesus, I just realized something... I dated a girl for a while that year named Martha Fokker. I don't know why I never noticed that until just now.
2003-04-21 05:04:34 AM  
Lady in our corporate phone book: Tijuana Hooker
shes in an office in Tennesee someplace.
2003-04-21 05:31:11 AM  
I was always fond of Harry Balzak myself...
2003-04-21 05:34:40 AM  
Went to school with Stuart (Stu) Pid.
2003-04-21 05:42:08 AM  
Other people he could have interviwed:
Mike Oxlarge, Dick Guzinya, Pat McGroin, Betty Humpter, Howie Feldersnatch and Wilma Fingerdu.
2003-04-21 05:43:28 AM  
There used to be a Mercedes-Benz salesman in Seattle named Dick Hard. He had "customer satisfaction" printed on his business cards. I grabbed a handful...of his cards, that is.
2003-04-21 05:52:06 AM  
Taken from the song Paging Richard Smoker heard on the Bob and and Tom Show:

Wilma Fingerdoo
Stu Pedasso
Willie Fisterbottom
Seymour Butts
Jack Hinoff
Harry Bever
Mister Bater
Phil McCraken
Ivanna Weener
B.J Hunter
Woody Spanker
And finally his name is Richard but his friends call him big Dick,Paging a Big Dick Smoker.
2003-04-21 05:53:16 AM  
that guy is such a whiner. So he fell for a prank, big deal, he doesn't have to hate that radio station for it nor mope and complain about it, ignore the emails and get over it.
2003-04-21 06:03:55 AM  
With a swarm of reporters, police and protesters there for Martha Burk's high-profile stand against the club's male-only membership policy, one man held up a sign reading "Make me dinner" before being escorted away by police.

What protest was he at? Martha barely managed to score 20 warm bodies to parade their lesbian antics in front of the Golf World's Elite. Apparently it is time for to be added to the list of fine reputable journalistic sources like CNN and the New York Times.

Beware the media spin!
2003-04-21 06:08:57 AM  
This is great, I don't remember the last time I laughed so hard...
2003-04-21 06:56:20 AM  
My favorite part in the article is where he states that "My confidence in people is now tarnished, and that may be the thing that bothers me the most."

Reporters lie and deceive people all the time. He got exactly what he deserved. The difference here is that nothing was harmed but his pride. When a news reporter lies or "embellishes", people can get pretty upset, embarrassed, angry, or hurt. Personally, I think the whole thing is pretty funny.

I have a newspaper clipping of a high school kid being recognized for his athletic prowess. His name is Michael Hunt. Also, in my employer's global email address list is the name Yung Ho. I laughed.
2003-04-21 07:05:17 AM  
My brother worked with a guy names Hans O. Lo.

Sadly, no relation.
2003-04-21 07:23:46 AM  
He thinks he's famous because of the "seemingly countless messages... 87 as of Friday.". Pfff.
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