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(Seattle Times)   Bon Jovi "gets better with age"   ( divider line
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117 clicks; posted to Main » on 20 Apr 2003 at 6:08 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-04-20 07:30:20 PM  
When was their last hit?
2003-04-20 07:42:26 PM  
It must be something about the New Jersey water...
2003-04-20 07:52:25 PM  
"It My Life" off of thier latest album.
2003-04-20 07:57:42 PM  
Anybody whose name makes Sebiatchian Bach flip out is okay with me.
2003-04-20 07:59:09 PM  
So, I was interviewing one of his opening bands and as I was walking out, the road manager took me up behind the stage and I was watching him "rock out" with one of his bland top 40 singles and it looked like ALL of South JErsey was at the FU Center.

For a brief moment, it became clear to me that I could rush out and sucker punch Bon Jovi and punk him out in front of 20,000 fans. I could be 'That Guy At The Show In 2001'. The moment passed and I had to leave, I was laughing so hard.

Three of my largest regrets in life:
3) I didn't marry her.
2) I became a rock critic.
1) I didn't sneak Bon Jovi when I had the chance.
2003-04-20 08:08:41 PM  
I have never understood why, of all the hair metal bands, VH1 and other media outlets try so hard convince the public that Bon Jovi is still relevant.

I mean seriously, do you know a single person who bought any of their last couple of albums? Well, anybody remotely cool at least? Of course you don't!

It's like when Motley Crue got back together and the media tried to pretend it was a deal, but nobody really cared. They were on Regis and Kathy Lee for God's sake.

Likewise all Bon Jovi gets to do is appear on the Today show or sports events, but NOBODY cares!!!!!
2003-04-20 08:09:50 PM  
sockmonkeyholocaust : aww man ;\
rock critic? is that like shoveling pig shiat all day? is there a master blaster who controls you? does tina turner haunt your nightmares?

/lame thunderdome joke
2003-04-20 08:17:18 PM  
couldn't get any worse.
2003-04-20 08:30:42 PM  
Bon Jovi - official club band of the NFL.

Coming soon to a bar-mitzvah near you...
2003-04-20 08:46:46 PM  
STRYPERSWINE, from now on, whenever I read your posts, I will be picturing Stuart, the dumb neighbor kid on Beavis and Butt-head who wears a Winger shirt.
2003-04-20 08:46:52 PM  
Bon Jovi is just a one-armed drummer away from playing Wal-Mart parking lots.

2003-04-20 08:49:20 PM  
You know, I am amazed at time how many people will talk crap about a band just because it is 'mainstream' popular.

I knew a couple guys that thought U2 and REM were the bands to worship, because they were 'alterntive' at the time. But as soon as the bands because popular to a wider following, they claimed they wouldn't be caught dead listening to their music.

So what type of mentality does it take to be like that? They claim they are being their own person, but as soon as it becomes popular to trash talk a band in their circle of friends, they are right along with the pack, running their mouths.
2003-04-20 08:50:05 PM  
Like fine wine, cheese and herpes.
2003-04-20 08:53:19 PM  
I guess the fact that some of these bands still sell out huge stadiums in about every city they visit is enough caring for the musicians (and record companies.)
2003-04-20 08:53:33 PM  
i've never liked bon jovi or u2, rem is alright...

i think the argument is that they liked the early stuff, whereas the later stuff sucks?

thats the reason i'd see coming from people like that...
2003-04-20 08:58:49 PM  
Jamie Lee Curtis is my Ultimate Dream Babe(tm).

I'd trade half of my tomorrows for two hours of her sittin' on my smiling face.
2003-04-20 08:59:04 PM  
"41-year-old Rouben Hart a Bon Jovi fan since 1983 was taking some good-natured ribbing from a dozen or so friends who came along to his first Bon Jovi concert.

40 year olds who never grew up in their own time are the only ones who give a rats ass about Bon Jovi...
2003-04-20 09:02:45 PM  
I don't know about others, but once these guys started to dislike a band because of it's popularity, they would not even listen to they 'old' stuff they they were claiming a year ago was 'the best music ever made'.

One of them even tried to claim in front a large group of friends that he never stooped to listening to REM, until I had him pull out his album collection and showed everybody all the records he had from the band.
2003-04-20 09:49:10 PM  
The only thing good to come out of Jersey is Redman. Nice superman tatto, dork. You share that with about a million other tools across the globe. I hope Redman takes out Jovi for giving New Jersey "...a bad name."
2003-04-20 10:12:31 PM  
Ritchie Sambora was the musical glue that held that band together.

At any rate, I think "Wanted Dead Or Alive" is a very good song. That song always gets a crowd fired up whether done by Bon Jovi, a cover band, or a karaoke singer.
2003-04-20 10:23:27 PM  
He is one hot guy though. Band's ok.
2003-04-20 10:30:31 PM  
"You gotta love the New Jersey accent"

BAH! If there's one thing on earth I farking HATE with a burning passion, it's the trashy Jersey accent. It's ball not bawl, coffee not cawfee, and office not awfice. I swear, the next person I hear talking like this is getting a Deluxe McFist sandwich with extra cheese.
2003-04-20 10:45:08 PM  
"The only thing good to come out of Jersey is Redman"


....And Frank sinatra.
2003-04-20 10:45:21 PM  
"gets better with age"

Like a fine feta cheese, or some really strong cow flop....
2003-04-20 10:45:52 PM  
Bon Jovi needs to go back to the eighties and STAY there.
2003-04-20 10:47:40 PM  
GuinnessDrinker: Whaddaya TAWkin about? I don't have an ACcent!
2003-04-20 10:52:39 PM  

Ahhh. Now the Python "Cat Detection Van" skit makes more sense. Thanks
2003-04-20 11:14:36 PM  
When you start as a 80's big hair band, hello, there's only one way to go....
2003-04-20 11:18:28 PM  
Worst successful singer in Rock history. This guy can't carry a note to save his life. Him and his big nose suck!
2003-04-20 11:41:33 PM  
music today sucks, period. let alone stuff from the 80's, very rarly will you find a band that hasnt sold out to the industry thats actually good. music needs a CHANGE. thats a REAL band....a band thats for change in this poor excuse for a music industry. Fark Bon Jovi and the rest of the losers "muscians" thatve sold their souls to big corporations for money.

/angry at crap people call music nowadays.....
2003-04-20 11:45:50 PM  
Popular music is rarely interesting, especially since the '60s. Once the industry missed the boat on punk rock in the '70s, they've never got back on board.

There are tons of great bands these day...I just don't worry about hearing them on the radio.
2003-04-20 11:48:24 PM  
Slives, sometimes that happens because a band gets ruined when they get signed, folded, stapled and mutilated. I've seen that happen countless times--I champion a band, but when they get that record out, it sucks.
2003-04-20 11:49:24 PM  
Sorry, but I actually love 80's "hairband" music! Cinderella, Britny Fox, Dokken, Poison, Ratt, Motley Crue......I have quite a collection!
2003-04-20 11:49:33 PM  
Yeah, and crap becomes excellent fertilizer.
2003-04-21 12:48:43 AM  

Bon Jovi is the shiznit. I know alot of the hip hoppies or grungies out there wouldn't understand what Rock and Roll is about. ;) But I sure as hell do. Thus, my Fark handle. Woot!
2003-04-21 02:40:15 AM  
Sambora:: Born to be a dumbass.
2003-04-21 02:40:16 AM  
some girl here interviewed him and was very disappointed.. he was a childhood idol of hers.. she said he was just some arrogant old man with fake teeth. heh.
2003-04-21 11:16:11 AM  
If you were born after the Nixon administration you probably dont "get" Bon Jovi, or Boston, or Journey. You don't have memories of first kisses, dances, sexx0rz all done to these band's songs. And that's ok. What is not OK is to call the music crap/shiat/poop just because you don't "get" it. I don't "get" Nirvana, Pearl Jam or Rage against the machine, but i'm not in here bashing the bands. "Modern" (read that post-grunge) rock is just as pre-packaged and marketed as Poison was. Tool, Rage, Slipknot are not any better a musicians than Tesla, Slaughter or Cinderella.
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