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99 clicks; posted to Main » on 20 Apr 2003 at 9:08 AM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-04-20 08:01:18 AM  
ohhh.... sermon. Misread that at first.
The story does involve a little boy at the end though.
2003-04-20 08:04:30 AM  
Most of the crap I hear in church is garbage anyway.
2003-04-20 08:20:30 AM  
heehee... "just in case"
2003-04-20 09:03:36 AM  
EXCUSE ME?!!! Isn't it just a little bit fareaky that (a) a pastor preaches (b) Pasteur fought germs (c) a pasture has moo poo (d) past her is where I'd like to be (e) all of the above?
2003-04-20 09:16:33 AM  
bless the dumpster
2003-04-20 09:21:39 AM  
What a trashy story for easter morning.
2003-04-20 09:25:03 AM  
it would be funnier if a monkey was involved.

monkies make everything funny.
2003-04-20 09:26:01 AM  
What about sporks? A spork here and there usually livens things up.
2003-04-20 09:27:46 AM  
For some reason I read that as "Pastor mooned", which gave a vastly different interpretation to the story.
2003-04-20 09:30:19 AM  
"That stinks!" the boy replied.

--This kid's already quick with the situational humor. I give it 5 years 'till he has a Total Fark account.
2003-04-20 09:35:47 AM  
Would have been funnier if a couple of Roman centurions had put a huge rock on the lid of the dumpster and he was trapped in there for a few days.

/Doubting Farker.
2003-04-20 09:35:53 AM  
he drugged a ladder?
2003-04-20 09:49:41 AM  
Props to the writer for making a full page out of the most mundane, unnewsworthy story possible.
2003-04-20 09:52:46 AM  
either this is last years story (yes i saw the published date) or their reporter is incredibly fast. or it could just be a poorly written story with confusing days. or i'm bored and over anaylising the whole thing. think i'll go outside and enjoy a bit of sunday morning.
2003-04-20 09:59:25 AM  
Trapped on top of a garbage can - the horror. This is a true Easter miracle.
2003-04-20 10:00:47 AM  
Purple_Jack - I wish I was as quick witted as you this early in the AM. You rule.
2003-04-20 10:25:32 AM  
how the hell did that get through to being posted on fark?

i go to church. i don't give a toss whether people make a mockery of church, or God or whatever. thats their decision.

but this news piece was so bland. it could have done with blasphemy, or something hilarious, or even an aforementioned monkey to liven things up.

if a friend told me this story i'd beat them mercilessly to teach them a lesson that i want to hear stories that have a twist to them, or are entertaining, or in the very least have some kind of point to it.
2003-04-20 10:40:41 AM  
Bah, stop yer moaning Asciiguy. You could have got Weiner remains in custody on rape charges instead.
2003-04-20 10:42:06 AM  
There's probably a message here but it escapes me at the moment. Maybe there'll be a revelation after my traditional Sunday morning beer and bong breakfast.
2003-04-20 11:04:22 AM  
So I wasn't the only one who read it as "discarded semon?"
2003-04-20 11:07:48 AM  
Me thought it said "not sermon" also.
2003-04-20 11:09:22 AM  
Easter boobies would be nice.
2003-04-20 11:28:11 AM  
Grrr. Misread that as 'salmon' 3 times.
2003-04-20 11:49:49 AM  
... marooned for all eternity inside the centre of a garbage can. Buried alive... buried alive!
2003-04-20 12:06:47 PM  

Glad to see I'm not the only one who read it that way. Although that might have made this article a little more interesting.
2003-04-20 12:19:33 PM  
i was disappointed when i read the article and realized he was going after a discarded sermon and not some discarded semen. that would have made a much better story
2003-04-20 01:03:28 PM  
2003-04-20 01:05:59 PM  
I pictured the pastor adrift at sea on a trash barge that had broken it's moorings. Then I pictured the glob of goo spat out on the table that was my 2 year old son's rejected first taste of a marshmallow peep. The I tried hard to picture "monkies". Then I though about one of the SbB girls. Then I realized that I'd eaten too much Easter candy and had no hope of any trains of thought making a complete trip without derailing today...

Yay! Chocolate bunnies! Yay!
2003-04-20 01:26:24 PM  
...I finally found it," Kakac said.

"That stinks!" the boy replied

The boy speaks truth!!
2003-04-20 01:46:27 PM  

"Pastor marooned on trash bin trying to recover discarded sermon"

"I have found my sermon, and created fire "
Wilsooon !

[image from too old to be available]

2003-04-20 02:29:10 PM  
What a dumbass. It is 2003 and he still hand writes his sermons? If he had a PC he could use a word processor to type out his sermons and surf the net for kiddie porn.
2003-04-20 02:37:09 PM  
"...And lead us not into trash cans, but deliver us from stupidity..."
2003-04-20 03:47:14 PM  
This would have been an awesome story if he was after his discarded semen. Maybe next time.
2003-04-20 04:43:10 PM  
This is about as good a metaphor for the current state of Christianity as you're going to get.
2003-04-20 05:24:56 PM  
I read it as discarded semen also- I was wondering why he'd be diving in after it... So many inappropriate responses to that question, I know!
2003-04-20 05:36:15 PM  
The pastor was on the dumpster because he jumped up there to get away from one of the old codgers who was leaving the church service in his car.
2003-04-20 05:55:08 PM  
2003-04-20 05:57:37 PM  
Again, with html this time:

[image from too old to be available]
2003-04-20 06:06:34 PM  
This was a stupid story...why even bother posting it?
2003-04-20 07:46:58 PM  
Thats nice.
2003-04-20 10:16:01 PM  
I am reminded of something.."How'd you die?" "On stage, like you!"
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