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(Some DJs) Boobies Pics from Don and Mike's Wet T-Shirt contest with some flashing (not safe for work)   ( divider line 114
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11420 clicks; posted to Main » on 18 Apr 2003 at 5:39 PM (12 years ago)   |  Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-04-19 02:33:52 AM  
although it's been mentioned several times before, yes, worst boobies link ever.

flashing is only fun if you're right there, getting flashed... (and perhaps not even fun then since the flasher will most likely be some obnoxious drunk who smells like vomit.)
2003-04-19 02:47:57 AM  
Yep, missin the old O&A...

D & M = Old and Busted

O & A = New Hotness (well, they were atleast)

Elliot in the Morning isn't half bad either, but I rather drag my ears on the pavemnt than listen to the same old boring dribble from the Depends wearing, fat sacks.
2003-04-19 03:34:31 AM  
All I've got to say is "Las Vegas Style Show".
2003-04-19 08:42:01 AM  
What I really hate:

DON, MIKE, BUZZ! Listen to me. We KNOW you read this and we KNOW you steal our jokes. Get your own news stories and stop quoting people's jokes you tools.

p.s. O&A suck more. Howard was getting good again there for a while but he's slipping again.
2003-04-19 09:32:15 AM  
To all Don and Mike Hatas:

Eat my luger... dot dot dot.
2003-04-19 10:14:02 AM  
D&M kick ass. Been listening since their WAVA days with the exception of when I was away at school. I actually won $105 when I was in seventh grade playing my armpit. My mom let me get out of school that day and drove me down to the studio. For you all that are looking for a good morning show, check out Lex and Terry. Listen online at Really good if your into making fun of dumb ass trailer park white trash or if you like boobies.
2003-04-19 01:40:51 PM  
This link is an embarrasment to Boobies links. You can barely see them and they are all pixelated. Shame on you moderators...
2003-04-19 02:59:56 PM  
Nothing wrong with them a little throat cancer wouldn't help...crinkle crinkle!
2003-04-19 05:42:10 PM  
I like how the one on the left 'felt' the need to cop a feel off the other one after the first flash.

2003-04-19 05:44:14 PM  
Lex and Terry?!!!

Those guys suck even more than Don and Mike. They make fun of white trash because they like sticking it to those that listen to them.
2003-04-19 08:36:26 PM  
i want opie and anthony back
2003-04-20 12:39:48 AM  
They broadcast the show down the street a couple blocks from me in Fairfax, VA. I was thinking of walking down to the contest, but I thought it'd better sit home and stare at the computer screen instead.
2003-04-21 10:02:27 AM  
I am one of those rare people that actually likes Don and Mike, Opie and Anthony and Howard Stern. I think all three shows have their good points and their bad points. (I agree with whoever pointed out that Stern thinks that he still needs to put strippers on the air to get listeners). But I still like (or liked in O&As case) all three. Talk shows like Tom Lickass, Rick Dees etc etc suck.
2003-04-22 03:26:36 AM  
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