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175 clicks; posted to Main » on 18 Apr 2003 at 2:15 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-04-18 10:59:14 AM  
More than 200 objective scientific studies have demonstrated that graphology is worthless as a predictor of personality. That hasn't prevented people who ought to know better from relying on it. In France, an estimated 70 percent of companies use graphology when making hiring decisions.

Farking Frenchies.
2003-04-18 11:35:25 AM  
L3t5 53e TH3 TR@N5l4+or TIE Thi5 +0 mE M0F0. 1 0wNZ j00 biatch
2003-04-18 11:56:26 AM  
My handwriting is very legible and I print nearly everything I write. I am, however, the messiest person I know.
2003-04-18 11:57:24 AM  
Handwriting analysis = bullshiat

Ok, next question, please...
2003-04-18 12:23:02 PM  
As long as its lack of precision is acknowledged, and the imperfection in conclusions is addressed, handwriting analysis can be useful in a limited way. It is just like a person's grammar can be indicative of his education or intelligence, but it is not a definitive measure.

I used to work for a company that tolerated for the sake of convenience the forging of a few key signatures on boilerplate when the key individuals were unavailable. Despite the ease of forging two particular signatures, (one was simple block letters, the other text book third grade cursive with no character or personality,) I could tell with 100% accuracy which were forged and which were authentic, and in the case of those two individuals, I could identify signatures that they had forged. I could also forge their signatures to the extent that they could not tell their signatures from my forgery.

/no longer work there, retired to Bermuda. JK
2003-04-18 02:20:59 PM  
i'm trying really hard to avoid france-bashing, despite having every reason to, but this is just plain silly. if i got turned down for employment because of my handwriting i'd sue that company for 20 million. and win.
2003-04-18 02:21:39 PM  
I write left handed, eyes closed, upside down.
The Feds will never catch me
2003-04-18 02:22:18 PM  
Since people tell me my signature looks like a doctor's, I have simply taken up the role.

Anybody need a prescription?
2003-04-18 02:22:38 PM  
I forged my wifes sig. on our Arrowhead drinking water contract. Now they will think she is a big dumm dude with a high sex drive.
2003-04-18 02:24:03 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-04-18 02:25:11 PM  
Ever since I got on the internet my handwriting has turned to utter shiat. It feels so foreign to hold a pen these days. I had to write a check yesterday and it's like the pen had a mind of it's own. I can't write nearly as fast as I can type.
Another thing that sucks is that twice when I've read a newspaper or a magazine I've clicked on the headline instead of turning to whatever page the article is on. I know others of you out there do it too, if you admit it or not. I wish nost printed documents came with an "edit - find on this page" button. It save me from reading so much bullshiat. It's getting so bad now that when someone says something funny I think in terms of "lol" or if someone says something I don't understand it's like I automatically think "WTF?". DAMN YOU INTERNET!!!!

Oh and handwriting analysis is garbage.
2003-04-18 02:25:13 PM  
I just want to know why about 70% of all girls have the same loopy, legible handwriting but guys always have terrible handwriting, and each guy in his own way, too.
2003-04-18 02:29:27 PM  

Proof why Fark Administrators never pick my articles:

[image from too old to be available]


2003-04-18 02:30:58 PM  
You should avoid all girls that write that way, those are either skanks, gold-diggers, or both.
2003-04-18 02:31:51 PM  
read "the alienist". great serial killer book. there's this one scene where the detectives retrieve a handwritten letter from the killer. they analyze the grammer and the handwriting six ways from sunday and get some serious clues. granted, it's fiction, but it's written in such a fashion that you would actually believe it could happen.......really......why won't you believe me?
2003-04-18 02:32:44 PM  
Handwriting analysis question:

If a guy dots his i's with little hearts is he:

a) gay
b) all of the above
2003-04-18 02:33:27 PM  

what if he uses smiley faces?
2003-04-18 02:43:59 PM  
*hands up* I have the kind of handwriting only a pharmacist can understand.
I have to admit, I don't write many letters or make many phone calls because a lot of people are on the internet anyway and it's easier to bung them an email as and when the need arises. But back to handwriting, it generally starts off as being legible, but by the fifth line, it's starting to slope upwards and become messy and by the time I've finished a letter, there's a whole bottom right-hand corner full of space to fill..
btw.. I've been trying to get my Australian aunt to get on the internet for absolutely ages - she still uses a typewriter and correction fluid!
And the reason for her typing? can't read through her handwriting!
2003-04-18 02:57:42 PM  
I've always wanted to have someone analyze my handwriting. Just to see how accurate they can be.

Any volunteers?
2003-04-18 02:58:12 PM  
Skinink: Now that was farkin' hilarious!
2003-04-18 03:14:52 PM  
I'm not a big fan of law/forensics/crime shows or novels, but I did enjoy The Devil's Teardrop by Jeffery Deaver, a thriller about handwriting analysis.​6/sr=8-1 /ref=sr_8_1/002-6725340-9966421?v=glance&s=books&n=507846
2003-04-18 03:17:59 PM  

Go to:
2003-04-18 03:45:10 PM  
There is a guy I work with who is a genious. I know the word is overused but I've seen his line scores and they are some of the highest I've seen across the board. Anyway he read a book on handwriting analysis and was going around the office giving free "readings." When he did mine I was amazed at how accurate it was.

On the other hand I've worked with this guy for more than two years maybe he's just putting out what he has observed over that time.
2003-04-18 03:51:25 PM  
Darkhairedgirl: ditto don't worry i do it all the time

WTF?? he he
2003-04-18 04:26:25 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-04-18 04:48:31 PM  
When I was a senior in high school, I discovered that my handwriting ended up looking almost exactly like my mother's. She just writes a bit smaller than I do. Boy, I wished I'd discovered that earlier when it had been more useful! She knows, though; she's had to forge my signature a couple times on financial aid papers I forgot to sign while home on break. ...there's a reason why I don't ever leave any checks in my room at home though... ^_~
2003-04-18 05:32:58 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

The guy on the left looks like Hitler. Just kinda weird.
2003-04-18 07:14:58 PM  
Maybe phrenology will make a stunning comeback.

/feeling head bumps

2003-04-18 07:23:11 PM  
People say I have the handwriting of a serial killer.
2003-04-18 08:42:09 PM  
People say I have the handwriting of a serial killer.

quit bragging and do something about that rotting smell under your porch ok?

Some people seem to think that if somebidy wrote a few books about it it must be true. This crap is right up there among Phrenology and Dream Analysis as the all time biggest loads of snake oil salesmanship in psychology.

It's proof our culture is so advanced, we keep discarding fact for fiction.
2003-04-19 01:38:08 AM  
I took a handwriting analysis class once. Very peculiar teacher who had been used as an expert witness in court a number of times. I found the topic interesting but approached it with an "open" mind.

The original studies to determine characteristics of handwriting were done on prisoners and nutcases in other countries where they do such things to prisoners and patients (ie Germany,I think).

Some of it I thought was subjective, but there was no doubt that some of it was right on and accurate. I brought in samples from people this woman had never seen and she did a fairly accurate job of describing their personalities.

My take? It is not complete bunk, perhaps just abused. I even found myself noticing certain qualities in handwriting after that and when we got a new boss had him dead on as a lying stabbing jerk by his writing before we knew him for a few minutes. It took the rest of the workers a year or two two figure out he had them bamboozled.

Much of what I learned was about 10 years ago, so I only remember the major things. Some things hold fairly true.... introverts tend to have small writing and extroverts very large. Very small writing can also be a sign of a high i.q. Writing on a downward slant is a sign of depression. etc etc etc
2003-04-19 01:49:42 AM  
who writes the responses on this site?

if its only one person who writes all responses, i refuse to take a strong belief in the answer. one person cannot know all that information without some sort of bias.
2003-04-28 11:07:12 AM  
Cecil Adams is a pen name for what has been in fact several people over the years. Most of the stuff he comes up with isn't that hard to research.
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