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(Pravda)   Russian politician and opponent of Vladimir Putin mysteriously gunned down   ( divider line
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35 clicks; posted to Main » on 17 Apr 2003 at 2:56 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-04-17 02:58:38 PM  
2003-04-17 02:59:27 PM  
Well don't look at me..
2003-04-17 03:00:03 PM  
I thought all heads of state were allowed one assassination?
2003-04-17 03:00:04 PM  
im hungry
2003-04-17 03:00:17 PM  
"If it wasn't for those pesky Chechyan rebels"
2003-04-17 03:02:11 PM  
It was the Jews!

Just ask Tarvuz!
2003-04-17 03:02:29 PM  
good to see the ol kgb is still in business.
2003-04-17 03:03:07 PM  
Daschele better keep his head down...
2003-04-17 03:03:19 PM  
Good to see some things in the ole USSR hasn't changed
why go through a long prolonged campain to discredit the opposition when you can just have em shot.
2003-04-17 03:03:57 PM  
hasnt anyone implimented that automatic "stupid" tag for pravda links script i was talking about
2003-04-17 03:03:58 PM  
Today I settled all the family business, Carlo. So don't lie to me - it insults my intellingence. Now who approached you?"
2003-04-17 03:05:07 PM  
Vladimir, do you reget Satan and all his works?
I do.
2003-04-17 03:05:31 PM  
He likes to party
He gains power
By leavin' dead bodies!!
2003-04-17 03:05:42 PM  
Shot thru the heart, and you're to blame,
You give Prerostroika a bad name.
2003-04-17 03:05:48 PM  
that would be "reject"
*ouch* (smacks errant fingers)
2003-04-17 03:06:16 PM  
Better stories can be found at:,1280,-2575814,00.html

and here
2003-04-17 03:06:24 PM  
was it barzini?
2003-04-17 03:07:47 PM  
Don't fark with Pootie.
2003-04-17 03:09:12 PM  
Bah. Even Stalin frequently bothered with a show trial, despite the difficulty finding kangaroos in Russia.
2003-04-17 03:09:15 PM  
It was barzini. (sobs).
2003-04-17 03:09:33 PM  
Dammit I submitted like 5 different links for this story and they choose the Pravda one? WTF? It also originally had an 'obvious' tag I believe.

The Pravda article points out all of his ties to business connections and tries to make it look like it was some rich businessman that shot him, but if you read any non-Pravda articles you'll see that:

1) The guy was an outspoken critic of Vladimir Putin
2) He was an opponent of the War on Chechnya
3) He was an outspoken human rights advocate
4) He was a leading reformer
5) He was shot dead just hours after he announced his new political party would run candidates in the next elections.
2003-04-17 03:11:29 PM  
"Can you get me off the hook Tom, for old time sake?"

"Can't do it Sally."

"Tell Mike it was strictly business. I always liked him"
2003-04-17 03:11:48 PM  
I thought barzini was a type of pasta.
2003-04-17 03:12:08 PM  
Hey, don't worry. it's probably not the government that did it.

they would have had him dying of a cold after being out of sight for two months. i think all the major soviet leaders died of colds in the past.
2003-04-17 03:12:51 PM  
Leave the gun. Take the canolis.
2003-04-17 03:12:54 PM  
leave the gun, take the canolis.

i cant think of anyhting russian to replace canoli with. if you got something better, have at it.
2003-04-17 03:13:40 PM  
hahahahaha i was seconds too late.
2003-04-17 03:13:41 PM  

Please tell me you recognize my very annoying GODFATHER references. Barzini was a mobster in the first Godfather.
2003-04-17 03:13:45 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Nothing to see here, comrade. Move alongski.
2003-04-17 03:14:17 PM  
I guess this just means that, at heart, Russia still remains a hardcore Soviet state.
2003-04-17 03:14:32 PM  
Nothingyet: I couldn't stay awake during those movies. That one was over my head.
2003-04-17 03:14:56 PM  
said in Chief Wiggam's voice-

"Leave the gun boyz, take the donuts"
Classic Wiggam photo by the way
2003-04-17 03:16:04 PM  
It's the smart move. Tessio was always smarter.
2003-04-17 03:18:01 PM  
Oh yeah and he was also an outspoken critic of the FSB (the Russian intelligence service, formerly the KGB) and its operational methods.

I'm beginning to actually believe all those conspiracy theories floating around about Russia and whatnot. Russia has been supplying Iraq with highly illegal weapons even when it knew Iraq was doomed and could probably not pay for them. Russia denies these companies supplying the weapons exist even though those same companies have websites on the internet. Putin's goons shut down every last independent and privately owned newspaper in Russia shortly after he was elected.

I also remember how several anti-war people told me, although I dismissed it at the time, and FSB agents had been caught planting bombs inside apartment buildings in order to make an excuse to reinvade Chechnya. They also pointed out that there was a major oil pipeline running straight through Chechnya's capital of Grozny that ran from the Black Sea to the Caspian Sea, and how Russia had let all the other Republics break away but forcefully kept Chechnya.

I'm not saying the Chechans are the good guys. I'm just saying that in the Russian/Chechan conflict, I now believe there are no good guys.
2003-04-17 03:21:12 PM  
you have to answer for Sonny, Carlo.
Have a drink, I just stood Godfather to your son - you think I wanna make my sister a widow

/Best speech to a guy you are about to whack - except maybe Ezekial/Bible speech by Jules in Pulp Fiction
2003-04-17 03:22:32 PM  
There was a pretty interesting article in the NYRB a couple of months ago about Russia and Putin's gradual shift towards totalitarianism. A publisher and author was recently brought up on charges of pornography, and though the writing in question sounded pretty obscene, everyone believes it's really a case of the government attempting to shut down the publisher, which publishes a lot of anti-Putin material. There was also this youth group called "Clean Living" or something like that that sounds disturbingly Stepford: lots of emphasis on living a good, moral life, and the like. Nothing disturbing about that, in particular, but it appears to be funded by government funds, and recently took to the streets wearing t-shirt's with Putin's face to celebrate the anniversary of his inauguration. I'm sure there are a lot of people who love Pres. Bush, but how devoted do you have to get to wear a facey t-shirt and have a parade on the anniversary of an inauguration, for god's sake?
2003-04-17 03:23:11 PM  
"Now when you meet'em and you're sitting down, go to the bathroom; better yet, ask for permission to go..."
2003-04-17 03:23:23 PM  
I guess he wasn't Russian fast enough...

2003-04-17 03:24:57 PM  
When you come out of the bathroom, come out shootin. I left it loud, that'll scare off any pain in the ass innocent bystanders. Make sure the gun's there - I dont want my brother comin out with just his d*ck in his hand.
2003-04-17 03:25:18 PM  
"i cant think of anyhting russian to replace canoli with. if you got something better, have at it."

Leave the gun...take the borscht?
2003-04-17 03:25:53 PM  

Please tell me you recognize my very annoying GODFATHER references. Barzini was a mobster in the first Godfather."

Yes, I recognized it. I'm smart, not dumb like everyone says, but smart !

[image from too old to be available]

2003-04-17 03:26:54 PM  

I am laughing so hard at the Fredo, that I cant even say my hail mary before I bait the hook.
2003-04-17 03:27:12 PM  
P.S. But I am dumb enough to forget to close the Bold tag. Be my friend... godfather ?
2003-04-17 03:29:13 PM  
Classic Godfather thread.
Don...Corleone......I am honored to be here on the day of your daughter....on the day your daughter is to be married. And may there first child be a masculine child...I am gonna leave now...

"Thank you Luca, my most valued friend"
"Now if there's nothing else. I am going to go to my daughters wedding"
2003-04-17 03:32:19 PM  
bah. Leaving the Godfather thread now...
2003-04-17 03:33:05 PM  
Russia makes it funny.
2003-04-17 03:34:20 PM  
See ya around, Frankie Five-Angels...
2003-04-17 03:34:30 PM  
Pooty - poot is a KGB Stoog. I wonder who did this?
2003-04-17 03:35:13 PM  
This is bad...

This is very VERY bad...
2003-04-17 03:35:32 PM  
Old man had too much wine....
"No mangare in Miami with Hymen Roth...drinking...Champagne Cocktails!!!"
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