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(LA Times)   New health risk for fatties: being ejected from amusement rides. Literally.   ( divider line
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2001-09-25 03:32:18 PM  
This is the second fatality at Knott's Berry Farm in less than a month. A 20-year-old woman suffered a ruptured brain aneurysm on the Montezooma's Revenge roller coaster Aug. 31.

I'd call that Montezooma's Revenge alright.
2001-09-25 03:33:29 PM  
No dillys on those rides please...might fall on YOU!

Dilly, dilly, dilly!

2001-09-25 03:38:25 PM  
is that like a FATAPULT????

-he who stacks pork
2001-09-25 03:41:56 PM  
Great, now there'll be lawsuits for discrimination on amusement rides.

Some poor judge will have to determine the difference between FAT, LARGE, HEAVY and BIG BONED.
2001-09-25 03:46:15 PM  
Wow, one more thing that kills fat people. As if heart disease and being a big fat ass wasn't enough.
2001-09-25 03:47:27 PM  
Yuk, yuk, yuk, a fat person died.

I'll have to add a note to my will to have someone post a comment to Fark when I kick off. Let the hilarity ensue.
2001-09-25 03:47:33 PM  
Disneyland has notices posted that say "This ride may not be suitable for all weights and body types"
2001-09-25 03:49:51 PM  
I suggest we chip in and buy tickets for some of our notable obese celebrities we love, i.e. Oprah, Rosanne, Rosey....

Other suggestions?
2001-09-25 03:51:48 PM  
You must be _this_ thin to board this ride.
2001-09-25 03:53:31 PM  
I'm not sure the rides could hold Oprah Rosanne and Rolley O'Donut at the same time.
2001-09-25 03:54:05 PM  
Leopold Porkstacker: LOL!!!! That's the funniest thing I've read all day...
2001-09-25 03:54:59 PM  
LDMF -- other suggestions: Falwell, Limbaugh
2001-09-25 03:57:36 PM  
At the theme park near me, they have these monitors near the rides that show safety procedures. There's a part the says "persons of a large frame (or something) may be asked to leave the ride"
2001-09-25 03:59:00 PM  
New health scare for fatties: Actually BEING an amusement ride.
2001-09-25 04:00:40 PM  
"Look, no hands"
2001-09-25 04:04:26 PM  
I guess we have a new "Yo momma so fat" joke
2001-09-25 04:07:09 PM  
Yo amusement park rider's so fat, her ass looks like two pigs fighting over a milk dud.
2001-09-25 04:14:24 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

It is such a shame.
2001-09-25 04:21:30 PM  
"Hang on, Bessie !!!!"

2001-09-25 04:27:56 PM  
this was a 40-year-old mother of five. Fat or not, these children are without a mother. I don't know that we should be cracking jokes about that......

...i don't know. I've been feeling a lot more sensitive about making fun of dead people lately.
2001-09-25 04:28:09 PM  
enough `fattie`jokes asses. Heavy people have feelings too. Goddamn....And shame on the poster too.
2001-09-25 04:35:16 PM  
Seriously, the way I've usually seen it politely worded at works is something like "Due to the design of the safety system on this ride, guests with unusual body proportions may be unable to participate." Or "especially large guests may be unable to ride". (I like the first one better)

Cedar Point (which owns Knott's Berry Farm) even has test seats you can get into without waiting in line.

Intamin AG isn't having a good year with accidents are they...
2001-09-25 04:38:16 PM  
Alright now, you guys know damn well when you come here that there are insensitive people. I can understand ya'lls desire to not make fun of death, but for some people (including myself), I find humor is the best way of dealing with heavy issues. If you find it offensive, then ignore it. No one is going to stop being insensitive, and all you will accomplish is a flame war.

Had to say it...
2001-09-25 04:40:47 PM  
Man, Five kids... I hate to hear that.
I don't know what to say about this.

I had read about a 300+ lb woman who wanted to get special treatment on airplanes because she couldn't fit into a standard economy seat. She sued the Airlines under the Americans with Disabilities Act.
2001-09-25 04:44:21 PM  

I hear you. I'm sure a week from now I'll feel the same way. It's just....well, last Thursday I sat in Synagogue and someone who lost her brother at the WTC was sobbing loudly, and I haven't been sleeping too well since.
2001-09-25 04:45:25 PM  
"People with [extra] weight are somewhat fluid,
and their body reshapes

Isn't that from an episode of "The X-Files"?

Reminds me of those toys - I don't know what they're called - that are difficult to hold 'cus you squeeze one end and they ooze out the other. Rather than bars, they should instead use a tightly woven mesh net to restrain fat people.
2001-09-25 04:47:23 PM  
If we can pick on smokers, Christians, ad infinitum and treat them like lepers, then fatties are also on the short list, Tamater. And that that like a big fat beefsteak tamater? Heheheheh!

P.S. You are ALL definetely going to hell!
2001-09-25 04:53:46 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
In order to accomodate their more ample visitors, Six Flags unveils their newest coaster, "The Bertha"
2001-09-25 04:55:50 PM  
Well yes tamater, we agree that heavy people have feeling also, but we're only making fun of Fatties! Big, huge, obese, fluid fatties!
The merely heavy or big boned may continue to have feelings with our full support.
2001-09-25 04:57:25 PM  
Tuckt26 -- "I find humor is the best way of dealing with heavy issues."

Don't you mean weighty issues?
2001-09-25 05:05:31 PM  
Famous quote, "Fark them if they can't take a joke!"
2001-09-25 05:09:56 PM  
I have to say i heard a momma joke in here, allow me to add another. Yo mama so fat when she was born she gave the hospital stretch marks.

*disclaimer* that wasn't funny
2001-09-25 05:32:03 PM  
heard on BET:

yo mama so fat, she have other smaller fat women orbiting around her!

I recall an early episode of The Practice, in which Camryn Manheim (sp?) was trying a case on behalf of a morbidly obese woman. this woman was suing a carnival because the guy in the dunk tank ridiculed her as a means of drumming up business. CM's character argued that it was high time fat ppl stopped taking abuse; that it's time for fat ppl to say NO MORE!

thought I was gona piss myself I laughed so hard at that - I thought "yeah, and start saying 'no more' at the farking TABLE fatass!!!"

eat to live, do not live to eat. that mantra helped me drop 90lbs, and I did NOT use a diet plan. just watched what I ate because I was sick of being a big pear-shaped, flabby fatass. my best friend almost had to shoot me due to a teen age pact regarding our weight (if I EVER get THAT big...)
2001-09-25 05:41:58 PM  
I've noticed that no one here has decried making fun of fat people because they themselves are fat. This means that Fark is 100% lean.

Oh, and Yo mamma's so fat, a tornado tried to pick up her trailer and got a hernia!

Would it help if I mentioned that yo mamma was in the trailer?
2001-09-25 05:53:37 PM  
appropriate use of the term "literally"
(little gold star pasted on your forehead)
2001-09-25 05:58:09 PM  
I think there is nothing wrong with banning fat people, you can be banned on basis of height (i.e. being a midget or dwarf). Though I am sure there will be lawsuits, which really make me sick. People not wanting to take responsiblity for their actions and blaming others.
2001-09-25 06:14:26 PM  
And if you really think about it, we are only making fun of fat people to urge them through societal pressures to lose weight for their own good. WE ARE SAINTS!
One day we can, together, stamp out fattieness!
2001-09-25 06:16:27 PM  
Nothing whatsoever wrong with banning fat people from situations where it's unsafe for them or others, absolutely--so long as it really is because of safety and not because they're not the "kind of look we're after" (a quote I have actually heard). And when I fly, I either pay for first class or pay for two seats (which normally works, except for the one time this idiot booking agent put them in two different rows). There are implications to having a different size than everyone else. And while I think laughing over someone dying is over the edge, I've got two big complaints over fat jokes.

1. They're boring. Most of them don't go beyond "Don't you get it? He/she is FAT. That's the punch line. Fat. Fat. Why aren't you laughing?"

2. The double standard. Take Eddie Murphy's "Nutty Professor". Wonder how he'd feel if I (click on the name to see a picture of my pale pink face) did a remake where, with makeup to look like a black person, I felt unworthy and unlovable so created a potion to turn myself white and became the life of the party. But, eventually, I learn my lesson and need to love myself and become white one hue at a time.
2001-09-25 06:24:52 PM  
I see fatties go on roller coasters all the time. They must have something else messed up with their bodies. I heard the ones that usually get "fatapulted" usually have a big fat stomach and little bird legs. So it is usually unproportioned fatties that die.
2001-09-25 06:25:52 PM  
No more food stamps for giant bags chips, cases of sugary soda, gallons of ice cream, whole heads of cheeses, slabs of lard-drenched ribs and all of the other fatty goodness of the larder...

until you can fit safely on the amusement park rides.

2001-09-25 06:27:23 PM  
Now you're gettin' it; you can never be too rich, too thin, or too white.
2001-09-25 06:36:35 PM  
When I say "Fatty", I am talkin' about morbid obesity... what my in-laws espy at the mall in Renton WA and refer to as "Dillys", stuffin' their pie holes as they waddle along.
2001-09-25 06:36:43 PM  
People are built according to their own genetic encoding.
Free will comes in when we discuss maintainence of health.
Ishidan (begging your pardon, Ish.) is clearly, from his profile pic, ectomorphic, to use the old term. His best option is probably to get truly big by doing heavy, sumo-style squats, and heavy bench-presses, and by eating big. He will never be slender, but there is a breed of women out there who like big, protective teddy-bears. So it might not matter to him.
2001-09-25 06:38:56 PM  
Being "big" is one thing, stuffin' yer face to the point of dyin' from yer fat is quite another. I'm with Walljasper on this one.
2001-09-25 06:58:31 PM  
Wow! Heavy. I know, I know, too easy. Sorry I had to do it.

Seriously though, it makes me sad to here about her kids. If it saves lives there just going to piss some overweight people off and denie them from riding.
2001-09-25 07:03:18 PM  
If you walk, and then STOP walking, but your body continues to jiggle for x amount of seconds....

You are a FATTY!

Drop the chalupa!
2001-09-25 07:10:46 PM  
Nodhg: "Now you're gettin' it; you can never be too rich, too thin, or too white."

Huh? I think the issue is you need to take care of your health. It has nothing to do with race. Sheesh.

No more nutcake for you!
2001-09-25 07:25:13 PM  
Say what you will about genetics, but the simple fact remains that if you eat more calories than you burn, you gain weight, and vice versa. Simple things, like switching to (sorry, I gotta say it) light beer, or diet soda helps. Besides, worry more about body fat % than weight, it's a better indicator of overall health.
2001-09-25 07:43:32 PM  
Five kids.

And that's just the ones she didn't eat.
2001-09-25 08:00:04 PM  
I sure hope her family doesn't think they can sue (I can see another link from Fark now...under Asinine). It was her fault she was so darned fat! No one MADE her eat all those goodies! I'm a bit overweight myself (but not THAT bad) and once this baby is born I'm darn well going to do something about it!

If they can have height restrictions for people's safety, they can darn well have weight restrictions. I understand myself I can't go on rides because I'm pregnant (not that I want to but that's beside the point) because a) I could risk losing my baby and b) they're covering their asses. Understandable.
2001-09-25 08:02:37 PM  
On another note...that woman that was trying to sue under ADA 'cause she couldn't fit her ass in a seat...does Self-Discipline-Challenged fall under ADA?

I also tell my sister, instead of riding those stupid carts at Wal-Mart 'cause she's a little big, to WALK it off! Good night! I'm entitled to use the carts 'cause of my pregnancy...but I know that if I walk I'll make labor easier, so I walk!
2001-09-25 08:49:02 PM  
The human body is made for walking, throwing overhand, sleeping and getting frisky.
2001-09-25 08:57:15 PM  
I was replying to Gadgetdon's use of the Nutty Professor and black/white metaphor, see above.
Sorry for the lack of "sarcasm" prep note before and after, will use those from now on for you.
2001-09-25 09:14:49 PM  
The metaphor is exact. Now, there ARE those who are concerned about my health because of my size. But for most people, the way fat people are treated, including definitely in this discussion, has nothing to do with health. It has to do with hate. It has to do with a desire to dehumanize and verbally destroy. The "health" is sometimes used as an excuse, but it's hate.

And it no longer matters that so many people in this forum hate me. Because I no longer hate myself. I realize you'll find that hard to forgive, sorry about that.
2001-09-25 09:15:59 PM  
A note after rereading--Nodhg, I am NOT aiming the comments at you.
2001-09-25 09:43:27 PM  
I thought this was mildly amusing until I read the part about her being the mother of five.

And not to justify my feelings or anything, but it wasn't funny because she was obese; it was funny because she fell out of an amusement park ride. That is hilarity.

As for you dicks yammering on about how vile fat people are, fark you.
2001-09-25 09:58:04 PM  
Nanookanano said

"People are built according to their own genetic encoding."

I agree with this too a point, ones body may be a little more apt to put on pounds, but that is no farking excuse to pack on an extra 100+++ like most of the people I see now a days (living in Fort Worth, Texas, the fattest city in the country). I am sorry, but most fatties I see have HORRIBLE eating habits, don't exercise (or fool themselves by not exerciseing enough, riding a bike for a mile at a slow pace burns around 200 calories, probably less, which isn't even one damn dingdong). And they almost ALWAYS blame their metobolism or their genetics, when in reality they just need to stop putting food in their farking cake/pie hole.
2001-09-25 10:00:18 PM  
My friend waited in line for hours at Great America for a roller coaster. When she finally got in, they told her she couldn't go on the ride because she was too big. She was really embarassed and had to walk out past all those people as they all giggled at her. I really feel bad when stuff like that happens, but I think safety is more important. She's a great friend and I wouldn't want to lose her!

On the other hand, her and her boyfriend combined weigh almost 1000 pounds. They have broken countless sofas and chairs (including mine) and can't fit into a booth at a restaurant. I have a big hot tub in my backyard and one night they were both in it. After they got out it took me over an hour to fill it back up again, and our yard was totally flooded. And they don't care! They laugh about it and we can crack terrible fat jokes right to their faces. I'ts great! They are a tremendous source of amusement!
2001-09-25 10:08:01 PM  
Yep, Tzz.

And when I say "eat big" every muscle building weight lifter knows exactly what I mean; raw vegetables constantly, a big bowl of plain brown rice twice a day, and twenty grams of protein six times a day.
2001-09-25 10:39:07 PM  
fark can't make something out of nothing. Refrain from stuffing your face with useless calories and drinking sugar crapola constantly, and you'll see a major difference. But it doesn't matter. Fat ass people like eating fat-ass food.

And it's true. It was rare to see a big fat-ass kid waddling around at the age of 12 packing the poundage of a man twice his age, but I see it constantly now.

<carlin> ..too many choices, America...NOT HEALTHY!!</Carlin>
2001-09-25 11:34:07 PM  
Satan, you are missing the point big time.

Poking fun at smokers, Christians, scientologists is humorus, no problem. The problem is when you laugh at someone who died because of someone else's negligence. Sure, she was overweight, but the park didn't tell her not to go on the ride because she might fall out and die. And whoever designed this ride obviously failed to test the limits of the safety mechanism, and create a "riding" policy based on those tests. That is negligence, pure and simple. I hope they do sue. If there were not these lawsuits, and threat of lawsuites, negligence would run rampant everywhere.

Laughing at an 'innocent' victim who died is just wrong, no matter if they are a fatty, irish, smoker, drinker, catholic, nerd, or all of the above.

>Quote from satan: "If we can pick on smokers, Christians, ad infinitum and treat them like lepers, then fatties are also on the short list..."
2001-09-25 11:37:21 PM  
2001-09-25 11:42:44 PM  
I just suggest Liposuction, No arguments I am right, this stops now. Fat people get liposuctions then no more fat jokes. It is all solved with the help of lipo, something so close to hipo.
2001-09-25 11:44:01 PM  
2001-09-25 11:48:08 PM  
Wait, did some moron fall out of coaster too? Oh that's gonna be good for several comments.
Jraxis: true.
2001-09-26 12:29:29 AM  
"Park spokeswoman Susan Tierney described the woman as "large," and other sources also said she was "a complete fatass,"
2001-09-26 12:45:52 AM  
So what if the two ton tub of shiat had 5 kids, they have more to eat now.

Oh, but the Aaliyah jokes were funny, she had a family too.

Death of one person can be made fun of easily because it is an isolated event.

Death of thousands is too overwhelming to be made fun of.
How many world war two casualty jokes do you hear? Not many I bet.

And look back at the farkives, most of the death articles are rampant with jokes.

2001-09-26 12:50:17 AM  
See my rant about how America feels that disaster is amusing. grossly overweight person dies, ten thousand people zip right through it unharmed and greatly entertained before this happens.

Yah, that's a really "perilous plunge" alright. But now that it has been shown to really BE perilous, not so fun anymore is it?
2001-09-26 12:53:09 AM  
Ring of trout,
Are you completely insane? you think the park was negligent?
Do you know what the definition of "ACCIDENT" is?
IF they had two or three fat bastards flipped out of coaster seats a week, then someone could sue, but this was a one shot flop.

And do you think the engineer that designed the ride took into account that a 300 pound person would try to ride it?
Those seats are designed for an average person, with safety limits to match. And it will still be overdesigned to allow for a better safety factor.

Just sue everyone, for everything, and don't take into account that pure random farking chance, or karma or gremlins or whatever you want to call it might happen.
2001-09-26 12:59:35 AM  
Oh yeah, and Hi Nanook!

Somehow I managed to miss this thread until there was enough comments on it that it stood out by having such a large number.

Heh, you think I'm big? There are some people around here that make me look positively svelte, and I'm not just talking about the Rowan family. (Reference, for those that don't know, Chad Rowan is Akebono, the first grand champion sumo wrestler from outside of Japan. The rest of his family is big too.) But yeah, they tend to have a lot of muscle, not just flab. When I start earning enough money to afford a gym membership...
2001-09-26 01:02:15 AM  
For the record, I'm 215 lbs, and fit in roller coasters just fine.
2001-09-26 02:20:55 AM  
No matter what you tell people they do what they want. When I worked at a Six Flags. *the worst one by far, Marine World* I've had people threaten me, and want to make complaint on me because they were too big, too small, etc, to get on the ride. I even had a a case where a woman tried to sneak her one year old son onto a water ride by stuffig him into an oversized back pack. Needles to say that security was called on her. And their have been many cases where a ride had to be shut down for matience because an overweight person was too big too have a lap bar fit properly on them, and was to big to get it off once the damage had been done, though I tried to warn them before the embarrassment. Anyway, this is becoming a long winded rant, and I'm getting off of my soap box now.
2001-09-26 04:24:23 AM  
Woah. I've been on that ride loads of times. I never fell out.
2001-09-26 04:44:51 AM  
Maybe only Fat people should be able to call fatties fatties (or lard ass, etc.), just like only black people are supposed to use nubian.

Obviously I am both Fat and Black
2001-09-26 04:48:24 AM  
<chasing amy>

"What's a Nubian?"

</chasing amy>
2001-09-26 05:17:09 AM  
2001-09-26 05:22:11 AM  
I know that. I was just making a reference to someone else's joke in the hope it would make me look funny and encourage people to like me.
2001-09-26 06:42:54 AM  
Fat people. HAW HAW HAW!
2001-09-26 07:47:51 AM  
Here's a story from yesterday's Toronto Star about a Canadian woman suing an airline because she dosen't like to have to buy two tickets:

Obese woman asks hearing for `dignity'
2001-09-26 08:25:44 AM  
I'm a bad man. I'm a very bad man.
2001-09-26 08:49:05 AM  
Nodhg: "Now you're gettin' it; you can never be too rich, too thin, or too white."

What about Michael Jackson??!
2001-09-26 10:30:50 AM  
I've only complained about buying two tickets twice. First, when they put them in two different rows. Second, a flight when the arm between the two seats didn't lift.
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