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(Yahoo)   U.S. serviceman about Saddam's palace: "I was in his bedroom about 20 minutes before I got hit," he said. "He had pink sheets"   ( divider line
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62 clicks; posted to Main » on 16 Apr 2003 at 9:34 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-04-16 11:36:02 PM  
Chonny69: I'm 20 too, and it strikes me as quite strange too. This isn't halo, and there's no energy shield covering your ass.
2003-04-16 11:47:04 PM  
Hey guys, that is what war is. Sending the young off to fight for the ideals of the old. It isn't ever pretty and kids die.
2003-04-16 11:49:40 PM  
I left for Parris island the day after HS graduation, I was 18. In infantry training 4 months later, I saw a guy in my platoon take a round in the elbow. Now I'm an old 21 year old Lance Corporal who is missing out on the 2 way firing range in the big sandbox.

Anyway, my point is these aren't kids over there. Yes, they're only 18, but for someone to join up to serve like that with great risk to themselves and their families shows a mental maturity far beyond their years. That Marine must have joined after 9/11. He knew he'd be going somewhere. I remember thinking when I joined up that the chance of war anytime soon was slim to none.

Semper fi. Wish I was there
2003-04-16 11:49:57 PM  
What that had to do with Saddam's pink sheets, I have no idea.
2003-04-16 11:51:21 PM  
Thank you for your service to our country.
2003-04-17 12:03:30 AM  
I'm sorry. But it comes with the bridge....
2003-04-17 12:19:25 AM  
"It was really hard to keep my cool," Meyer said. "I'm not going to shoot a civilian or anything."

Meyer was shot eight times in a battle south of Baghdad a fortnight ago.

So instead of shooting anyone he just let them all shoot him. I mean any sane person would learn after the first time
2003-04-17 12:34:39 AM  
Speaking of threadjacking...

It's too bad that the news/media don't underscore the fact that people are generally the same everywhere. All you hear about are Iraqi looters, protestors, people who won't participate in provisional gov't talks, yadda yadda.

But there's countless stories about people who are helping as well. Like this one where the Iraqis were warning Marines about soldiers in civilian clothes and the like.

I notice it because it's such an afterthought in the story. Why not make that the story? Why not tell as many stories as possible to remind the world that these people are just like people everywhere else: there's a few bad apples, but overall, there are good people.

Ultimately, I should dilute this complaint because at least it was mentioned that some Iraqis were doing good.

/Ducks ahead 2-1 hahahaha
2003-04-17 01:42:42 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

What's wrong with pink sheets?

Seriously though, yeah, it's kinda weird thinking that many of the people over there fighting in Iraq are younger than me, and I'm not exactly old. However, I think it takes a special breed of person.
2003-04-17 03:12:42 AM  
Damn...I'm a chick, and I don't even have pink sheets!
2003-04-17 04:39:29 AM  
Pink sheets may mean you're girly or gay, but it also often means you had some white sheets and a red shirt...
2003-04-17 05:49:25 AM  
Not really on subject but this is the marine related story I happened to read after seeing about 5 minutes od American Idol last night. My girlfriend thinks that the marine will win the competition because he is a marine. I had to argue with her saying that the marines are in Cuba, Iraq, and Afghanistan this guy just happens to carry a military I.D. that just happens to label him as a marine. I wonder how this guy sleeps at night knowing while he is bellowing like a trollop over here there are real marines being killed and wounded by suicide bomber civilians.
2003-04-17 08:14:11 AM  
This unseasonably warm weather we're having in the UK has done wonders for the eye candy...
2003-04-17 08:17:52 AM  
Sorry, distracted by some thighs.

Please return to your discussion.
2003-04-17 08:48:17 AM  
As you can see ... the U.S. is full of dumb & dumbers!!!

They deserve an idiot like Bush. He would not be caught in pink sheets ... why? Because he really does not give a sheet about anything but his little ego! What a sad man. And the U.S. has shown that they are dumb and dumber enough to reelect him .... WOOOOOO
2003-04-17 12:39:30 PM  
Yet more proof that the average Iraqi civilian hates us and wants to see us all dead, right?

Interesting that the anti-U.S. folks are focusing on the passing reference to Saddam's pink sheets (and the guy who made it the Fark headline, knowing that it wouldn't get posted any other way) than the fact that THE IRAQIS LIKE US SO MUCH THEY'RE SAVING OUR LIVES FROM SUICIDE BOMBERS, which is the major point of the story.
2003-04-17 01:11:54 PM  

Hay buey ese...que triste. Creo tu es stupid egalamente con las personas mencionas...

The saying in English is:

"It takes one to know one"

Pinche troll.
2003-04-17 01:13:51 PM  
Any bets Saddam is in bed with Satan right now?
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