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(ICNetwork)   Men who shave less than once a day have fewer orgasms   ( divider line
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124 clicks; posted to Main » on 16 Apr 2003 at 2:22 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-04-16 04:37:55 PM  
Guy Innagorillasuit

Great Pratchett reference, I applaud thee.

"Bad taste that man"
2003-04-16 04:40:11 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

2003-04-16 04:41:12 PM  
That sounds about right. When I shave daily I feel refreshed and want to have sex with my lady more, when I don't shave, I feel very lazy, thus no booby sex. Weird phenomena.
2003-04-16 04:41:47 PM  
In other news, men who fart a lot are more likely to eat beans and drink beer.
2003-04-16 04:43:45 PM  
I also think Counter-Strike has something to do with having less sex.

Did they factor that into their survey?
2003-04-16 04:45:44 PM  
it's odd, facial hair is the only kind of body hair that doesn't freak me out... some guys look sexy as hell with that scruffy look, others not so much..
2003-04-16 04:46:51 PM  
I can never decide so I shave the upper lip and just go for the chin whiskers.
2003-04-16 04:48:10 PM  
I would have to say that if you are a wuss and have a wimpy beard then by all means shave it off every day since it is going to look like shiat anyways. For the real men (myself included) who have thick beards then it really makes no sense trying to shave every day since a few hours after you shave you are left with razor burn and/or a dark shadow. Why even bother til it gets itchy? Scruffy is the way to go.

And to LadyCirce (i think it was you who mentioned it)... a man without chest hair is just a total wuss and/or shaves it off himself. These are the same guys that shave their legs, arms and face every day. In all reality... they just want to be women. To have no hair on the body is not natural for a man.
2003-04-16 04:48:29 PM  
MorganSloat: Because everyone knows the Real Men play Day of Defeat.
2003-04-16 04:50:51 PM  
I know a couple guys with no chest hair (now lower ie happy trail yes), light facial hair, and little to no back hair that looks really nice, and is natural. They don't shave their arms nor their legs and by no means do they want to be a woman. Okay, one of them does. I like smooth chests.
2003-04-16 04:59:27 PM  
LadyCirce said:

"I've yet to meet a man with a soft beard."

well when I kept a beard I washed and conditioned it daily. It was very soft to the touch... of course when I missed a day on the conditioner it had a fairly wirey feel to it.

I can't stand to shave. It's expensive and a pain in my ass. I use the Mach III but I can only use the blades once. If I try to use it more than once they will just tear my face apart... I have VERY thick facial hair that grows very fast. So fast in fact when I was in the Navy I had to shave 3-4 times a day in boot camp just to keep that clean shaven look to make the company commanders happy.

Right now I'm relatively clean shaven, but I only shave once a day and by the end of the day I look all scruffy again :/

I think I'm going to stop shaving again. I'll have a full beard in a week, and it will have serious length in two. *sigh*
2003-04-16 04:59:54 PM  
I just gotta ask LadyCirce... have these guys reached puberty? I don't know a single guy that doesn't have chest hair unless he shaves it off himself.
2003-04-16 05:03:41 PM  
Yes Cubicle slave. Some guys (very few) do have very little hair. I think it might be somewhat due to a lack of testosterone, but who knows.
2003-04-16 05:04:38 PM  
oh and I go rather contrary to their findings. Married, orgasm daily (most of the time), I don't smoke and I don't work in a manual job.

I'm curious to see how big their sample population was for this "study".
2003-04-16 05:05:26 PM  
Yahshur I am exactly the same way. If I had to shave every day I would probably spend $50-60 in razors every month. As it stands now I only shave one-twice a week and I love it.

Now my best friend has a real wimpy beard. He once tried to grow it out and it was pathetic. He had about as much beard hair after 2-3 weeks as I do in about 2-3 days. To top it off he was all patchy. It looked really funny. The day he shaved it off he had absolutely no shadow. When I shave I still have a shadow and if you look close enough you can already see the hair... yet my face is very smooth.

Stange though... I have no back hair. Thank god.
2003-04-16 05:05:33 PM  
a man without chest hair is just a total wuss and/or shaves it off himself.

I've known quite a few guys who had no chest hair, no back hair and limited facial hair but plenty of hair elsewhere. They just didn't grow it and in no way wanted to be a woman or shaved it or anything like that. (and I'd say 90% of them were definetly not wusses, just blondes)

and yeh they reached puberty
2003-04-16 05:06:31 PM  
04-16-03 04:29:20 PM Dr._Love
For those keeping track at home, I have a huge frigging red beard. My girl don't like it. I do. It stays.

"For those keeping track at home", Dr._Love is really Harry Knowles. And he's lying about having a girl.
2003-04-16 05:09:05 PM  
Whenever I'm clean-shaven I always get carded at the casino. BTW, I'm 36.
ZAZ [TotalFark]
2003-04-16 05:16:16 PM  
I know a guy who started shaving a lot more once he got a girlfriend. Hmm...

But my browser is giving me an article telling me I'm going to die of heart disease. Nothing about shaving. What's up with that?
2003-04-16 05:16:28 PM  
I was just kinda kidding about the "being a woman part".
2003-04-16 05:19:37 PM  
Read further down in the article Zaz.
2003-04-16 05:19:56 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-04-16 05:19:57 PM  

that it?
2003-04-16 05:23:03 PM  
Creeto - HAHA, I know what you mean. I have been carded 3 times in the past 3 weeks and it's only because I'm clean shaven. I look about 10 years younger than I really am... it's funny when I show my ID too because they always do a double take on the birthday when they look at me.
2003-04-16 05:23:24 PM  
10 years of research down the drain!
2003-04-16 05:23:54 PM  
(and I'd say 90% of them were definetly not wusses, just blondes)

that prolly explains it for me.
2003-04-16 05:29:16 PM  
Hey! I have plenty of chest hair. and I am a wuss. What about that?
2003-04-16 05:31:24 PM  
Lordargent: yup

I have been carded 3 times in the past 3 weeks and it's only because I'm clean shaven.

I wish I'd been carded 3 times...ever
I didn't get carded on my bloody 21st birthday. Maybe I should shave off my facial I've said too much
2003-04-16 05:35:42 PM  
Why is it all you hairy, manly men think your all that just because your covered like some kind of Wookie?

flame on Wookies
2003-04-16 05:36:01 PM  
A couple great examples of flawed representations of cause and effect:

1) Article says people who shave less often have less orgasms.

Most likely the people who don't have women around don't give a damn about shaving.

2) Article says people who are depressed have 3 times greater chance of a stroke.

More likely, being a fat, unhealthy, sedentary person makes you both depressed and likely to die of a stroke.

Stupid article.
2003-04-16 05:38:50 PM  
Cubicle.. be glad you dont have back hair.. oh sweet jesus be glad. I hate mine..itches like a mofo, occasionaly painfull ingrown hairs/zits etc. drives me nuts. Then there is the whole cultural stigma of hairy backed men in public and the added heat factor in the summer.

Rest of my body hair doesnt really bother me (just call me chewey..well not that bad). I have to shave my face at least once a day, at best two times to keep away the shadow) but my skin is uber sensitive. I prefer a shaved face but besides the scratchy stuble it doesnt bother me till I start itching in 3-4 days. I'm lucky to get the mach3's to last 2-3 shaves but my remington electric is decent on all but my neck area.
2003-04-16 05:43:47 PM  
"you say correlation is not causation"
man... a Soul Coughing lyric provided me the answer to a question on the comp exams a few weeks ago... it felt so right.
2003-04-16 05:46:37 PM  
I actually like a guy who shaves down below, much neater, no hair in the teeth. Plus, it makes him look bigger. And smooth chests are the best. As for lower testosterone levels, can't speak to that, but the best lover I ever had had no chest hair, and shaved off the rest of his hair, legs, groin, it was beautiful.
2003-04-16 05:53:52 PM  

2003-04-16 05:57:48 PM  
Elfgirl, he may be an awesome lover, but something doesn't sit right with me about the whole "he shaved off everything" thing. That's just weird.

I just shaved my noggin. Completely randomly, I decided it'd cool to have no hair.

And now I am completely humiliated and sad...
2003-04-16 06:03:13 PM  
Oh yeah, NOW you tell me.

I didn't shave today, and I don't recall shaving yesterday.

And I am NOT giving back those orgasms!!
2003-04-16 06:13:04 PM  
*blinks* at Elfgrl like cartman, kyle, stan and kenny.
2003-04-16 06:16:25 PM  
04-16-03 05:46:37 PM ElfGrrl
I actually like a guy who shaves down below

And I like a girl who shaves down below. If the girl shaves, the guy should be willing to put forth as well.

I'm a guy, and I don't like hair--but I haven't shaved my legs or chest.
2003-04-16 06:25:34 PM  
So that's why my husband shaves twice a day...
2003-04-16 06:27:42 PM  
O Vanity!
2003-04-16 06:39:45 PM  
ElfGrrl: You were either dating a gay man in denial, or a porn star. Either way, you should go have some blood tests run.
2003-04-16 07:16:14 PM  
I call BS. BTW, you guys calling a guy that shaves his ballzak gay are scared of life. You've never lived until your girlfriend teabags the hell out of your freshly shaven scrot.

and I'm not kiddin...
2003-04-16 07:26:51 PM  

considering testosterone isn't the only thing that effects body hair, I'd have to say that that is a moot point.

As for shaving the bits... I'm not for it, but I know a few of my friends swear by it. To each his own, i guess.
2003-04-16 07:27:12 PM  
Why do Italian men wear gold chains around their neck?

It tells them where to stop shaving.
2003-04-16 07:32:14 PM  
04-16-03 06:16:25 PM Iwasbiggs
04-16-03 05:46:37 PM ElfGrrl
I actually like a guy who shaves down below

And I like a girl who shaves down below. If the girl shaves, the guy should be willing to put forth as well.

That's exactly what my ex said to me. She said that if I didn't want to get hair in my teeth when going down on her then she should get the same courtesy. I agreed and tried it. It wasn't that bad, the only sucky part was when the hair started to grow back in it was pretty uncomfortable. I don't shave anyomore but I do trim it up.
2003-04-16 07:47:21 PM  
Ok! so, is the "paste and jerk" hair removal process better than shaving or not?
2003-04-16 07:50:23 PM  
Also, my ass-hair bugs me. How to get rid of it without horrible after-effects? ...or should a separate thread be started for this topic alone?
2003-04-16 08:15:16 PM  
Viggo is about the only guy I know of who can pull of scruffy. Of course I am referring to the sexy Aragorn from LOTR. [image from too old to be available]
2003-04-16 08:23:07 PM  
Maybe shaving less than once a day means having a beard that grows too fast to bother with, or too slow to bother with.

Maybe it is the hormones that cause this to happen cause men to be less attractive.

Or maybe the article is just bull shiat. Yeah, that sounds right.
2003-04-16 08:40:52 PM  
I like face stubble and naturally low-hair bodies.
I don't like vain men tho'.
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