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(ICNetwork)   Men who shave less than once a day have fewer orgasms   ( divider line
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125 clicks; posted to Main » on 16 Apr 2003 at 2:22 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-04-16 03:14:07 PM  
Swollag- yes it is a repeat, probably posted a month ago
2003-04-16 03:15:04 PM  
I don't know 43...I've met very few guys that can pull off "scruffy".

I just hate feeling that stubble against my skin, eek.
2003-04-16 03:16:53 PM  
Wasn't there a link a while back about how shaving was good for your heart ....brought to you by those gifted doctors at the Gillette Clinic....Guess that one didn't do enough.

heh heh boys'll fall for anything to get laid won't cha?
2003-04-16 03:18:32 PM  
04-16-03 03:12:35 PM 43
...Good grief I need a boyfriend.

Prepare for a deluge of e-mails....
2003-04-16 03:18:51 PM  
I can pull off scruffy...see?
2003-04-16 03:20:04 PM  
Lacy Circe - I would think stubble would not be comfortable against your neck, but some of us grow soft beards that do not chaff or rub raw those delicate soft skinned areas.. :)
2003-04-16 03:20:15 PM  
That's just 'cause I didn't like shooting jizz into my beard.
2003-04-16 03:20:55 PM  
Nope, and you have chesthair to go along with it.

Granted most girls like that, I guess I'm just different.
2003-04-16 03:20:58 PM  
Damn that was the longest time for me to get a headline shaving light exercise less orgasms die early, damn i'm slow today
2003-04-16 03:21:10 PM  
heh heh boys'll fall for anything to get laid won't cha?

but then...I'm shaving my legs daily on the off chance I'll meet Jude Law so what do I know.

LadyCirce, I just hate feeling that stubble against my skin, eek.
I gotta agree...there's a whole complicated technique to doing it correctly. Waaaayy too many amateurs.
2003-04-16 03:21:53 PM  
Oh really Floyd? I've yet to meet a man with a soft beard.
2003-04-16 03:22:35 PM  
I only have to shave once every two days.

Sex twice a day unless wifey is having her time of the month, then it's BJ week (married for 12 years and never ended the honeymoon).

Article is either complete BS or I am outside the curve.

/time for a nooner
2003-04-16 03:24:22 PM  
You havent met me... Grin.. I'm not saying its Silky soft by any means, I'm just saying, that its long enough that it isnt prickly and stubbly like you were talking about...
2003-04-16 03:24:51 PM  
Don't ANY of you own an electric? Screw that cutting yourself noise....

And yeah, on occasion, there is a need to shave twice a day. Once in the morning, and again if I'm on the way out to a function and don't care to sport the 5'o clock.

Of course, I'm married, don't smoke, and don't work in a manual labour job. I must be having more orgasms... Better ask the wife if that's true...
2003-04-16 03:25:29 PM  
I was wondering the same thing Corporate_Ameritron.
2003-04-16 03:25:40 PM  
Oh, well I still think clean shaven, very smooth is the best way to go ;)
2003-04-16 03:26:34 PM  
Here's the thing - a lot of women dislike facial hair, but I have yet to find a woman that is completely turned off by clean-shaven.
2003-04-16 03:26:51 PM  
The scruff is where its at, it shows women, that while you could shave, you don't want to. You are your own man, and like to carry a little facial hair around.

Now a shaved woman, is a wonderful treat all in itself, that is until it starts growing out. Then it's like licking sandpaper.....
2003-04-16 03:27:03 PM  
As the risk of "fatal strokes" rise, you must take the time to enjoy each fap as it might be your last!
2003-04-16 03:27:05 PM  
Screw electric razors.. they give me razor burn and nicks all over the place... I think the last time I cut myself shaving was probably a few years ago... try shaving in the shower, after your skin has softened, you dont even need shaving cream, just a small mirror and a good ol mach 3
2003-04-16 03:27:40 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Bssie OWNED.
2003-04-16 03:28:22 PM  
At my wifes behest I have removed the winter coat from the stomach and trimmed my bushes up closer to the house. She likes me smooth for the summer and I am begining to agree. Much more enjoyable.
2003-04-16 03:30:46 PM  
Sex twice a day unless wifey is having her time of the month, then it's BJ week

Why does that stop you? Or is that just your excuse to get more BJs?
2003-04-16 03:32:43 PM  
04-16-03 03:27:05 PM Floyd770
Screw electric razors.. they give me razor burn and nicks all over the place... I think the last time I cut myself shaving was probably a few years ago... try shaving in the shower, after your skin has softened, you dont even need shaving cream, just a small mirror and a good ol mach 3

I shave in the shower here at college. Everyone looks at me like I am nuts but it really does work. Mach3 is the best razor out there. I can't stand to use anything else any more. Too mcuh razor burn. Now if they were lony less expensive....
2003-04-16 03:32:50 PM  
Bah, scruffy is totally the way to go. Hell, I go with the goatee AND make it a point to not shave every day. While yes, there are alot of guys that can't pull it off, like my friend who grows his facial hair it patches, it can be done, and it can work.
2003-04-16 03:33:14 PM  
in related news, people with smaller shoe sizes are generally worse at math.
... unless you don't count kids. won't somebody *please* think of the children?
2003-04-16 03:33:55 PM  
What's going on?
2003-04-16 03:38:59 PM  
it depends on the stubble, or maybe face moisturizer. *shrugs* i have gotten skin burn fron a guys stubble. to the point where i have little dots of blood and a rash. so i say when the stubble can shred skin get rid of it!!!
2003-04-16 03:39:18 PM  
haha JohnDX
2003-04-16 03:41:08 PM  
Bearded and have to shave (places on face where I don't want the stuff). Usually shave once a day, sometimes I forget. Sometimes 2x a day, if the morning routine was with a duller razor. The beard I do have is soft, once it get's past 1/4" or so.

I've tried multiple configurations o' the facial hair, but usually fall back to the one I have now (check to profile for that one). Last time I shaved it all off, my co-workers mocked my youthful appearance and my wife said she preferred the bearded look on me. Took about 2-3 weeks to get it back to respectable length.

As for the orgasm thing, no problems with that here, and I rarely need to fap.

Why I am telling you all this?
2003-04-16 03:44:15 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-04-16 03:45:23 PM  
i shave once a week or so and i get laied alot but i a bear in a subculture that likes furry faces
2003-04-16 03:52:00 PM  
WOOFYSF: Dude, you're from Frisco. This isn't a surprise.
2003-04-16 03:54:50 PM  
For some reason myself and my brothers and my friends have been growing beards lately. I guess it's just something different to do and it is kind of fun for a change. Of course, I look like capitan red beard or something. I guess it is all in good fun though.
2003-04-16 03:55:04 PM  
Why does that stop you? Or is that just your excuse to get more BJs?

Please not one of those threads again... :(
2003-04-16 03:55:17 PM  
A nice body and freshly shaved face (amongst other things) should inevitably lead to more orgasms.
2003-04-16 03:56:21 PM  
What do the women here think about men who are shaven downstairs? Is it a turn on or just freaky?
2003-04-16 03:59:02 PM  
If anyone is intersted, I work in Queens University Belfast.


Ah well...
2003-04-16 04:01:34 PM  
bah, I prefer my guys scruffy. Not prickly stubbly but one step past that *purr* very nice.

Or very very freshly shaven. Nothing worse then stubble. Or maybe I should say nothing worse then stubble OR overgrown facial hair. Just looks bad....I mean if you're gonna grow facial hair is it so tough to trim it once and a while?
2003-04-16 04:08:23 PM  

KEWL THANKS i was afraid to post anything not knowing how regular farkers are about " sub-cultures"
2003-04-16 04:08:31 PM  
Honestly, if I shaved everyday my face would fall off...I get razor burn no matter what, and although a good Mach 3 after a shower limits it pretty well, it still happens. If I really cared about appearance, I'd have to shave about every 2-3 days anyway. Otherwise, for me at least, it'd be painful and needless.

My girlfriend says she doesn't care, but then again, when I give her a good old rasberry to the stomach and haven't shaved in awhile, she'll usually punch me in the nuts.
2003-04-16 04:13:01 PM  
...or heavy digging.

Does anyone dig recreationally?
Even gardening would qualify (at least I don't think so).

I think I need a research grant to do a study of my own linking increased masturbation with a lack of shaving.

I bet that guy in the infomercial with the question marks all over his jacket could get me a grant.
2003-04-16 04:13:38 PM  
Asthmaticenemyofgod have you tried the I think they're called king brand of shaving products. It's like an oil that you use in place of shaving cream. My brother used to get horrible razor burn til I picked some of that up for him and now he swears by it (that and his mach 3).

and ladies it does wonders for razor burn on the legs too. even the most sensative skin.
2003-04-16 04:14:12 PM  
Zorba, I prefer down there on MEN to be all natural.
2003-04-16 04:21:11 PM  
A hairy man is a manly man.

/has beard
2003-04-16 04:21:39 PM  
I shaved off all of my pubic hair when it started growing. I entered puberty pretty early for my age, and thought there was something wrong with me. The stuff really does grow back thicker.
2003-04-16 04:21:58 PM  
"Men who shaved less than once a day were also less likely to be married, have fewer orgasms, to smoke and to work in manual occupations."

I am: 1) married, 2) don't smoke - I'm allergic, 3) sit behind a desk and fix computer problems... Uh oh.

My wife won't let me shave off all my facial hair, because she says that - bare faced - I look too much like my sister, and she can't kiss my sister.

I think that if I shaved, I'd get stopped at the door of any nightclub I might go to. I got carded shortly before my 30th birthday at one club, and the girl looking at my ID didn't believe I was over 21 until she saw my drivers license.
2003-04-16 04:23:47 PM  
I get away with shaving once per week, I don't grow alot of hair. No hairy back, etc etc.
2003-04-16 04:29:20 PM  
For those keeping track at home, I have a huge frigging red beard. My girl don't like it. I do. It stays.
2003-04-16 04:37:08 PM  
Read this article somewhere quite some time ago, IIRC. I don't shave every day b/c I don't NEED to. Having a baby face at 34 is kinda weird; getting ID'd for smokes is a PITA sometimes.

/makes me wanna smash sumpin'.
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