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(SFGate)   TNN: Once The Nashvile Network, then The National Network, now Spike TV. Ratings expected to still suck   ( divider line
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35 clicks; posted to Main » on 15 Apr 2003 at 10:11 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-04-15 05:51:55 PM  
Just as long as they keep their unparallelled redneck programming.

I just wouldn't be able to go on without pro wrestling, monster trucks, car racing, and cops marathons.
2003-04-15 05:53:41 PM  
Just last weekend I was biatching that women have multiple channels targetted for them, blacks get BET (though they can complain all they want cuz BET sure seems like a POS), hispanics have a wide variety of options, hell, even the damn christians get a multitude of channels (probably because a fool and his money are soon parted--flame bait yes, but true).

But alas, no channel extensively for men. Finally, a channel that will hopefully show nothing but cop shows, soft core pron (hey, I can dream), anything to do w/fixin shiat, and more soft core porn. Throw in some ppl gettin beat up and we have a winner.

Mix in anything w/hooters exposed for additional flavor.
2003-04-15 05:53:42 PM  
Have you ever seen their show Thunderdome. It's so bad it's almost good. It's like watching soft core porn without the porn and instead of a beadroom, they have all these dumb American Gladiatoresque battles. But the women are hot and are getting totally exploited. Quality family prgraming is late night TNN.
2003-04-15 05:57:57 PM  

Thanks for adding something to my "holy farkin hell it's 3am, I'm naked except for ripped underwear, intoxicated, and in perpetual self scratching mode, but need somethin to watch" list.
2003-04-15 06:03:20 PM  
And, for the geeks they have the Trek marathons.

Not to mention the killing of game on the weekends, also building trucks and cars, etc...
2003-04-15 06:09:41 PM  
Ren and Stimpy is returning to TV on TNN/Spike TV sometime this year. That's one good thing.
2003-04-15 06:12:25 PM  
It's true about Ren & Stimpy! Also true that just last nite I saw boobie twice on CSI. Full blown barly covered boobie.

I like Spike TV already!
2003-04-15 06:49:16 PM  
If Ren and Stimpy will be on that will be my sole reason for hoping this channel lasts.
2003-04-15 07:00:40 PM  
A channel named after this guy?

[image from too old to be available]

I mean, he did Buffy, but he doesn't need his own channel.

/Sarah Michelle Gellar hotness
2003-04-15 07:01:28 PM  
Maybe it's this Spike they have in mind:
[image from too old to be available]
2003-04-15 07:55:54 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
Maybe this Spike?

It will call itself Spike TV and become the first network aimed specifically at men.

Unlike ESPN, YES network, Spice channel.....
2003-04-15 08:07:38 PM  
Should've never dropped the NASHVILLE part of thier moniker...
2003-04-15 08:48:36 PM  
Just leave me Real TV. Dumbasses on Parade. I love it. If there was a channel that just showed Real TV, Cops, Southpark and The Man Show, I'd be in heaven.
2003-04-15 09:08:08 PM  
...the History, Discover Channel, Sci-fi Network...
2003-04-15 09:55:53 PM  
it's gotta be this spike...
[image from too old to be available]
2003-04-15 10:14:03 PM  
Just give us the farking Star Trek channel already. You know you want to.
2003-04-15 10:14:15 PM  
no, it's this one...
[image from too old to be available]
2003-04-15 10:18:23 PM  
any bets on how long before they go belly-up?

Im giving them 17 months, anyone else?
2003-04-15 10:20:04 PM  
"... and become the first network aimed specifically at men."
i thought tv WAS just for men. i mean, what good man lets his woman out of the kitchen long enough to watch it?
2003-04-15 10:22:14 PM  
Seriously, TNN was one the few channels I'd actually watch. Spike? Meh, I'll still watch it.
2003-04-15 10:22:48 PM  
Despite the name, Hecht promises the network will be no He-Man Woman Hater's Club.

"We'll be unapologetically male," he said. "But it will also be a place where women are welcomed."

Well, I do know more women that watch the Man Show then men.
2003-04-15 10:23:07 PM  
Boys, we got a channel with a dog collar on
Think we oughta' throw ol' Spike a bone?

Hey Spike, what do you like?

2003-04-15 10:23:15 PM  
If they show a healthy sprinkling of bare boobies their ratings will go up. Especially if they just randomly inserted them between comercials.

You know watching TV show... goes to commercial about beer... 10 second shot of naked girl on a trampoline... a commercial about whiskey... back to the show
2003-04-15 10:24:10 PM  
An entire network dedicated to this guy:

[image from too old to be available]
2003-04-15 10:25:47 PM  
The first channel aimed at men, since... ESPN, ESPN2, Comedy Central, Playboy Channel, Fox, etc., etc. Practically every channel aims to maximize its Male 18-34 demographic.
2003-04-15 10:26:05 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Unavailable for comment.

2003-04-15 10:26:20 PM  
I still hate the F$kn bar at the bottom of the screen. Let's hope it goes with the old name.
2003-04-15 10:28:39 PM  
Its most popular programs, Monday's two WWE wrestling shows, are off 22 percent in viewership

The prime demographic is most certainly not watching. The trailer trash demographic on the other hand...
2003-04-15 10:29:14 PM  
Boy, I'm so glad they're the ones with all the Star Trek rights...

razzle frazzle...
2003-04-15 10:29:32 PM is a good page, is a pretty good read.
2003-04-15 10:30:13 PM  
2003-04-15 10:30:33 PM  
Now showing 24/7 reruns of the Man Show Uncensored. Then I might watch it. Just for the Juggies, mind you.
2003-04-15 10:30:56 PM  
I love TNN. It's almost like I was 13 years old and was allowed carte blanc to program an entire network.

Now that I'm 28, if they allowed me to program a network my tastes would be a little more advanced. But I'll still watch TNN.

Now if only they would bring back TV's "Sledghammer" in reruns.
2003-04-15 10:31:25 PM  
/Sam Kinison on

You know why they call it BET? 'CAUSE TNN WAS ALREADY TAKEN!

/Sam Kinison off...truly subtle, truly offensive racist humor.
2003-04-15 10:32:02 PM  
A network targeted at men? Isn't that what Playboy, Adam and Eve and other porn channels are targeted at already?
2003-04-15 10:32:13 PM  
Lifetime, Oxygen and the Women's Entertainment network all seek female viewers.

Those channels have done a hell of a job to keep me from watching. Lifetime is the worst. It's not television for women, it's television for stupid women. Fark that, give me some shows that tell me with vibrator is going to get me off quickest, and show some real male hotness fer christ's sake, none of this John Stamos/Mark Harmon sh*t!

2003-04-15 10:33:38 PM  
I'm sure Stripperella will be right at home.
2003-04-15 10:33:53 PM  
Why not NAG? the 'Necks and Geeks Channel?

2003-04-15 10:34:58 PM  
First network targeted at men? Uh, because the ladies just can't get enough of that ESPN, right?
2003-04-15 10:35:13 PM  
Hey, anything's better than The New The National Network. Vinnie Mac's gotta improve Raw, that will get SPIKE the ratings it needs to survive.

Hey, it shows A-Team reruns, that's OK by me.

I do hope they don't drop the "Would know." commercials. That Klingon chick WAS kinda hot.
2003-04-15 10:36:45 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-04-15 10:39:36 PM  
they can try all they want, but the Discovery channel, with shows like, Monster Garage, American Choppers, and Motor Madness (anyone see that punkin' chunkin' contest?) is the ultimate man channel. Thow in some boobie shows and they'll have the market cornered.
2003-04-15 10:40:03 PM  
Now if only they would bring back TV's "Sledghammer" in reruns.

Ha. That show was great. I wonder how many other people actually remember it.
2003-04-15 10:40:16 PM  
spike tv, eh? I wonder if that'll effect their plans for their upcoming Adult Swim-eque animation block. more info:
2003-04-15 10:40:50 PM  
The first all wrestling channel?
2003-04-15 10:42:24 PM  
Darkhairedgirl - gotta agree. Lifetime sucks major, green, gangrenous ass. It's a primer for barefoot and pregnant trailer trash codependent bullshiat - perfect, though, if you're aiming to train up another generation of "Docta Pheee-ullll" candidates...

Yup, TNN by any other name still sucks. Except for Trek re-runs.
2003-04-15 10:42:57 PM  
S ure
P eople
I ntentionally
K eep
E xtrapolating

but, it's really just

T erribly
N asty
N etworking
2003-04-15 10:43:53 PM  

The discovery channel? F8cK them. Praticly every show on it is about Canada or takes place in Canada. BORING.
2003-04-15 10:43:55 PM  
I always called the lifetime network "TNN for women"
2003-04-15 10:44:01 PM  
Not the first to say it, but it's gonna need some p0rn.
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