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(   It's official -- the "March 8" publicity campaign was for a novel   ( divider line
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66 clicks; posted to Main » on 15 Apr 2003 at 2:07 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-04-15 02:04:51 PM  
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2003-04-15 02:09:59 PM  
But it's April 15th.

2003-04-15 02:10:21 PM  
"Since October last year, hundreds of thousands of people around the world have enjoyed following the adventures of a man known only as HM, and his build-up to revealing a conspiracy at "

Enjoyed? Hundreds of thousands of people around the world? What?!? Sounds like a poopy book, too.
2003-04-15 02:11:12 PM  
2003-04-15 02:11:30 PM  
Piece of shiat.
2003-04-15 02:11:56 PM  
If youd idn't know this was fake, I have some moon photos that I need to show you.

The gullibility of people shoudl never be underestimated.
2003-04-15 02:12:07 PM  
Did I miss something here?
2003-04-15 02:12:10 PM  
Bah! I'm tired. Hey you! Make with a funny picture of that Simpson's episode with the angel fossil used to advertise a shopping mall. And make it snappy!
2003-04-15 02:12:44 PM  
2003-04-15 02:14:19 PM  
And now this can finally take that last step into obscurity, having only been an inch away from day one.
2003-04-15 02:14:50 PM  
Well, farkers (not me, didn't know about it) apparently fell for it.
2003-04-15 02:15:03 PM  
2003-04-15 02:15:12 PM  
Looocy - you have some splainin to do! WTF is this all about?
2003-04-15 02:16:40 PM  
No, no one fell for it. The disclaimer all along said it was to build publicity for a work of fiction.

Plus when March 8th came around, it was some of the worst photoshopping anywhere.
2003-04-15 02:17:10 PM  
I read the postings on the site.

If this guy wrote the novel as poorly as he wrote the site, his 15 minutes are already over.

/grammar police
2003-04-15 02:17:15 PM  
I liked it. People were so freaked when it first came out. I like when stuff like that happens. Masses (okay, maybe not masses) but still lots of people were scared
2003-04-15 02:17:38 PM  
Novel? Who reads?
2003-04-15 02:17:42 PM  
pretty weak-assed publicity.
Never heard of it, and still don't care.
2003-04-15 02:17:45 PM  
1) The what? What campaign? What did I miss?

2) Wakeman, eh?

[image from too old to be available]
2003-04-15 02:18:38 PM  
we have all been used.
2003-04-15 02:18:52 PM  
Apparently the publicity wasn't all that, I never heard about it.
2003-04-15 02:19:02 PM  
Go My Birthday, it's your birthday.

cause march 8th is my birthday?
it sounded better in my head than on screen.
2003-04-15 02:19:48 PM  
The gullibility of people shoudl never be underestimated.

To paraphrase Carlin, "Think about how stupid the average person is. Then realize that half of the people are stupider than them!"

2003-04-15 02:20:51 PM ?
2003-04-15 02:21:09 PM  
Unless the Daily Show covers it, it's not really news.

But seriously, it was interesting on paper, but that's where it should have stayed. When I first encountered it, I was somewhat annoyed by the lameness and the naive idea that this would impress people.

2003-04-15 02:21:38 PM  
Hooray for Rick Wakeman~~~!

3horn, I've never heard that quote but it scares me now...
2003-04-15 02:21:51 PM  
and I care.....why?
2003-04-15 02:21:55 PM  
2003-04-15 02:22:23 PM  
"It's official - the "8 Mile" movie campaign was for a novel idiot from the Detroit suburbs."

There, I like this headline better !

2003-04-15 02:22:32 PM  
The only reason I ever bought Le Carre's novel, the Gentlemen of July 16th was that its my birthday. OK Le Carre wrote it...
But there's no way I'd buy the March 8th book if it fell on my birthday.
2003-04-15 02:22:50 PM  
/drops pants and moons monitor
2003-04-15 02:22:51 PM  
I don't mean to echo what's already been said here, but how could someone have been fooled by this site? If you read the disclaimer, which iirc, the site said to do FIRST, you learn it was all a publicity gimmick.

Even if you don't read the disclaimer, why would a site that supposedly reveals a vast international conspiracy need a disclaimer?

Hopefully the book was spell- and grammar-checked before publication.
2003-04-15 02:23:09 PM  
For anyone who actually read it or knows what's going on (Kreskin?), is this something like the Celestine Prophecy? If so, I'm not interested.
2003-04-15 02:23:48 PM  
Did anyone else find the pictures released on March 8th to be very disappointing? I know I did.

2003-04-15 02:23:49 PM  
So it's a novel...which will eventually become a movie,then most likely a video game...everybody's guesses were right after all.
2003-04-15 02:25:17 PM  
In the meantime, HM discovered that a symbol on the medallion matched an emblem that was painted on the nose of a secret craft that belongs to the military. This connection will not be understood until five years later.

2003-04-15 02:27:12 PM  
I wish I knew what the hell you all were talking about.

None of the pictures come up for me on that link (and it seems to be all pictures).
2003-04-15 02:27:51 PM  
Best. Tomfoolery. Ever. Not.

The book cover is just BEGGING to be photoshopped.
2003-04-15 02:28:36 PM  
2003-04-15 02:28:44 PM  
who controls the british pound?
who robs cave fish of their sight?

is it this march 8 thingy?
2003-04-15 02:29:05 PM  
I just remembered I forgot about that.
2003-04-15 02:29:07 PM  
"Stupid", eh?
Looks like SOMEbody's really gullible....
2003-04-15 02:29:34 PM  
Bleh. And if not for the incredibly annoying/crappy publicity campaign, I might have actually picked this up. Now, though, I know to stay the hell away from it.
2003-04-15 02:30:03 PM  
Isn't there a guy on Fark that's doing something like this? He's mostly in the political threads, but he's always getting yelled at and he posts his website a lot. Self promotion...

2003-04-15 02:31:32 PM  
Sorry, what's this all about?

Was i supposed to know about this? Did i miss a meeting?
2003-04-15 02:32:10 PM  
This site is blocked for 'violence' by my system admin. doh! Sounds stupid though. Can you say 'Blair Witch Project'? My 2 favorite website hoaxes are the ones for the mother's against violent videogames that had all kinds of fake facts and compared videogames to heroin (I actually wrote in to that one to yell at them. doh!). And that crazy teenage girl's website where she talked about how her and her boyfriend were saving themselves for marriage, and her virgin boyfriend had genital warts. That one was great because of all the comments in the guestbook.
2003-04-15 02:32:14 PM from Robert Heinlein's books?

2003-04-15 02:35:14 PM  
I believe I need to cut my usage of the word 'doh' by 50%, naw make it 100%.
2003-04-15 02:35:37 PM  

Gee, is that was that is?
2003-04-15 02:36:06 PM  
Fire your publicity consultant. Now.
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