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(TDN)   Cat being chased by dog jumps into tree while dog runs off 70-foot cliff right next to tree (dog is fine)   ( divider line
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89 clicks; posted to Main » on 15 Apr 2003 at 3:36 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-04-15 01:36:03 PM  
I somehow knew this was a Dalamtion before I even opened the link...
2003-04-15 02:25:05 PM  
Folded_Soup I don't know. How?
2003-04-15 02:32:06 PM  
They're pretty thick-headed, one-thought-at-a-time dogs. Dalmations, that is (pardon my spelling earlier). Spend enough time around one and you can easily picture the scene.
2003-04-15 02:45:15 PM  
We had this hound when I was a kid we'd keep tied up in a field beside the house on a clothesline so he could move around. He caught sight of something one day and ran like a bastard after it; Until he hit the end of the clothesline. His ass went up in the air from underneath him and he hit the ground upside down. I don't think I've ever heard my dad laugh that hard. (dog was fine)
2003-04-15 02:59:14 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
Stupid inferior dogs.
2003-04-15 03:22:35 PM  
I'll bet it sounded like this :

Woof Woof Woof Woof Woof Woof Woof Wo-
2003-04-15 03:40:56 PM  
Toonces is getting more clever by the day.
2003-04-15 03:41:02 PM  
Meshman, that reminds me of my friend's dog. They did the same thing (clipping it to the clothesline). Came home one day to find the basement window smashed out.

The dog hung itself - literally.
2003-04-15 03:41:08 PM  
Remember - chasing pussy often leads to trouble.
2003-04-15 03:41:36 PM  
What no wiley coyote pics? : (
2003-04-15 03:41:57 PM  
Hmmmfh. I thought dogs could fly. Isn't that they have wings?
2003-04-15 03:43:00 PM  
Meep meep!
2003-04-15 03:43:32 PM  
further evidence that cats are way way smarter than dogs.
2003-04-15 03:43:33 PM  
Classic Looney Tunes
2003-04-15 03:43:54 PM  
Heh. Go cats! Don't get me wrong-I love dogs but they can be dumber than a bag of hammers at times.
2003-04-15 03:44:15 PM  
When will pooches learn that only Farkers can kill kittens?
2003-04-15 03:44:18 PM  
While I am definitely an animal lover, I still have to wonder how much of the taxpayers' money went into this complicated-sounding dog rescue.
2003-04-15 03:44:47 PM  
for mjording

[image from too old to be available]
(I was looking for the "yipe!!!" ones.)
2003-04-15 03:45:03 PM  
Especially dalmatians.
2003-04-15 03:45:52 PM  
First thing to pop in my mind....
2003-04-15 03:46:24 PM  
"Th-th-th-that's all Folks !"
2003-04-15 03:47:10 PM  
Fetch BoBo!
2003-04-15 03:47:53 PM  
Sit Ubu Sit! Good Dog!


/got nuttin'
2003-04-15 03:47:59 PM  
THank you PUCKHEAD I can now stop farking a happy person

2003-04-15 03:48:50 PM  
MORNINGBREATH: Dogs don't have wings...maxi pads do! Thank you for all your help on this.
2003-04-15 03:49:10 PM  
i recently changed the default font for my browser. now everyone looks so much more refined.
good day my fellow respectable farkers.
2003-04-15 03:49:21 PM  
wait i'm not farking a happy person
i mean i'm a farking happy person
no wait i mean

fark it
i'm going home
2003-04-15 03:51:10 PM  
Of course the dog wasn't injured. He landed on his head.
2003-04-15 03:51:18 PM  
Glad the dog's okay: needs OBVIOUS tag.
2003-04-15 03:51:22 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

There it goes...
2003-04-15 03:51:42 PM  
I thought the annoying yellow bird ran everything, and him and the dog were allies against the cat. Huh.

/cartoon revisionism
2003-04-15 03:52:47 PM  
Oh Bunny, Ball-Ball.
2003-04-15 03:53:37 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Ha ha!
2003-04-15 03:53:50 PM  
Stupid dog shouldn't have looked down. If Looney Tunes taught me anything it's that if you don't acknowledge the fact that you are 50,000 ft in mid-air, you can walk back onto solid ground.
2003-04-15 03:54:41 PM  
04-15-03 03:41:08 PM LoveLola
Remember - chasing pussy often leads to trouble.

I really did laugh out loud. Nice.
2003-04-15 03:55:03 PM  
That cat and dog should learn to live together, despite the inevitable result of such a union.../wink
PS Not all dogs would do this. Those people with dumb dogs have to check out border collies to find some canine intelligence.
2003-04-15 03:58:25 PM  
This is a wonderful story for those of us dealing with the dog vs. cat scenarios. I love dogs, but yes, they can be really, really stupid... We had a dog when I was little that would chase birds into a tree and end up slamming against the tree himself. DUH!!!

In this case, the cat definitely had the upper paw...

Glad the dog is OK, though!
2003-04-15 03:58:35 PM  

[image from too old to be available]

2003-04-15 03:58:45 PM  
They can co-exist!
[image from too old to be available]
2003-04-15 03:58:48 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Name: Daniel
Age: 3
Height: 3'
Weight: 100lbs
Personality: Cheerful. Stupid. Drools a lot.
2003-04-15 03:59:12 PM  
As a few have posted already but worth saying again.....

The first image that popped into my head was Wylie E. Coyote bounding off a cliff as he chased Roadrunner. Still pretty funny.

And I wonder why people at work are looking at me strange as I chuckle to myself - Okay - maybe not
2003-04-15 04:00:02 PM  
I present Bosco the wonder dog, the smartest dog ever. Yes, he is as sweet as he looks.
2003-04-15 04:00:04 PM  
I wonder if the dog ran in mid-air for a few seconds before falling.
2003-04-15 04:00:18 PM  
Then how do you explain this Sackafire?

[image from too old to be available]
2003-04-15 04:00:50 PM  
Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together, mass hysteria!
2003-04-15 04:02:18 PM  
Yay! Cats are teh 0wnage!
2003-04-15 04:02:26 PM  
God I hate dogs. I was in the pet the store the other day and they were selling dogs for $700 a pop. Then I looked over at the cat cage and they were $50. After this article, the cat price is looking better and better.
2003-04-15 04:03:37 PM  
Damned "photoisland" unfetchable images.

Try this again:
[image from too old to be available]
2003-04-15 04:04:51 PM  
Thank you, Brazil!

Real wrath of God type stuff.
2003-04-15 04:04:53 PM  
I've owned dozens of cats and dogs over the years and loved them all.

Ah... but if you are looking for a dedicated companion that will give his life for you... You never think cat.
2003-04-15 04:06:58 PM  
cats suck.
2003-04-15 04:07:34 PM  
"Ah... but if you are looking for a dedicated companion that will give his life for you... You never think cat."

So you need that kind of assurance, Focker?...A dog is very easy to break.
2003-04-15 04:07:35 PM  
Last year my stupid mutt spotted a ceramic deer in some guys yard and decided to stalk it. After a couple of minutes of sneaking up behind it, he pounced. At this point he finally realized it was not a real deer. So, without missing a beat he lifted up his leg and pissed on it. Took me five minutes to regain my composure.
2003-04-15 04:12:16 PM  
So you need that kind of assurance, Focker?...A dog is very easy to break.

Ignored the first part of my my post did you? Cats are easy to break too. It's all a mater of stimulus response and understanding the animals psychology.

Dogs are loyal pack animals. Once you are the alpha male you can do no wrong.

If you want to read something into my psychology, while ignoring the fact that I've owned and loved many cats, have at it.
2003-04-15 04:12:33 PM  
Dalmations are a little dumber than most dogs.

But dogs are dogs,
and they beat hell out of owning a cat.
2003-04-15 04:13:22 PM  
border collies are smart, but obsessive. mine will sit outside a woodpile that a squirrel disappeared into for a good three weeks, without ever seeing the squirrel again. it's hard to coax her back in to eat, and when she's done, back to the woodpile. or wherever she saw a squirrel weeks before.
2003-04-15 04:13:48 PM  
and they taste better than dogs too
2003-04-15 04:14:59 PM  
it doesn't surprise me it was a dalmation, they aren't the smartest dogs in the world. my old dogs used to climb up cliffs, thought they were damn mountain goats. i think they enjoyed giving me friggin heart attacks.
2003-04-15 04:15:03 PM  
I had a dog once that was chasing a cat. it chased the cat right into the street. my neighbor was driving his pickup down the same road. WAM. the dumb dog ran right into the side of the truck. killed itself. lots of blood. stupid dog. i'm gonna go crawl into the fetel position and cry now.
2003-04-15 04:15:04 PM  
MORNINGBREATH: obviously that photo was doctored. Again, thank you for your assistance.
2003-04-15 04:16:55 PM  
border collies are smart, but obsessive.

I owned a couple border collies as a kid. I grew up on a cattle farm. They are quite hyper and have endless energy. Great dog for a kid in the country.

I've only ever owned one cat that was a breed. That was a Persian. All the rest have been strays of, shall we say, diverse heritage.
2003-04-15 04:17:24 PM  
Dogs have owners.
Cats have staff.
2003-04-15 04:19:31 PM  
Maui Haui: That damned dog of yours just keeps getting cuter... Could ya' do something to make him ugly, please? :-)

Hey there avixxen2!!! How is you? Gotta go play slave later for MandM - she's moving today.
2003-04-15 04:20:27 PM  
can someone post that great jackalope picture that i saw a week or two ago in comments? i suddenly feel the insatiable urge to see jackalope.

/threadjack... alope?
2003-04-15 04:22:14 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-04-15 04:23:09 PM  
Cats are for girls.
2003-04-15 04:23:19 PM  
I have nice cats that listen and obey.

I like cats too, but how in the heck do you get them to obey??!?
2003-04-15 04:26:11 PM  
Sweetass, JohnDX, he looks waaaay regal. On topic, I don't think my big fat cat would bother to run and climb the tree.... she'd take the "I'm gonna scratch your eyes out' route...
2003-04-15 04:27:56 PM  
Remember - chasing pussy often leads to trouble

Best line of the day

2003-04-15 04:28:41 PM  
I'm glad to see Sylvester the cat win once in a while. You know, in Looney Toons.

[image from too old to be available]
2003-04-15 04:32:12 PM  
I'm shocked noone has mentioned cartoons. In particular, the Looney Toons cartoons. I believe they featured characters who were often chased and falling.
2003-04-15 04:33:43 PM  
Ignored the first part of my my post did you?

Uh, that was just a movie reference. No need to be snippy, he was just playing.

I thought it was pretty funny.
2003-04-15 04:34:49 PM  
Cats rule, dogs drool.

(More of a cat person, but I like dogs too)
2003-04-15 04:35:47 PM  
Be good to them John anything...R E S P E C T

I do respect him, and I pet him, and I feed him, he just doesn't listen! Argh! He likes to do his own thing, I guess. Feh.
2003-04-15 04:41:24 PM  
I heard the reason why Dalmations were the original fireman dogs because they were one of the only breeds to willingly jump into a fire.

Go, Pongo!
2003-04-15 04:44:16 PM  
Cats are smart and Dogs are not.

2003-04-15 04:44:32 PM  
actually it was always the dog that got the worst of it-
case in point: Foghorn Leghorn is always whackin' the dog
in the arse, lets him run to the end of his line, then
paints his tongue green. as kids, Mel Blanc had his summer
home a couple of doors over, and on occasion he'd get us kids up on his porch, and do his characters for us- Early
Comedy gold, left us all hooked to looney tunes for life.

Enthropic: wanna buy a drooling cat? I have one....
2003-04-15 04:49:37 PM  
I have always heard that Dalmatians are the most likely to turn on you.

/sorry mods
2003-04-15 04:51:53 PM  
I'll bet it sounded like this :

Woof Woof Woof Woof Woof Woof Woof Wo-

Sven_Burger- sounds like what happened to our friends' dog Moose when a skunk got into their house one time. He immediately bolted downstairs to investigate and all the folks upstairs heard was "WOOFWOOFWOOFWOOFWOOF!!!" *pause* "YIPEYIPEYIPEYIPEYIPE!!!" as he got sprayed. The funny thing is that our own dog was about to run down as well, heard Moose's reaction to the skunk and immediately changed her mind. ;)
2003-04-15 04:57:09 PM  
we are a nation of dog lovers. They always give unconditional love.
2003-04-15 04:57:57 PM  
" and he was all like, woof woof woof woof woof woof"

/sorry use of cliche, Sven_Burger's post reminded me of it"
2003-04-15 05:01:54 PM  
Speaking of dogs.... "D'ahhhhhhhh, whaddya think's in the burgers?"
Kat [TotalFark]
2003-04-15 05:03:10 PM  
yup, once again, this is me..unsurprised.

This is MY Basko:
[image from too old to be available]

isn't he cute?
2003-04-15 05:15:55 PM  
I like my cats. We sing songs together.
2003-04-15 05:17:15 PM  
AWWWW!!! Cute wittle German Shephard in Kat's post... *pets*

*German Shephard lover* They're highly intelligent, y'know. Unlike those nitwit Dalmations. And don't even get me started on those little yappy dogs. Every time one of those little bastards yap yap yap yap yaps at me I try SO hard to resist the urge to see how far I can make that little farker fly with a good solid kick.
Kat [TotalFark]
2003-04-15 05:26:31 PM  
Actually, Basko is a doll, he can turn his game face on and off with the blink of an eye.

German Shepherds are, in my opinion, one of the best breeds out there. They're hardworking, full of drive, smart, and completely loyal. I wuv them.
2003-04-15 05:32:22 PM  
My daughter, Jenny. Half German Shephard, quarter Chow, quarter Skipperke (sp?). She's not dumb enough to go flying off a cliff. If anything the squirrel would be chasing her. Lord knows I've seen her bolt like mad from a rabbit before. Evil damn bunnies terrorizing my little baby.
2003-04-15 05:34:06 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Link in case the image doesn't work again. << plain text in case the filters feel like raping me today.
2003-04-15 05:42:08 PM  
That was every cartoon I've ever watched all rolled up in one article. G_d, that was funny...
2003-04-15 05:42:45 PM  
In French film, dogs kill babies. :)

[image from too old to be available]
2003-04-15 05:49:56 PM  
I realize its hip to love animals like no tomorrow but has anyone wondered what it cost to rescue this dog? I love animals but this guy should be paying for the rescue. Same with those ding dongs that get stuck on mountains. I dont want to pay for it...

yes thats right hate me now!!!
2003-04-15 05:53:57 PM  
You know, some people have rightly wondered "what it cost to rescue this dog."

I would guess it didn't cost you or I anything more than gas money to drive out there. If the rescue was carried out by fire/rescue personell, it's not like they charge on a per-rescue basis. They get paid for being on duty, whether it's rescuing a dog or sitting at the station, cleaning equipment. It's not like they called in a helicopter or anything...
2003-04-15 06:05:38 PM  
I think that cat saw one to many Tom & Jerry cartoons.
2003-04-15 06:06:27 PM  
Castle Rock? Could Stephen King be reached for comment?
2003-04-15 06:51:01 PM  

(The computer geeks will get that)
2003-04-15 06:53:44 PM  
Borders are just great dogs, as long as you keep your end of the deal and work 'em. Keep them occupied or they will find their own activity.

/Plug/ If any N CA farkers are interested in keeping such a deal, I'm fostering a very good one currently. See 'Scout' on the N CA BC Rescue site. Poor likeness below. /Unplpug/

[image from too old to be available]
2003-04-15 06:54:36 PM  
Cat was on foot cause his license was suspended.

[image from too old to be available]
2003-04-15 07:02:09 PM  
This is me and my thong pussy.
2003-04-15 07:04:06 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
This is me and my thong pussy.
2003-04-15 07:34:22 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

2003-04-15 07:49:24 PM  
Our dog decided she was gonna chase a quail in the desert outside our house one day, and silly me, I dropped the leash and let her. She got about an inch from the bird when it ran under a creosote bush. Dog hits the brakes. Runs around the bush to continue the chase. Dog gets close again, this time the bird runs up a cactus.
Guess what... stupid dog tried to follow it. YIPE YIPE!!!! And then she kept trying. I spent an hour plucking cactus spines outta her paw. Dogs are cool, but boy they can be dumb.
2003-04-15 08:10:41 PM  
What about when cats get stuck in a tree or on a tall pole?
2003-04-15 08:43:38 PM  
Dogs are unbelievably fantastic. Cats? Let's just say that (with the help of Boobies links) I have been working overtime to keep their numbers down.
2003-04-15 09:21:48 PM  

Have at "Meet The Parents." That's where I got the Focker quote from. Then chill out.
2003-04-15 09:33:06 PM  
Have any of you that share your houses with cats(notice I didn't say owned cats), ever notice that people who hate cats are always very quick to let everyone know it? It seems they are very proud of it.

Just an observation on my part.
Kat [TotalFark]
2003-04-15 09:45:10 PM  
My cat is sweet, she's not like other cats. Some people's cats piss me off. I like cats that are more like dogs, Winks friend Whitney has one cat that I'm pretty darn sure is a dog. Daze will sit on the sofa and lick your forehead for hours, it's crazy. She wouldn't stop licking me one time when we were watching Conan...I'd push her away, but she'd come back for more!
2003-04-15 09:56:05 PM  
ProgeriaKid, calm down. You'll get old before your time.
2003-04-15 10:25:08 PM  
Gwinny: Not sure whether you're suggesting that the owner should pay, or that the dog should have been sacrificed, all alone, miserable and abandoned, at the bottom of a cliff ('Cat lover!' he hissed and spat).

I wonder what the true out-of-pocket cost of that rescue was, anyway. Looks to me like it was an opportunity for the firemen, a fixed cost, to do a useful thing. Maybe they burned a few gallons of gas--what else?
2003-04-15 11:32:24 PM  
04-15-03 09:45:10 PM Kat
My cat is sweet, she's not like other cats.

I gotta laugh, this reminds me of the infamous "List of Things Guys Wish Women Knew". Somewhere in the top ten was:

We hate your cat. And no, it's not different, it's just like every other cat.
2003-04-16 06:29:45 AM  
She wouldn't stop licking me one time when we were watching Conan...I'd push her away, but she'd come back for more!

That's a much better image if you take it out of context.
2003-04-25 07:51:38 PM  
hah! who was it that was saying, just a few days ago in a thread here that dogs were smarter than cats! The stupidest cat i've ever seen was a genius compared to the smartest dog I've seen.
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