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(Washington Post)   Bill O'Reilly pulls a Trent Lott. In other news, this is the 500,000th link   ( divider line
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2003-04-16 12:11:57 AM  
just saying my grats!
2003-04-16 12:21:22 AM  
If you look hard enough you can find racism in anything. What he said was not meant as anything bad.
Blacks are always looking for a scapegoat, or a meal ticket.
And this guy won't let them walk on him.
2003-04-16 12:54:39 AM  
Well, I guess we don't have to look very hard to find the racism in Slave2grind.

Scapegoats and meal tickets? Are you a troll, or is that comment for real?

"Blacks are always...." Sheesh! What a maroon! Stop now before you get any farther behind!

He must be a troll...
2003-04-16 12:57:50 AM  
Oh, and congrats not only to Drew, but to all the little boys and girls out there in Farkistan. You're all awesome, even the freepers and trolls. Fark is my favorite web appliance, and I tip my hat to all posters near and far for gleaning and posting.

2003-04-16 01:20:24 AM  
I have a serious question for discourse, with nothing implied. I have noticed that often we speak of colonialism/post-war divying resulting in a new state with several nations within, i.e. Yugoslavia, Iraq, Nigeria, etc.

My question is this: why do we villify those who arbitrarily combined culturally dissonant groups into one state, when our own country (I speak of the US) is much the same? We have had (and still have) different and wildly-varying cultures in this country, yet the thought of seperating the "nation" into different cultural states horrifies most, and rightfully so. Why is the "moral" decision in every other country (again Yugoslavia, Israel/Palestine, et al.) to segregate so no one ever has to deal with anyone different, while in our own country it is seen as an awful decision?

I've pondered this for a long time and still have no real opinion on it. It seems that in some areas it may be the only decision Israel/Palestine for instance yet I'd like to think that all people can learn and mix with one another, resulting in the kind of multicultural influences we see in the US. Any thoughts?
2003-04-16 01:52:28 AM  
...and it seems I made it to the party about two hours after everyone else left.

Apparently Fark won't recognize em-dashes, the above should have read " may be the only decision -- Israel/Palestine for instance -- yet I'd like to think..."
2003-04-16 02:00:45 AM  
The US is diverse by choice, whereas the other countries you mentioned were forced to have multiple ethnic groups within them. Even in the US, hate crimes happen quite often. Everyone knows that it's gonna take an alien attack to truly unite the people of the world...
2003-04-16 02:06:07 AM  
This is not the 500,000th link. In fact, these Farks have not even submitted 50 links. These are all more lies and untruths. Their stomachs will roast in hell for telling these lies. God willing.

/Iraqi Information Minister
2003-04-16 02:15:26 AM  
Congrats opn 500k, now if only I could set up P-Shop.

I watch O'Reilly daily. Sometimes I agree with him and sometimes I don't. He does'nt give a hoot, just as long as he reports and analyzes a story with deabting sides (if they're not afraid to be on his show!). O'Reilly's statement reffered to the Best Man messing with the bride and groom's car by stealing the hubcaps as the traditon goes. Bill talked about the charity on Monday's show and mentioned he was the emcee and how viewers could donate to the same charity. He donates alot of money to charity and rarely publicizes his contributions, go on his website ( to find out. Bill does'nt care if you love him or hate him, his mail segements at the end of each show are either pro or anti a story or por or for Bill, he quips at both sides 50/50. Oh well, all I am hoping for is that this shows up as his "Most Ridiculous Item of the Day", with him being the 500k post on this site. Love him or hate him, O'Reilly says what he wants and it has showed, he has the highest rated cable news program last I heard...
2003-04-16 06:21:50 AM  
Gnomepoop: Where did you see him explain his remarks that way?
2003-04-16 09:59:39 AM  
2003-04-16 10:47:53 AM  
04-16-03 01:20:24 AM SavMan

I think it is because America has it's mix of cultures spread out. Every big city has a Chinatown, but there is not a China-state. Every state has it's share of rich people and poor people (OK, maybe CT has more richies!) but no region (eastcoast, south, rockies...) is destitute or obscenely wealthy.

Can you dig it, man?
It the case of, for example, Yugoslavia... almost all the Serbs are in one region. Almost all the muslems are in one region, and that region never has self rule. It was and is governed by the Serbs.
2003-04-16 11:33:24 AM  

ct also has its share of poor people. hartford ct is the 2nd poorest city in the U.S. behind brownsville tx.
2003-04-16 12:03:45 PM  
04-16-03 11:33:24 AM Vroomazoom

I know. I was just going for a cheap joke.
Come-on, man... Connecticut is funny.
2003-04-16 12:26:19 PM  

oh, ct is very funny. hartford is funny to. i recently moved here, and it may be the worst place i have ever been
2003-04-16 12:56:52 PM  
Hartford poorest place? Wow... wouldn't know it by the rent. That wouldn't have anything to do with the leaving of the insurance companies and the defense tech workers 10 years ago...
2003-04-16 04:27:33 PM  
One of my ex-es (not the porn queen) is from CT.
She was pretty nutty.
I dont know how we lasted 2 years.
2003-04-16 07:44:48 PM  
I'm tired of hearing Hanah complain that this guy is worse then Hitler
2003-04-16 07:49:18 PM  
I concur
2003-04-16 09:09:16 PM  
ToeKnee666 :
He did not say that himself but people who did'nt take his words out of context know that it is tradition for the best man to steel the bubcaps off of the bride and groom's car. In any respect, however, O'Reilly was treaded water by saying such an ambiguous statment that could be mistaken as a racial slur. On his show, this Monday, he mentioned how successful the charity he emceed was and how to donate to said charity. Surely, he would'nt be arrogant enough to make a racial remark at a charity he donates to and in front of people at the dinner. O'Rielly is "somewhat" arrogant and may get himself into more trouble into the future if does'nt watch what he is saying.
2003-04-16 11:29:09 PM  
Who gives a big monkey scrotum about what Bill O says?

Congrats on reaching 500,000, Fark! *cheers*
2003-05-08 12:05:34 AM  
my Boobies.
seems like an appropriate place for it.
2003-05-08 12:07:51 AM  
curses! i didn't type anything about boobies?!
2003-05-12 03:39:35 AM  
Nice try Mattos this one'll be mine. muahahahahha. the boobies pops up as a filter. welecome aboard fark
2003-05-12 11:48:39 PM  
i should have read the FArQ first. lot of info in that FArQ.
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