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2003-04-15 08:56:11 AM
Set phasers to "stiff".
2003-04-15 09:18:33 AM
Ahhhh.....Uhura is black?!

/ Peter - Family Guy
2003-04-15 10:20:34 AM
2003-04-15 10:23:19 AM
Take 2:

2003-04-15 12:02:15 PM
Ahh yes, the geeks spok ears should perk up on this one
2003-04-15 03:27:16 PM
Everytime a Star Trek nerd masturbates, God kills a tribble
2003-04-15 03:28:12 PM
Ahh, Jeri Ryan. She can assimilate me anyday.
2003-04-15 03:28:42 PM

Wasnt this on the wall of Scatman 'Jazz' Halloran's place in The Shining?
2003-04-15 03:29:21 PM
*golf clap* for TreeSurgeon
2003-04-15 03:29:52 PM
Where's Wil ?
2003-04-15 03:30:04 PM
Shatner did hit it
2003-04-15 03:30:22 PM
The first lady is pretty. Dunno about the rest.
2003-04-15 03:30:33 PM
Jeri Ryan = 7 of DD.
2003-04-15 03:30:59 PM
Beam IT up ,Scotty
2003-04-15 03:31:51 PM
MOre Jeri Ryan, less everyone else.
2003-04-15 03:32:11 PM
no no... 36 of D
2003-04-15 03:33:15 PM
Claudia Black is my favorite sci-fi chick. :)
2003-04-15 03:33:40 PM
I would NOT hit Troi.

2003-04-15 03:33:56 PM
*Please let them still have their weird alien make-up on!*
*Please let them still have their weird alien make-up on!*
*Please let them still have their weird alien make-up on!*
2003-04-15 03:34:38 PM
This is supposed to be attractive? I wouldn't hit this chick with Wil Wheaton's dick.

2003-04-15 03:35:04 PM
Zzzz... <snore>
2003-04-15 03:35:13 PM

Jeri Ryan may, technically, be "naked" from the waist up, but she has her back turned.
2003-04-15 03:35:27 PM
Regarding the 7 of 9 pics: There was a very brief scene in an episode of voyager where we saw her nude from the asscrack up, but from the back. They should have screen-caped those instead.
2003-04-15 03:36:06 PM
Zyxxyz, ya you would.
2003-04-15 03:36:32 PM
ZZYyxxx, you must not like women if you don't like Jeri Ryan.
2003-04-15 03:36:35 PM
Kittens are safe in the galaxy today.
2003-04-15 03:36:41 PM

well, that was scary. The pseudo-lesbian overtones of Denise Crosby combined with the 80's grooming issues of Marina Sirtis and the man head on a rack of Jeri Ryan.

And isn't Gates McFadden like 200 years old? Ew.

2003-04-15 03:37:06 PM

"Capt'n, this is Scotty. I've dpone all I can, but those pictures are gonna icrease the pressure on the warp engine, she's about to blow !"

2003-04-15 03:37:29 PM
I sense a disturbance in my pants
2003-04-15 03:37:36 PM
Uhura was always the hottest.

Hell, I'd be her love slave NOW!

Of course, Crusher was a close second.

Mmmm. Time warp induced Uhura - Crusher - Me three way.


I will no longer be able to concentrate for the rest of the day.
2003-04-15 03:38:11 PM
Where's Honk? He would enjoy a couple of pictures on this page...
2003-04-15 03:40:12 PM
Zyxxyz - for every one of those (bad pics), I could find three of these (good pics).
besides, she's got a great rack.

2003-04-15 03:41:30 PM
I betcha Wil has hit all of them.
2003-04-15 03:41:50 PM
That was as exciting as the naked Ewoks page...
2003-04-15 03:42:15 PM
Wasn't Denise Crosby in some soft porn thing on Skinemax?
2003-04-15 03:42:15 PM
Ah, now to apply the Vulcan Groin Pinch...
2003-04-15 03:42:28 PM
I don't get it. Troi's breasts were HUGE on the show.
2003-04-15 03:42:29 PM
Mmmmmm.......7 of 9? More like 69!

2003-04-15 03:43:16 PM
At first, I was like...

Mmm... Deanna Troi!

Then I was like...


I still don't think most of you asshats would turn her down.
2003-04-15 03:43:46 PM
Geekiest boobies link since the elf chicks.
2003-04-15 03:45:01 PM
Sorry, second link is NSFW
2003-04-15 03:45:47 PM
Those are all nice pics, but there are so many other hot actresses that have appeared on Star Trek. My personal fave is Nicole de Boer, but both Jolene Blalock and Linda Park rank highly with me.
2003-04-15 03:46:03 PM
I dunno know what it is about Jeri Ryan. Oh yeah I do, I wanna fcuk her.

Not that I've ever seen any of the new Trek series', but when was she on the show?
2003-04-15 03:46:15 PM
Jeri Ryan has an odd face, but she's hot. She has this aversion to showing skin, though. She was like Miss Illinois or something back in the day.
2003-04-15 03:46:51 PM
are there pics of ashley judd? she was on an episode of tng once, and wil got to lock lips with her. yippee!
2003-04-15 03:47:19 PM
Jeri Ryan Gallery

Safe for work.
2003-04-15 03:47:25 PM
Bass555:Wasn't Denise Crosby in some soft porn thing on Skinemax?

Red Shoe Diaries 2: Double Dare
2003-04-15 03:47:40 PM
Sweet photoshop Puckhead!
2003-04-15 03:49:12 PM
mmm... Jolene Blalock...

I wouldn't mind humping her face.
2003-04-15 03:50:06 PM
Uh, with all respect to her acting abilities and tremendous classy beauty...
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