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(Yahoo)   Roy Williams taking Tarheel job. Duke to suck even more next year   ( divider line
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22 clicks; posted to Main » on 14 Apr 2003 at 9:48 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-04-14 09:51:11 PM  
2003-04-14 09:51:48 PM  
I'm getting the impression that Roy Williams is a much bigger a-hole than the press wanted us to believe going into the NCAA Fials.
2003-04-14 09:53:27 PM  
Didn't this guy deny this story a week ago after the loss to 'Cuse ?
2003-04-14 09:53:50 PM  
Headlines to suck even more next year?
2003-04-14 09:53:50 PM  
I love how Kansas fired their AD last week and the guy basically fingered Roy for it. Now's the university is out of an AD and its head basketball coach.
2003-04-14 09:54:46 PM  
Roy's a toker, a smoker, a midnight choker
Can't win the national title!

Roy can't beat Duke, Maryland and the other good ACC teams

2003-04-14 09:55:25 PM  
Rumors has it that Matt Doherty might come to U of L as an assistant. I think he got a raw deal at NC. He's a good coach and recuiter, and maybe he'll think a couple years under Rick P will help his stock...
2003-04-14 09:55:49 PM  
Backstory: Roy Williams hates his Athletics Director.

Recent history: (Roy): I might stay if you fire the Athletic Director.

(KU): We'll call your bluff because we're desperate to keep you.

(Roy): Cool, thanks! signs contract inked with Dean Smith's jizm
2003-04-14 09:56:01 PM  
I hope Kansas wins next year to spite the bastard.

/NCSU fan
2003-04-14 09:56:45 PM  
UNC to cancel national championship celebrations for the duration.
2003-04-14 09:57:27 PM  
You think KU will play UNC next year?
2003-04-14 10:00:08 PM  
The entire state of Kansas falls into a state of depression.

Now, OU pwnz Kansas schools in EVERY sport.
2003-04-14 10:02:12 PM  
2003-04-14 10:07:19 PM  
2003-04-14 10:08:05 PM  
I wonder how much the head coaching job pays at UNC. $5,000,000 / year, maybe? Not bad for a girl's school.

/Another NCSU fan
2003-04-14 10:08:42 PM  
I'm getting the impression that Roy Williams is a much bigger a-hole than the press wanted us to believe going into the NCAA Fials.

Maybe, but I had the opportunity to meet him when I worked at the NCAA Tournament in 1998. He seemed like a very nice guy, and much more down to earth than some of the other "big" schools' coaches. (Side note: Rick Majerus was a nice guy, too, but he kept bumming change for the snack machine on the first day because he wore gym shorts to the press conference. No pockets.) I think there is some bad blood between him and the current AD at Kansas, who took over a few years ago after the departure of a close friend of Williams left the position. I think that had a lot to do with it.
2003-04-14 10:12:03 PM  
RobbieFal: Huh? Roy sent Duke packing this year, right before they offed Arizona.
2003-04-14 10:13:13 PM  
M.C.PeePants: Yeah, but they can't get over that whole problem of being in Oklahoma.
2003-04-14 10:13:46 PM  
Yes, it's really amusing because they just fired Bohls (I think that was his name) and it was strongly implied that he was fired so they could keep Roy.

Ah, well. Roy lost Collison and Hinrich to that most dreaded of events, graduation, so he has to find new boys...
2003-04-14 10:21:13 PM  
This one has me mystified. The guy leaves a premier program where he's building himself into a legend to go to another premier program that's farked up with selfish players, that didn't have the decency to wait until he was through the Final Four to create a controversy surrounding him, and where no matter what he does he'll sit squarely in Dean Smith's shadow.

This had st00pid written all over it.
2003-04-14 10:28:39 PM  
This sure does suck. I gotta say though, despite Roy leaving, I'm glad Bohl got fired. That guy was a huge douche. Roy leaving just means KU has to build another legend in the coaching position. Roy was an assistant that no one heard of when he came here 15 years ago, and look at him now. It'll probably take us a few years to get back to the top again, but we'll get there.
2003-04-14 10:39:24 PM  
Well said:

WHAT A HEEL: So, Roy Williams is homeward bound. I'm surprised, although I don't know that I should be. He has the chance to return to UNC as a savior, and that's hard to pass up.

But he's giving up his program to take over Dean Smith's. He's begging to be compared to Coach K twice or three times a year. Heck, he's going to play third-fiddle to Gary Williams for the next few years too. He's begging us to flush his reputation. The expectations are so high, but the payoff is honestly quite low.

Williams' decision was probably one based mainly in emotion. But the allure of UNC, especially now, is a fictional one. KU is a great program, and more importantly, his program. It's amazing, simply amazing, that a guy would give up his child to run back to his mother.
2003-04-14 10:52:40 PM  
I thought Doherty got a rew deal as well. Out of all the canidates tossed around though, Williams was the best choice. I have no delusions that UNC will suddenly be back on top, but I think the future is looking up for sure.

Go Heels!
2003-04-14 11:01:06 PM  
UNC has been picked by a bunch of those ESPN guys (Digger, Andy Katz, Vitale) to be top 10 - top 5 next year. I'm pretty excited about Roy coming. Think about it - Kryweski vs. Williams - Williams vs. Williams, it's going to be great for ACC basketball.
2003-04-14 11:02:05 PM  
For UNC fans/alums, it doesn't get any better than this.
2003-04-14 11:02:36 PM  
I agree, this is going to be great for ACC ball. I do feel bad for the Jayhawks though. Duke Carolina will be a good rivalry again!
2003-04-14 11:05:21 PM  
Who is going to be KU's new coach? Bill Self, Crean?
2003-04-14 11:32:28 PM  
The ACC is about to go CRAZY GO NUTS!!!

Very cool. Glad to have him home.

Sorry to the Kansas fans, you're losing a great coach. But I don't blame him at all. He did what he'd planned to do, he worked with Collison and Heinrich until they graduated. They were his cream of the crop. I wish they had gone out winners.

I do feel sorry for the Chancellor at KU, they're already trying to get rid of him in the alumni circles. Sad.
2003-04-14 11:33:12 PM  
Ramesees: Duke will suck no matter where Williams coaches.
2003-04-14 11:37:56 PM  
i cant wait to see the signs in comcast

"hey roy you're not in kansas anymore"
2003-04-14 11:38:45 PM  
Couple more things...

1) Very classy the way he handled his goodbye to the local reporters after the team meeting.

2) Fark Wayne Simien. That cry-ass makes it sound like Roy's the reason he got hurt. I'm sure that will play well with the NBA scouts...well, nevermind, he's never been that talented anyway.
2003-04-14 11:44:11 PM  
Geez, did you see that press conference? That speech was amazing!
2003-04-14 11:47:12 PM  
Wlfpack81: C'mon now, haven't you at least learned decent grammar over there in Raleigh? ;p

Hope you guys don't lose Sendek to Pitt, he's been great for the program.
2003-04-14 11:49:21 PM  
The Tarheels will return to prominence in NCAA Basketball. The games 'tween the 'Heels and "Devils will be the best rivalry in all of organized athletic competition. Go HEELS!!
2003-04-15 12:18:17 AM  
On a side note, after going 5-0 vs Big 12 Top 5 this season Syracuse early fave for 2004 Big 12 Championship...
2003-04-15 12:22:32 AM  
The line of prospective coaches at KU will be farking long, KU has only had one loosing coach, and he was a legend anyways.
Besides, the last coach to win the big one at KU was Larry Brown, not Roy Williams. No matter how you slice it, how many times you get to the sweet sixteen or final four, One national championship negates alot of "almost won it alls".
2003-04-15 12:25:01 AM  
Barfly: To quote Quin Snyder: "Slurp"

Admittedly, I dislike Duke more than most. Maybe it's the fact that if they were a public school, they'd be based in New Jersey. Or that the school doesn't give back to the Durham.

All this leads up to the fact that they use their teeth (in an unhealthy manner) while sucking. Bad form.

PS: No, I didn't apply, although I had a decent chance of getting in. Principles are the basis of a sound mind, right?
2003-04-15 12:25:20 AM  
2003-04-15 12:26:29 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-04-15 12:47:02 AM  
Maybe now Kansas won't steal all of Iowa's best players--Collison, Hinrich, and LaFrentz were all from Iowa, and Dr. Tom Davis' inability to keep them instate (along with Kyle Korver at Creighton) is part of what got him fired a couple years back. We'll see how Steve Alford does. Go Hawks!

/Iowa fan
2003-04-15 01:28:04 AM  
i usually can't stand all the "duke sucks" posts but that one was pretty funny...
2003-04-15 01:32:25 AM  
KU will continue to build its own legends... I can't understand why Roy skipped a chance to become a legend himself and preferred his alma mater.

Next year is gonna be an uphill climb, though :(
2003-04-15 04:22:24 AM  
Boomer Gooner.
2003-04-15 06:32:37 AM  
I think this will be good for the Dean Dome, Franklin Street, and everywhere in between! (If you've never taken that walk, you should try it sometime.)

I think Roy moved to be near his family, who is mostly in and around North Carolina. And to play golf with his friends Michael and Dean.

Dook sux!

Go Heels!
2003-04-15 08:27:27 AM  
It was only a week ago that he said "I don't give a shiat about North Carolina"
2003-04-15 09:00:31 AM  
Send Matt Doughtery to KU!!! hahaha
2003-04-15 09:17:35 AM  
If KU follows tradition the next KU coach will be Phil Ford. Here in KC everyone is whining about "them thiefs the tarheels" but KU has gone to the UNC well for its coaches for the past 3 decades...
2003-04-15 09:25:43 AM  
Tar Heels, not Tarheels. Two words, not one word.
2003-04-15 09:50:14 AM  
hey Roy, bite my ass
2003-04-15 09:51:35 AM  
Don't forget...Dean Smith played ball at KU. We may go to NC for our coaches but NC comes to us just to get started.
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