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(Boston Globe)   Man walks into men's room, unzips, encounters female janitor, gets sued   ( divider line
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386 clicks; posted to Main » on 14 Apr 2003 at 1:08 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-04-14 02:52:48 PM  
Anyone who can't handle seeing a pecker has no business in a mens' room. Period.

I've seen dozens of women in there at a time at concerts.

I don't care how many women are there. When I get ready to do business, I whip out the Willy & let 'er rip.
2003-04-14 02:54:31 PM  
What did he expect? Being a liberal he's spent his whole life telling people that they deserve something for nothing. Why was he surprised that it was his time to squeal like a pig? Obviously he was using his connections to get out of this case. He should have lost.
2003-04-14 02:56:18 PM  
aww, she was just begging to be bent over that toilet.
i'd have slapped her in the forehead wit it.
2003-04-14 02:56:57 PM  
At my office, the cleaning staff, usually just leaves the door open when they are cleaning so we know someone is in there, be it male or female. Usually when I see that I just mosey on the next nearest bathroom. Problem solved. No awkwardness.

Now if I could just find another job and get the hell out of this farked up company.
2003-04-14 02:57:00 PM  
"Would you like me to dust your ficas plant?"

/mr deeds
2003-04-14 02:59:13 PM  
i've walked into mens rooms before where women were cleaning. no sign on the door or anything. i have no problem peeing there. there was one time the woman just kept cleaning. who cares. i had a girl go down on me in a womens room once too. when we came out of the stall some old lasy gave us a wierd look. oh well.
2003-04-14 02:59:55 PM  
Silly janior attempted to use any stupid excuse just to get handouts.

My parents and their siblings, who's a first generation Vietnamese-American, is always disgusted and against with this aspect of the American Law System. So whoever said it's always the immigrants who always are litigious when it comes to this, that's not entirely true.
2003-04-14 03:02:23 PM  
I don't think that it says that his shlong was in his hands when he walked in to the bathroom. It just says that he "opened his pants." To my mind, that just means his fly was unzipped. Maybe he had to go really, really bad. Why he would be unzipping in the hallway is the only thing I can't figure.
2003-04-14 03:05:19 PM  

I personally am not looking for a random willie sighting...
2003-04-14 03:10:00 PM  
When I was 18 and working at a seafood chain restaurant that I won't name, part of my crappy duty was to clean the bathrooms. I always put a "cleaning in progress" sign in the hall to alert customers and left the bathroom door propped open with the cleaning cart as well. I only had a guy walking in on me while I was cleaning the men's room once. He saw me, smiled, and kept right on walkng to the urinal which he proceeds to use before I even had a chance to run out. I fled saying "Sorry!" to which he laughed and told me I didn't have to leave if I didn't want to. Nice huh? He could have went in the empty stall.
2003-04-14 03:17:08 PM  
CB-didja ever think the guys was trying to get his jollies?

I love that expression!
2003-04-14 03:19:08 PM  
LOL. Well Then I was just mortified.
2003-04-14 03:22:10 PM  
That's it.
With all my power and force, I command thee.
No more civil lawsuits and no more monitary fines.

There is only crime and prision.
I'm talking federal "pound you in the ass" prison.
People would sue a lot less if they could not make money off of it.
2003-04-14 03:23:24 PM  
Honestly, guys, how many of you have your cock out as soon as you come through the bathroom door?

Well no... but I'd like to think I could if I wanted to.
2003-04-14 03:29:29 PM  
Honestly, guys, how many of you have your cock out as soon as you come through the bathroom door?

How do you think I open the door?
2003-04-14 03:35:56 PM  
This idiot totally misuses the "scarlet letter." The scarlet letter is a mark of guilt upon a guilty person, not a mark of guilt upon an innocent one. Idiot.
2003-04-14 03:37:09 PM  
"Rock out with your cock out."
-Ronald Jeremy
2003-04-14 03:38:13 PM  
I had a friend of mine who was wrongfully accused of a trangression of a sexual nature. It followed him around for years. I hate the way that defendants in caese like these are assumed guilty until proven innocent.

/cautious and bitter
2003-04-14 03:40:30 PM  
Just to be sure I am never accused of sexual harassment at work, I fark all day and don't talk to anybody.
2003-04-14 03:42:40 PM  
04-14-03 03:35:56 PM And_then

Indeed. A New Englander of all people should not have made that mistake. It is bad form. This is a sad state of affairs.
2003-04-14 03:52:45 PM  
...and looking in your direction in Spanish.

How do you look at someone in Spanish?

Why, that's easy, just: mire a alguien
Man, I can't believe no one else thought of that. Maybe it's because I'm only the only pathetic enough to post it. Oh well.

Anyone, did anyone else think it was strange that the police actually took the original charges, that he made lewd comments, seriously when NONE of the 4 women spoke English? Did he make them in Spanish?

***Warning: Translating the following phrase or comprehending it in any way may be offensive. Do not sue me for millions of dollars because I am very very poor***

Puta, mirada en mi pene!**

**The preceding was meant as a humorous statement and was not directed at any individual, living or dead. By reading the above statement, you absolve the author of any liability, criminal or civil, for any damages or outraget that may result. If swelling occurs, discontinue use of product and contact a doctor.

Heh, Spanish is fun.

/thinks he is funny on a Monday morning
2003-04-14 03:59:27 PM  
Did he design Postal 2?
2003-04-14 04:03:47 PM  
As a remedial Spanish speaker,
I think I must comment on:
"Puta, mirada en mi pene!"

2003-04-14 04:12:58 PM  
"Puta, mirada en mi pene"?

Hmmmmm, I know, Babel fish to the rescue!

"Puta, watched in my penis"

The hell? Screw you godamned Babel fish!
2003-04-14 04:20:46 PM  
My pathetic high school spanish comes to the rescue of the babel fish:

Hey slut! C'mere and look at my dick!

(is that a good translation?)
2003-04-14 04:23:41 PM  
I was in the mens room at a concert a few weeks back when a woman walked in. I finished pissing, turned around, saluted, and shouted, "Welcome aboard, Admiral!"

She looked at me funny.
2003-04-14 04:23:46 PM  
Hmm, I thought it said, "biatch look at my penis" (with Puta being slang and all). Maybe my Spanish has atrophied to point of uselessness :-(
2003-04-14 04:25:43 PM

Systran is slightly better than babelfish,
but dont get me wrong. It sucks almost as bad.
2003-04-14 04:28:59 PM  
Yes Hielo Ok, you did NOT read the article. There was no molestation, attempted or otherwise. All four women rescinded their original statements.
2003-04-14 04:32:25 PM  

Don't feed the trolls.

Besides, it's unhealthy for them to try and substitute for the attention they didn't get from their fathers.
2003-04-14 04:32:50 PM  
Realizing that this guy was royally hosed, I do think that there is some poetic justice going on in this story.

After running into more than my fair share of lawyers, hearing about one of them getting skee-rewed by his own kind does my heart good.

That's just my opinion. Feel free to flame.
2003-04-14 04:42:22 PM  
And_then:I think he was using the term "scarlet letter" not to refer to guilt or innocence, but to refer to its use as a very public symbol of transgression, and a way of shunning someone. Since everyone would know what this guy was accused of, that would be akin to a scarlet letter, marking him (metaphorically) to the public as someone who was accused of doing something very bad.
2003-04-14 04:44:10 PM  
reminds me of staying at a hotel, being in the jacuzzi tub in the room and having a hotel employee attempt to just walk in. Luckily the chain lock was on the door but he shouted "hey anyone in here"

um duh look at the do not disturb sign idiot.

okay so that really had nothing to do with this :)

I'm glad that guy didn't end up losing and having to pay out. I despise lawsuits like that.

To be honest if I was a janitor in a men's room and some guy walked in and I caught a glimpse of willy I'd just shrug. Who really cares. I might have complained if he made a big deal out of or tried something but I'd never sue.
2003-04-14 04:51:41 PM  
Did anyone else notice the un(?)intentional puns in this article?

"Despite acquittal, he feels tainted"

"the incident mushroomed into charges of..."
2003-04-14 05:04:47 PM  
taint is a silly word
2003-04-14 05:36:16 PM  
"Attorney General Thomas Reilly announced a month later that the company had agreed to pay $1 million to settle the sexual harassment claims."

Ah yes, that'll stop those false sexual harassmnet charges.
2003-04-14 05:40:07 PM  
"It's shiat like this that's going to bring this situation to a head!!"

/Pulp Fiction

"I shall call him mini-me."

/Austin Powers
2003-04-14 05:50:15 PM  
Unless some sort of bodily fluid went on the woman janitor,
I dont think she should have sued.
2003-04-14 05:54:36 PM  
Being male and having cleaned both male and female bathrooms i must say that females are the grossier of the two. Mens restrooms typically aren't as well maintained though.
2003-04-14 05:56:06 PM  
04-14-03 01:24:13 PM BrotherLove
Besides, who DOESN'T like a random willy viewing?!?!?!

Around 97% of male Farkers, I would guess.

I dunno... I get a kick out of it every now and then when I see Willy Nelson puttering about town.
2003-04-14 06:51:55 PM  
04-14-03 01:33:16 PM StomachMonkey
Anyone ever been taking a leak in a public restroom and then have a horde of girls come in because the line is too long for the women's restroom? Double standards suck. I know if I tried that in the women's bathroom I'd go to jail. Although it was funny watching a girl trying to pee in the 'trough' that the men get.

This happened to me once, while using the urinal, in mid-stream. I darn near had a heart attack. She said "Oh it's like Allie McBeal" and headed into the toilet. Somehow that didn't work for me...
2003-04-14 06:52:42 PM  
How farktarded. I hope he countersues and she gets fired. Farking lawyers should all be shot, the weasels.
2003-04-14 06:54:23 PM  
Not only should she be sued (of course she won't have a dime), she should also be brought up on criminal charges for fraud, blackmail and embezzlement. I'm sure this wouldn't hold water in a court of law, but it should and these four women should do time.
2003-04-14 07:22:33 PM  
Thats women for you......I went through the same sort of thing once for nothing, just a stupid biarch wanting some attention.

It messes you up....and starts to make you think "maybe I did something wrong".She nearly lost her job over it once it was proved she made it all up.

I will never forget that!

Next time I'll just punch her in the face and she can have me up on a real charge.
2003-04-14 07:43:26 PM  
You know, I walked into the women's toilet once, in a cinema. Only because I was incredibly farking drunk though.

Anyway, the only person in there was this really old woman, who was washing her hands in the sink, and while I stumbled around for a moment wondering why there where no urinals here, she noticed I was there and shot me the filthiest look I've ever seen.

To this day, I still laugh to myself when I think of her absolutely horrified, disgusted face...

/drunken ramble
2003-04-14 08:08:02 PM  
Scene: Saturday night
Place: Big swanky hotel film industry party

I stumbled into a bathroom. Stumbled into a stall. Cut a rail on the paper dispenser.


Stumbled out of the stall to see several horrified WOMEN looking at me.

"oops. wrong room" I muttered as I stumbled out of the bathroom with gales of laughter coming from behind me and one woman commenting

"at least he was in here doing drugs and not taking a shiat".

...which made me laugh too.
2003-04-14 08:25:34 PM  
The article never said where the bathroom was, but has anyone considered the possiblity that it was back at his office, where they might have single person bathrooms? When I walk into a single person bathroom, I pull out my schlong every time, seeing as it's a single person, and there's not supposed to be anyone else in there.
2003-04-14 08:36:58 PM  
Nightsweat: I got to a fairly conservative Lutheran school and there's a male in the crew that cleans my floor's bathroom. A few times I've gotten out of the shower stall and he had started cleaning while I was in there. Usually he flees to one of the females on the crew to tell her he didn't know anyone was in there.
2003-04-14 08:44:45 PM  
Lived overseas in Asia. Cleaning women (old women by the way) were often found cleaning in bathroom without much regard to convention as we know it. It got to the point where they did not care, and with a little discretion shown, the men did not take special notice either. My favorite was the rare large public bathroom, no locks or such, that was unisex. Women walked out, eyes focused on the floor directly in front of them, very quickly.
2003-04-14 09:25:03 PM  
"The charges he would face - taking advantage of low-income Hispanic women - were particularly upsetting, given his background"

So is that a specific crime in the US? Sheeseesh - no wonder you need so many lawyers.
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