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(Sports by Brooks)   Brooks interviews Drew live at 4:20pm PT today on first-ever SbB Radio Show -- interview archived if you miss it   ( divider line
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2003-04-13 03:17:10 PM  
Brook - So, Drew. You like the boobies?
Drew - Yeppers.
2003-04-13 03:53:51 PM  
Maybe Drew can convince Brook to run a contest where Farkers can compete to win an SbB girl.
2003-04-13 03:54:56 PM  
At 4:20, eh?
2003-04-13 03:56:22 PM  
My birthday is 4/20
2003-04-13 03:56:29 PM  
That new ad for SbB makes Melanie look like a hefer.. in pink.
2003-04-13 03:56:40 PM  
Way to go, Moonman - I was hoping someone else would catch that....
2003-04-13 03:56:59 PM  
Good idea Anti, but what about those of us who live on the East coast? Would we have to pay extra for shipping?
2003-04-13 03:58:56 PM  
hehehe... 420. hehehehe...

2003-04-13 03:59:25 PM  

That new ad for SbB makes Melanie look like a hefer.. in pink.

For a second there, I was saying to myself, "what is Ms. Piggy doing in that ad?"
2003-04-13 03:59:28 PM  
Jebus CrazyJim....They only peddle the they gotta cover the charge to ship it to you? You cant have your fake and eat it too.
2003-04-13 04:01:03 PM  
since this is easier than e-mail...

thanks for fark drew.

have a good time.

-that is all.

420 at my home in 5...4...3...
2003-04-13 04:02:59 PM  
Hey...nothing wrong with a big girl. Lotsa guys like girls with a little meat on their bones. You don't want her...I'll take her.
2003-04-13 04:04:14 PM  
From what I have heard, all of the SbB girls are going to pose nude on the show as well.
2003-04-13 04:06:55 PM  
I was going to make the obligatory 420 jokes, but Moonman9j9 and Dazed420 were already all over it.
2003-04-13 04:08:54 PM  
Drew who?
2003-04-13 04:10:09 PM  
4:20 PT...thats what, 6:30 EST?
2003-04-13 04:13:54 PM  
wtf is PT time, speak english damnit! Whats the EST?!
2003-04-13 04:16:08 PM  
Maybe I'm dim....what does "4:20" mean????
2003-04-13 04:16:16 PM  
I think it's 7:20 EST.
2003-04-13 04:20:29 PM  
MegaDethHead, code for getting high. Some say its the police code for someone using marijuana "sir, we've got a 4:20 here" but that isn't true (click link for more info on 4/20)
2003-04-13 04:23:49 PM  
Without reading Elite-mrp's link, 4:20 is said to be the best time of the day to light up a spliff. I don't know why they say that, they must be high or something.
2003-04-13 04:25:51 PM  
Jeff, LMAO.
2003-04-13 04:28:08 PM  
That chick with the huge rack makes me nervous. She should get reduction surgery.
2003-04-13 04:34:27 PM  
Media server farked?
2003-04-13 04:40:15 PM  
/reads post by Insane_Cellist

/see's PT in headline

/Puts finger and thumb on forehead in shape of L
2003-04-13 04:47:10 PM  
FYI: The listen live link is hosted by Vulcan Media/ - KMPC Radio is owned by same company.

I would imagine there is a chance the live audio server will be farked if enough people click on it. I don't know how many streams have been assigned to it. So if you really want to listen live, I would get it up at around 4pm Pacific. The earlier the better to secure a stream.

The link is fine at the moment (1:45 Pacific).

If you can't listen for whatever reason, I will archive the show at the same URL later tonight.
2003-04-13 04:51:31 PM  
How can you tell how big the chicks tits are on the radio? Isn't that the appeal of SbB?
2003-04-13 04:53:44 PM  
Theflyingdutchman wins.

/enable voting mods!
2003-04-13 04:58:11 PM  
I was going to listen to the netcast, but then I got high.

2003-04-13 04:59:16 PM  
"That new ad for SbB makes Melanie look like a hefer.. in pink.

Imagine that.
2003-04-13 05:10:45 PM  
I talked to Drew once in a while back on the old IRC fark channel, he said he had smoked weed in the past but it wasn't really his thing, he preferred a beer. so I wonder, why the obvious referance? I refuse to believe it was coincidental.
2003-04-13 05:11:35 PM  
Oh, oh, I just wanna send a shout out to Drew, and tell him thanks for Fark, which I use all the time... and ask if there are any new developments planned for the site in the next little while.
2003-04-13 05:29:25 PM  
hey obb...maybe a fully interactive fark with video and audio sharing software?

that would be awesome.

*drooling for hi speed internet.
2003-04-13 05:31:50 PM  
Oh-oh. I've got a horrible feeling the first ever show could also be the last ever show, if we all fark the site at the same time.

Have fun, Drew. Say hello to Laurie and Rea for me.

Please keep your hands and arms inside the cab at all times
2003-04-13 05:34:34 PM  
-in two months...i go hi speed again.

and total fark.


-you can't see it...but i'm jumping around in the living room! my brain..that is.
2003-04-13 05:51:48 PM  
I wish we could post questions that will be asked to these gals.
2003-04-13 06:06:14 PM  
any pictures?
Kat [TotalFark]
2003-04-13 06:17:06 PM  
whooa, so I can like, listen to it...
2003-04-13 07:03:43 PM  
When are you going to post it, 'cos it's dead now.
2003-04-13 07:16:51 PM  
So I tuned in early- it's been like a 15 minute infomercial for SBB! Oh well, I hope the wait was worth it.

2003-04-13 07:19:53 PM  
I was wondering about that FissionChips. Brooks went on a what, 10 minute tangent?
2003-04-13 07:31:12 PM  
C'mon Drew, drop a "Duke sucks!" in there!
2003-04-13 07:31:12 PM  


I'll never understand people's fascination with Hitler's birthday.

I certainly wouldn't use it as an excuse to get stoned. Think of all those people who died in concentration camps, and to remember them, people smoke pot?

2003-04-13 07:32:17 PM  

The interesting thing is that he said it exactly when you posted it.

2003-04-13 07:32:20 PM  
Nice. :)
2003-04-13 07:33:05 PM  
I find this very informative.......I didn't know that Duke sucked.

Burning cliques to the ground? Fark? NO! Drew, how dare you say something! FRANCE SURRENDERS! FB *IS* THE FATHER!
2003-04-13 07:34:14 PM  
Comment about the registered user amount
Drew, Fark doesn't have the most forum users. I know you didn't say this, but Brooks alueded to this with one of his questions.

Just one example, the gaming network Stratics has around 129517 registered users at the time of this posting. Just FYI and all.
2003-04-13 07:35:42 PM  
*sniff* I love you, Farkers. You make the site. *sob* I don't know where I'd be with my' *breaks down*

Probably on Something Awful or something.

but still.....I LOVE YOU, FARK!
2003-04-13 07:36:56 PM  

Yo, I got a big rock of coal. I'll give you $5 to make it into a diamond for me.

2003-04-13 07:38:07 PM  
The one thing that hit in that article:

Yes, there are some funny people here.

People who should work as comedy writers.

Je concur.
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