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(ESPN)   Minnesota repeats as NCAA Hockey champs   ( divider line
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47 clicks; posted to Main » on 12 Apr 2003 at 9:55 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-04-12 09:57:21 PM  

2003-04-12 09:58:02 PM  
Even she hates UNH! No, I will not gum it for you!
[image from too old to be available]
2003-04-12 09:58:32 PM  
oh man... that's horrible. is that kate moss?
2003-04-12 09:58:42 PM  
Duke sucks.
2003-04-12 09:59:04 PM  

I'm going to help get the riots going.
2003-04-12 09:59:08 PM  
In other news, Red Wings fans shiatting themselves as they realize Giguere and the Ducks aren't Cloutier and the Canucks. HA!
2003-04-12 09:59:40 PM  
No, that's Hillary on a good morning.
2003-04-12 10:02:12 PM  
that looks like the chick from farscape with 3 eyes

or i guess i would say that chick from farscape looks like her since she came 30 years earlier....
2003-04-12 10:02:35 PM  
Oh, and the Wild will win in 6 games. Mark it down.
2003-04-12 10:02:45 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

need this pic updated.
2003-04-12 10:03:04 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-04-12 10:05:22 PM  
As a former Minnesotan,

img.fark.netView Full Size
2003-04-12 10:05:31 PM  
Jesus! I wanted this link so bad... and I thought I was the only one too... why? WHY?!?!
2003-04-12 10:07:11 PM  
i think jesus submitted this article.
2003-04-12 10:09:15 PM  
Is there anyone else in CA that doesn't give two shiats?
2003-04-12 10:10:26 PM  
I think we are witnessing the birth of a new FARK cliche.

The ugly old startrek lady at

Starring in our next photoshop contest, no doubt!
2003-04-12 10:12:23 PM  

I'd rather see this as a contest:
[image from too old to be available]
2003-04-12 10:12:25 PM  
Most obvious dynasty ever: Minnesota Hockey.

Go Gophers!!
2003-04-12 10:12:30 PM  
I'm from Maine so I definitely don't give a shiat.
2003-04-12 10:12:32 PM  
No, these guys should star next:

2003-04-12 10:12:55 PM  
What a surprise.. South Canada University won the Hockey cup.

How many schools play hockey now? 30?

2003-04-12 10:14:52 PM  
2003-04-12 10:15:27 PM  
Aaah, screw it, I can't get the darn link to work, I'll just post it and you can go to it.
2003-04-12 10:18:55 PM  
where's the obvious tag?
2003-04-12 10:19:23 PM  
2003-04-12 10:28:40 PM  
I'd love to hear the conversation consisting of one Gopher and one Wildcat ...

"I gaht a cah in my gawage but it got smarged by a nor'easter"

"Oh yah you betcha I know doncha know we have storms and oo they are sweet you bethca"

"Hey lets go get Lobstah"

"oh yah and lutevisk"
2003-04-12 10:29:21 PM  
We Wildcats aren't going to let something like the loss of the championship stop us from drunken celebration. That's for novices.
2003-04-12 10:30:55 PM  
And this is why Vanek will go in the top 5 in the draft.
2003-04-12 10:36:40 PM  
real smart thing, pulling the goalie down 3 goals, hehe....
2003-04-12 10:44:12 PM  
Nobody commented on the coach's mullet yet? Surprising.
2003-04-12 10:49:50 PM  
damn, they play hockey in college now?
2003-04-12 10:52:57 PM  
Duke sucks?
2003-04-12 10:56:30 PM  
Yeah - I have to admit, UNH got beat by a better team.
Congrats, Gophers.

- Kazama Smokers
UNH class of 1985
2003-04-12 10:57:32 PM  
04-12-03 10:29:21 PM Keely1116
We Wildcats aren't going to let something like the loss of the championship stop us from drunken celebration. That's for novices.

Hey Keely - have one for me at the Tin Palace! Wish I was there.
2003-04-12 11:02:04 PM  
img.fark.netView Full Size
2003-04-12 11:04:08 PM  
I'll be the first to say "I hate hockey". There are no pro teams here in the Kentucky area--even I had an awesome time at Rupp Arena for the Kentucky Men O' War (minor league team) game, but I was into this one. I kept watching ESPNEWS and they kept flashing the score and telling me to tune into ESPN for the finish, so I did. I was rooting for New Hampshire because they were the so called "No Hardware" team, and when Minnesota scored three goals in 5 minutes and that goalie for UNH went off I was cracking up. Congrats, Minnesota Frozen Gophers. I liked your basketball player Rik Rickert (or whatever).
By the way, which division now is the former "Norris"? Is that the one with Detroit in it? I'll say Ottawa and Minnesota (for all your Minnesotans) in the Stanley Cup. Or is Ottawa in the same conference? I thought they were playing the Isles ?
Yup, Frank Stallone.
2003-04-12 11:06:54 PM  
Thaaaannk yoooooouuu Minneapolis.
2003-04-12 11:09:24 PM  

Thats more of a Boston area or Maine accent then a New Hampshire one. At least in my area of NH. I have no doubt there are places in NH that speak that way. And it saddens my heart to think about it...
2003-04-12 11:10:51 PM  
Yeah, the Central Division (Detroit's) is what bascially used to be known as the Norris division. And technically, yes, Ottawa and Minnesota could play for the cup. Realistically? That's a different story.
2003-04-12 11:11:43 PM The only sport where chances are if you see a black person, it's because he's selling hot dogs and beer. Although I'll take Grant Fuhr and Anson Carter anyday. Still pissed the Bruins didn't keep Anson.
2003-04-12 11:13:03 PM  
Go Minnesota! For all the MN farkers, word up to Plymouth!
2003-04-12 11:16:13 PM  
I'm talking to some of my friends from UNH and they are saying there are some large scale riots going on as we speak. Busting out the tear gas and everything. Thats totally odd considering its NH.
2003-04-12 11:26:15 PM  
Apple Valley in this hizouse.

Of course, I've visited there about 4 times in the last 2 years.

And the AZ Wildcats kick the KY Wildcats across their big arses.
2003-04-12 11:27:38 PM  
apparently Gopher fans are tearing up Dinkytown. Police in riot gear, tear gas, cars on fire etc. etc. My friend is a photographer for one of the local news stations, hope she didn't have to film it...
2003-04-12 11:32:01 PM  
Yeah, huge riots going on around Dinkeytown. I've been listening to Fire/Police on my handheld scanner and can hear the ruckus on the opposite end of campus.

On monday, the "Minnesota Daily" (Communist-run university newspaper) will report their propagandist views of the "police brutality" etc. I can't wait.
2003-04-12 11:32:17 PM  
Watching the coverage of the car fires in dinkytown, and I really gotta ask...WHY? Why do people riot like this when their team wins???
2003-04-12 11:33:18 PM  
---------> GimpyMcCast

Is there anybody in the whole country who's gives a crap about California? Except people from there. (obvious)
2003-04-12 11:43:18 PM  
I just turned to the news to find fires/riot at dinkytown. So THAT's what caused it.
2003-04-13 12:07:30 AM  
Right on Politrixy...UND represents.
2003-04-13 12:14:00 AM  
dinkytown riots? how much do you want to bet it was the same "give peace a chance" protesters from a day before? asshats. Anoka in the hizzzouse
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