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2607 clicks; posted to Main » on 25 Sep 2001 at 12:00 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-09-24 10:50:36 PM  
2001-09-25 12:21:04 AM  
wonderful. something to read for the next three months between updates.
2001-09-25 01:21:32 AM  
So the rumor's of Matt's untimely demise have been wrong. Let us hope that he shall be updating a bit more often than has has in the past.

-He who likes Pie and Bagpipes
2001-09-25 02:00:56 AM  
Why the hell did I read that whole thing? I must hate myself more than I imagined.
2001-09-25 02:01:42 AM  
Wow, an article about Star Wars.

What's next a trip to find some kind of rare Pokemon action figure?

Anybody know why Robert Berry left X-E? Did he finally realize what a big pile of dung it has become?
2001-09-25 02:14:14 AM  
I found this on my own today and thought I'd died and gone to heaven.

I missed Matt.
2001-09-25 05:04:35 AM  
You guys are fricken' harsh: he hasn't done anything in a month... I think a Star Wars related review is the best possible idea: what better way to get back into the swing of things by doing what you do best?

Besides, it's not what Matt writes about that makes him great... it's how he writes it.
2001-09-25 06:03:36 AM  
is that it, fouff? i thought it was the way he gets people to still come ot his site, even though it's mined with pop-ups and pop-unders.
2001-09-25 10:57:09 AM  
I bought the video from eBay a few months ago, and sat in slack-jawed horror while watching it (it was cheap, so that's one good thing). Ewoks are creepy, with their dead shark-like eyes. Plus, the whole teeth-at-groin-height thing.
Anyway, the article captures the feeling of fascinated disgust I felt when watching. Nice one Matt...
2001-09-25 12:20:57 PM  
fark all, x-e rocks, matt rocks, something awful is still good, stile has been the same the whole time.
2001-09-25 12:44:31 PM  
i don't remember anyone dissing something awful or stile in this thread.......
2001-09-25 12:50:05 PM  
it never ceases to amaze me how someone can buy a shiatty magazine week after week and never complain, yet biatch up a storm about free websites that aren't up to par
2001-09-25 12:52:08 PM  
And by the way...I left XE, first and foremost because I just really wanted to do my own thing on retroCRUSH full time. XE is Matt's baby, and always will be. But I think folks will have to adapt their thinking about XE. It's just not going to be updated frequently anymore. Just look at it as a wonderful archive of hundreds of articles featuring goofy fun...that will have some new articles once in a while.
2001-09-25 01:42:05 PM  
Rberry, you know people who NEVER complain? Who are they? Where do they live? In the land of Dairy Queen? hehe

I know it is hard to take someone puking on your work, or that of a friend, especially when they never offer anything even remotely as funny in response to what you wrote; but people biatch. I would take it as a compliment. I mean even when they complain, they are spending several precious moments of their lives devoting them to something you have done.
2001-09-25 02:35:03 PM  
I wrote about how Matt's lack of updates was due to his drug problem in the x-e forum and it was deleted in less than three seconds. Robert, x-e is an infinitely poorer place for your absence. I've been reading both you and matt since xwrestling and I've seen you improve by leaps and bounds, but Matt seems to tread water these days at best.
2001-09-25 03:28:53 PM  
The tagline is a little misleading. The sequel was done, a while ago, and very poorly done too. Now, "The Wookie Adventure", that has potential.
2001-09-25 03:49:28 PM  
It's nice to see another update,now if Seanbaby did another one I may not be so bored.
2001-09-25 03:57:28 PM  
I don't want to speak for Matt 100%, but he's just enjoying more of a personal life now...the net isn't as consuming for him as it once was.
2001-09-25 04:42:03 PM  
it's dated 8-15-01, how is this new????
2001-09-25 04:56:00 PM  
Does he have a new boyfriend?
2001-09-25 08:43:47 PM  
yah, but everyone always biatches about x-e, s.a., and stile, so i thought i'd say something.
2001-09-25 09:02:10 PM  
TLBREER, that's funny stuff

I was more half teasing than complaining about the lack of updates, RBerry. I know how hard it can be to churn stuff daily and ended a site once it played itself out, myself.

As a valid representative of faceless society I can tell you this though: If a site doesn't update and I've read all the content and I'm bored, I find something else to replace my time with.

I generally don't give said site a second thought, least of all a negative one. I just move on. The internet doesn't care what a site's reasons are for not updating. It is just hungry for information and will complain when it isn't being fed. Eventually, it will seek new feeding grounds.
2001-09-25 09:19:53 PM  
hey Rberry: thanks. same to matt.
who cares if it's not going to really be updated anymore I read the hell outta the site when i discovered it and i guess that was around when it really got going, no regrets at all, and i got some damned good laughs out of it, i still hit up the archives from time to time..mmm sweet chewy goodness.
2001-09-25 10:09:10 PM  
I gotcha, Jax...I agree with your frustrations with lack of updates, though. That's the other part of the reason I left to focus on retroCRUSH full time. At least i'm driving the destiny there.
2001-09-25 10:48:49 PM  
Quit all the Matt D dissin' His X-E stuff is hilarious, and I plan to model my non-existant-tv-nostalgia life after his non-existant-tv-nostalgia life.
2001-09-26 12:29:03 AM  
Fark off, it's his website. If you don't like it, make your own. It's not as easy as you think to come up with orginal content like that.
2001-09-26 01:55:34 AM  
Don't know what y'all are talking about. I only got as far as the Wilford Brimley credit and had to bail on GP.
2001-09-26 03:54:27 AM  
"The girl hates that mirror - it makes her feel so worthless. She's an original sinner...but when she's with Wickett, she couldn't care less."

Ho-wee. I love obscure Bernard Sumner/Electronic references.
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