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(abs-cbn news)   Looters try to open Basra bank vault with rocket-propelled grenade, incinerate contents   ( divider line
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62 clicks; posted to Main » on 11 Apr 2003 at 11:24 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-04-11 04:52:46 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Nah, I can't even say it.
2003-04-11 04:55:46 PM  
Did someone mention a vault?

[image from too old to be available]
2003-04-11 04:56:38 PM  
And promptly got their heads blown off, by the sounds of it.
2003-04-11 05:15:07 PM  
Why do I have this feeling we are going to be needing an "Iraq" tag in the near future.
2003-04-11 09:45:57 PM  
I smell a "Thunderbolt and Lightfoot" remake!

Waitaminnit. I read the article. Where is the vault? Now I smell shenanigans.
2003-04-11 11:28:28 PM  
Serious question: How valuable is Iraqi money now, anyway? (I mean, more than just fanciful toilet paper)
2003-04-11 11:28:50 PM  
2003-04-11 11:28:54 PM  
Think you used enough dynamite, there, Butch?
2003-04-11 11:32:12 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-04-11 11:32:55 PM  
They must've thought if liberation was good enough for the Iraqi people, it was good enough for the money in the bank vaults and strongboxes as well. Freedom does not discriminate !
2003-04-11 11:33:36 PM  
Even is the money is worthless, as it will certainly be in the near future, if it is not already; you still can use it for other purposes.

Just think of how many idiiots would buy it on the eBay?
2003-04-11 11:34:27 PM  
Let's get the obvious out the way here, folks.
[image from too old to be available]
2003-04-11 11:35:36 PM  
After their failed attempt at robbery, they met with further tragedy as they tried to "rocket jump" over a police barricade during their escape.
2003-04-11 11:36:31 PM  
Ly_yng: oh man that is so funny.
2003-04-11 11:37:31 PM  
"That oughta do it."

-- Butch Cassidy
2003-04-11 11:38:25 PM  
In other news, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid last seen near Baghdad. Mr E.H. Harriman of the Iraqi National Bank and Rail Line was not amused.
2003-04-11 11:39:09 PM  
ah Mouser beat me to it.
2003-04-11 11:41:48 PM  
they totally blew their load! HAHAHA.
2003-04-11 11:42:36 PM  

Idiots have already bid up worthless Iraqi money to over $200 US

While Iraqis tear up the money and throw it into the streets. What they don't know is they could make a fortune selling it on ebay​=385
2003-04-11 11:43:20 PM  
"How valuable is Iraqi money now, anyway"

Quite valuable actually, if I remember correctly, worth more than Canadian money.

Iraq uses FIXED exchange rates though, while Canada ues the "dirty float" system. In other words, government regulates Iraqi money exchange, Canada's banks regulates ours.
2003-04-11 11:43:37 PM  
Well, I would think that the currency wouldn't lose too much value. It is backed by oil, don't forget.

More alarming were the comments of the BBC commentator
"The liberation honeymoon is over," he told BBC News.

"Lawlessness is rife - looting, muggings, robberies. The manpower simply isn't here to chase all Basra's criminals. There are too few troops on the streets."
2003-04-11 11:45:19 PM  
"While Iraqis tear up the money and throw it into the streets"

Only cause Saddam's face is all over it. That and Iraqi blood.
2003-04-11 11:46:06 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

#2: We Get Signal!
#3: WHAT!!!
2003-04-11 11:47:33 PM  
Aw, give 'em a break, they're new at this.
2003-04-11 11:47:58 PM  
"After their failed attempt at robbery, they met with further tragedy as they tried to "rocket jump" over a police barricade during their escape."

See, if paranoid parents knew about Quake, they'd claim games are teaching kids to become suicidal.

Both of the above comics have touched on this topic this week, with humour of course.
2003-04-11 11:49:05 PM  
To answer my own question, as of 04/12/03:

1 US Dollar = 0.32474 Iraqi Dinar
1 Iraqi Dinar (IQD) = 3.07939 US Dollar (USD)

wil [TotalFark]
2003-04-11 11:49:41 PM  

Burnination ensues.
2003-04-11 11:50:30 PM  
Misleading headline followed up by ranting
2003-04-11 11:51:09 PM  
My name's Mohammed Gump. People call me Mohammed Gump...
2003-04-11 11:51:52 PM  
From the page I get.. here is the entire bit on the RPG:

According to her, many of the looters were not even Iraqis; they were criminals of various nationalities who had been liberated from jail by Saddam Husseins regime even before the fall. So they were simply cheering their liberation, albeit belatedly, and not by the coalition forces; this explains why many tried to defy coalition authority and went merrily on their way with the looting, with one group even using an RPG to rob a bank.

2003-04-11 11:53:37 PM  
M.C.PeePants, you should know that an exchange rate has little todo with the relative standard of living of a nation.

Usually a LOWER dollar is desired if you want to have a strong growing economy.

Plus it's all about money supply and price levels. Maybe 1 dinar can buy you a city block.

There is not much you can learn about a nations economy from its exchange rate, especially when Iraq's exchange rate is fixed by the government, and not based on supply and demand.

And like I said, lower dollar = GOOD!
2003-04-11 11:54:33 PM  
Knowing MCPeePants he'll say, "I already knew that, STFU"
2003-04-11 11:55:33 PM  
Does anyone think that it will be bitterly ironic for the leftists. That in about five years the Iraqies will be unveiling statues of GWB, if all goes well in the next few years.
2003-04-11 11:55:38 PM  
That's the funniest thing I've seen in a long time!
2003-04-11 11:56:47 PM  
But, in theory, they could take those dinars to an exchange and recieve US dollars for them. Or whatever currency they desire. Or gold.

So their dollars DO have that much value internationally. Prices may be extremely inflated in their country, or they may not (I would guess they are), but that doesn't have anything to do with what the international value of their money is.
2003-04-11 11:57:51 PM  
Rikulrn nah...because odds are in five years they'll either be a radically anti-american Shi'ite government, or we'll still have another Shah in place.
2003-04-11 11:59:48 PM  
No, LiamWake, I'll say WHAT TEH FARK are you talking about!?! Nothing here disputes anything you wrote!

Quit trolling
2003-04-12 12:00:47 AM  
Sidi that is what they were saying about Afganistan. They are progressing well into the 20th century. It takes time, Democratic nations don't spring up over night.

Iraq has all the things to become prosperous nation, a secular nation with a middle class and a whole lot of money coming in.
2003-04-12 12:02:17 AM  
Rikulrn yeah...that's why our troops are still encountering resistance there, Islamic law outside the cities is as bad as ever, and our government is afraid to step foot outside of Kabul. Things aren't going all that well over there, outside of the major cities.
2003-04-12 12:03:04 AM  

name one specific town where these problems are taking place.


2003-04-12 12:05:11 AM  
So, are Iraqi dinars worth about as much as Confederate money, or Charmin now?
2003-04-12 12:05:38 AM  
Iraqi Dinars with Saddam's likeness sold on Ebay as "War Souveniers" would probably be worth more than their street value. I'd buy one, but that's just me.
2003-04-12 12:06:15 AM  
Hah, our troops own the countryside in Afganistan. We lost one brave trooper in the past few weeks and killed several hundred taliban suporters.

They have reopened many schools and roads are being rebuilt. They may claim an area till they are decimated. Kabul is now prospering and things are modernising.
2003-04-12 12:06:39 AM  
hmmm, very curious.

Abdul Malik, a 36-year-old antiques merchant who is cousin of the dead brothers, drew murmurs of assent from the crowd when he said that America had come to Iraq not to liberate Iraqis from Saddam Hussein, but for oil.

"The cause is not Saddam, the cause is oil," he said. To press home his point, he contended that American troops who have taken control of much of the city have made no attempt to protect any government building from looters except the Ministry of Oil. "They won't let the looters go anywhere near it."
2003-04-12 12:09:39 AM  
"outside of the major cities"

Seeing as Iraq's population is mainly in the major cities... I'd say your an idiot.

Heres the list:

World ranking (of 191)

Life Expectancy: 117
Infant Mortality: 140
GDP per capita: 92
Daily Calorie Intake: 73
Literacy: 138
Schooling Index: 90
Educational rank: 129
Human dev. index: 108

The link

But I found it on the net, so that doesn't give it any credibility.
2003-04-12 12:10:03 AM  
Tarvuz: I understand the concern of people like you, but with so much "bad blood" around Iraq, I think it would be impossible for Coalition forces to enforce martial law. Mob rules. If anyone needs to be chided for not doing what they should, it is the Iraqi people. Retributions need to happen now, and not remain bottled up and unresolved within a new government.
2003-04-12 12:11:14 AM  
Bah, CNN is useless for finding news stories from more than a few days ago. There have been quite a few honor killings of women reported in Afghanistan just a little while ago.
2003-04-12 12:11:22 AM  
LiamWake: He was talking about Afganistan. I'd say you're an idiot.
2003-04-12 12:13:36 AM  
Sidi said: "There have been quite a few honor killings of women reported in Afghanistan just a little while ago."

Oh really?

Go to, make a search and find a credible story to back that claim up

2003-04-12 12:14:30 AM  
In this case the high dollar value in comparison to Americas (remember that its a fixed exchange) doesn't reflect well on its national wealth, as of 191 nations, Iraq was ranked number 92.

Heres some GREAT info:

"Iraq's population stands today at an estimated total of over 20 million, half of which are under 16 years"
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