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(Gallup)   Two-thirds of Americans say "no war with Iran, Korea or Syria." Other third controls foreign policy   ( divider line
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2003-04-11 03:25:32 AM  
2/3 of Americans need to be more informed of the dangers of Iran, NK and Syria.
2003-04-11 05:47:14 AM  
I'm sure that Foxnews*bullshiat*, will have the vast majority of idiots salivating for more war before too long. I thought they couldn't convince everyone that Iraq was connected to 9/11, but short attention spans, and a stubborn refusal to investigate facts on the part of the plodding masses have shown me a fool.
If the Bush administration did it once, why not do it again, and again, and again. For freedom!
2003-04-11 06:15:56 AM  
120+ points to the headline writer.
2003-04-11 06:17:22 AM  
Great headline.

What does PNAC have to say?
2003-04-11 06:17:37 AM  
All this going on and Canada is silently plotting away. Beware the sleeping Kanuck.
2003-04-11 06:18:09 AM  
GEAH - Iran was actually starting to come around. There's been a growing movement among the young people there to reduce the power of the theocrats.

I don't know if that's still the case anymore. I think that the theocrats could use anti-Americanism to their advantage.
2003-04-11 06:18:56 AM  
Next stop..... Vietnam. Suprise the fark out of those people.

2003-04-11 06:21:55 AM  
As long as none of them support terrorism.

Wait, no, as long as none of them develop or stockpile weapons of mass destruction., wait.... long as the people need to be liberated from an oppressive dictator.

...shiat, it's ONE of those, I think...
2003-04-11 06:22:18 AM  
Yes, but what does the UN say?
2003-04-11 06:22:28 AM  
What does PNAC have to say?

Don't know, but I would probably agree with it.
2003-04-11 06:26:17 AM  
I heard that the PNAC said that if HappyDaddy were to wear army boots 3 sizes too big, a pink tutu, a lime green fishnet shirt and a tinfoil hat then the resulting good karma would balance good and evil in the world with no further need for military action.
2003-04-11 06:26:30 AM  
HappyDaddy -

...and I'm willing to bet you'd disagree with what the UN has to say, too :-)
2003-04-11 06:27:26 AM  
TsarDony -

Haven't got to that bit on their website yet - which page is it on?
2003-04-11 06:29:00 AM  
it was in their newsletter
2003-04-11 06:30:14 AM  
Better subscribe then.
2003-04-11 06:33:30 AM  
I disagree but a great headline all the same
2003-04-11 06:34:48 AM  
Good headline. Honestly I couldn't give two shiats about Syria, but Iran and North Korea have nukes so please don't attack them.
2003-04-11 06:36:20 AM  
It was for protection from just such eventualities that the word probably was brilliantly inserted into my statement:)
2003-04-11 06:37:11 AM  
Yes...North Korea.

I would suggest not going to war with a batshiat crazy Stalinist dictator who has nucular capabilities. But then again, that might just be the booze talking.

Is Korea dangerous? Hell yes. Can you (forcibly) do anything about it? Not unless you want to see half of Japan turned into irradiated ruins...again.
2003-04-11 06:37:26 AM  
Good thinking :-)
2003-04-11 06:44:51 AM  
We don't need to worry about Korea. If they start up Japan and China will double fark them and make them like it.
2003-04-11 06:46:33 AM  
Yeah, come on yanks, don't stop there. A large percentage of the globe hasn't been nearly fvcked up enough yet.
2003-04-11 06:47:46 AM  
Spookman_v2.0: May I remind you that Japan can't have a military (they have a Defence Force that is miniscule) and that China is very sympathetic with North Korea (Remember the Korean War? Remember which side the Chinese were on? Yeah.)

The only friends you have in the region is South Korea. And they're all too busy with Counter-Stike and Star Craft.
2003-04-11 06:49:06 AM  
There's been a suggestion that the US will leave China to deal with North Korea, and threaten to give Japan nukes if they don't.
ZAZ [TotalFark]
2003-04-11 06:49:38 AM  
Scrotar: Iran has been threatening to come around for
almost 20 years. The Iran-Contra affair started when the US
thought there were some "moderates" we could help out, and
I've read about the coming change every few years since then.

My opinion:

Iran -- The government deserves destruction but the US national
interest is not strong enough to justify attack.

Syria -- I'm ambivalent. I can't justify the cost at this time
even though they deserve it for helping Iraq and their support
for Iraq makes it a matter of US national interest.

NK -- They need to be taken down. If China would not actively
oppose us we should attack or otherwise change the regime.

In any case, I propose a one year moratorium on the use of the
word "regime" by government officials.
2003-04-11 06:50:49 AM  
Remember the fact that China is starting to toughen up on Korea.

Do you really think China was US to invade NK? Do you really think China was NK to start tossing around nukes? Yeah China's buddy buddy with them, hence NK's continued existence. Doesn't mean they're willing to let that insane dictator do whatever he wants.

It just happens to be in China's best interests to keep NK calm and out of the world spotlight so chances are they'll do what they can to maintain moderate calm in that area.
2003-04-11 06:51:47 AM  
Those was's should be want's.

Eh. It's late.
2003-04-11 06:52:36 AM  
I had read that there political moves towards re-arming in Japan. The feeling was that with Russia no longer a threat, the Japanese couldn't 100% rely on the US to look out for them.

The nuke part is interesting though: the vast majority of the population seem to have a huge problem with nuclear weapons, for some unaccountable reason!
2003-04-11 06:55:49 AM  
In the case of Iran, the problem seems to be the hardliners there; but their control is gradually being whittled away by the people - after all, it is a nascent democracy. I don't know that an invasion would help them, in fact it would probably (ironically) increase support for the very people the Iranian people oppose.
2003-04-11 06:56:15 AM  
Yeah, for some reason the Japanese don't like nukes.

They prefer to use giant robots and tentacle monsters instead.
2003-04-11 06:56:29 AM  
The next war should be with Korea.
Cheney set this up as a video game Bush.
Afghanistan was level 1
Iraq level 2
Korea level 3
2003-04-11 06:57:27 AM  
Bah. North Korea's just dickwaving. They're not a problem. Iran is about to fall on its own anyway, just give them a little more time. Syria isn't going to cause any trouble with three hundred thousand American troops right next door.

Or we should just rename the whole thing Eastasia and see what happens.
2003-04-11 06:57:39 AM  
I really doubt anyone will invade North Korea. That insane dictator would love to have a hundred million crispy Chinese as a funeral pyre, and I'm sure that his ballistics could reach Beijing...

Besides, there's a difference between cutting off oil to NK and invading. That would be a HUGE change in policy. Especially if that change in policy makes warheads point your way.

Seriously, when nucular arms are involved, there's now "Just take the insane guy out." It's just another Cold War in that part of the world right now. Get used to it.
2003-04-11 07:02:14 AM  
Uhhh, the other two, think what you will, but North Korea is a *real* *problem*.
2003-04-11 07:04:29 AM  
Yes, cutting of oil and invading are two drastically different things.

So are threatening implications and actual attacks.
2003-04-11 07:06:00 AM  
Yeah, has anyone noticed how North Korea has caugh a case of STFU? Ever since we showed that an army with old and busted Technology can't keep up with our New Hotness, they don't seemed to be so rowdy.
2003-04-11 07:07:18 AM  
Come now, sure they don't hate these countries now - but wait until Bush starts talking about fox holes and evil doers and Terrorism and the impoverished people and other stuff - you'll hate them as much as the Taliban

Remember the Taliban, come on ..sure you do. Yeah those guys you people killed cos .........

Come on America do as you are told, stop thinking and hate. Hate like you did the (Enter random map location here) cos they eat babies.
2003-04-11 07:07:42 AM  
The funny thing is, that at the moment we're sitting on this thread now, talking reasonably about possibilities, motives, and dangers. The second that Bush declares war on somewhere this kind of thread will be impossible as it will be full of rabid right and left wingers saying each other are cowardly baby-killing sheep.
2003-04-11 07:08:26 AM  
Yeah, has anyone noticed how North Korea has caugh a case of STFU?

North Korea has STFU because China told them to STFU.
2003-04-11 07:09:20 AM  
Yes, I know that threats and attacks are two different things.

Do I think that NK will move if we let them be? No. Kim's happy with his big hat. It's just sword-rattling testoterone.

Do I think that he'd fire off his nukes if there was the slightest implication that someone was going to remove him from power? Hell yes. We're talking about a man that seizes triplet babies because of the superstition that they could rise to powerful 20 years. He's obviously a paranoid lunatic. A lunatic with weapons measured in kilotons. Which is why no power in the world is going to move a muscle against him militarily.
2003-04-11 07:09:25 AM  
Looks like the left-wingers already started.
2003-04-11 07:10:56 AM  
Just your best guess, do you think the U.S. will -- or will not -- be at war with a country other than Iraq within the next year?

Yes, will No, will not No opinion
32% 63 5

Oh god - has Vegas god odds on this ? Looks like an easy way to scoop the pools to me.
2003-04-11 07:10:56 AM  
I don't believe anything should be done preemptively against NK. However, if they initiate something everyone in that general vicinity that can will jump all over them. I believe (hope?) that the threat of THAT will keep NK docile for now.
2003-04-11 07:11:03 AM  
Best. Headline. Ever.
2003-04-11 07:11:44 AM  
If Bush can get the fat asses to stop eating french fries, he can get them into another war with ease!

But this time ... his daughters are to be first on the front line along with the not so privileged.

And the next time ... have one consistent reason for the war! It helps to build credibility.
2003-04-11 07:15:01 AM  
However, if they initiate something everyone in that general vicinity that can will jump all over them. I believe (hope?) that the threat of THAT will keep NK docile for now.

Like say...launching missles on a regular basis into the sea of Japan? For "testing" purposes...
2003-04-11 07:16:35 AM  
May I remind you that Japan can't have a military (they have a Defense Force that is miniscule

It's not miniscule.
True they probably wouldn't fight alongside the US for an 'American' cause, but they have what I've believe is the 4th largest navy in the world.
Korea (South) lives in a constant state of fear that Japan will go back to her old ways, knowing that they have the technology, the buildup of 'self defense' armory and the population to be a real threat.
The only thing stopping them from using their military is section 9 of their constitution.
After living there for 10 years, I can tell you that they aren't too troubled by what's written in their constitution when it gets in the way of doing something they want to do politically or for the good of Japan or the Japanese people.

FYI: The Japanese constitution itself was originally written as a way to appeal to the west how 'westernized' their form of government was as a way to avoid the very real threat of colonization by a certain empire on whom the sun never set back in the day.
2003-04-11 07:18:05 AM  
Saudi Arabia and Hollywood should be our next targets.....
2003-04-11 07:18:56 AM  

And the resumption of the testing of Nuclear weapons by the US is for ....
2003-04-11 07:19:39 AM  
I don't know about "war" per se, but I would support giving Kim Il Jung a Tomahawk enema. If anyone actually knows where the crazy little guy is right now.
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