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(ESPN)   Will the Jets make the Colts regret sitting their starters? Will 40-year old Brett Favre lead the Vikings back to the Super Bowl? Will Breesus save us all? It's your AFC & NFC Championship Game thread (3:00pm ET CBS, 6:40pm ET FOX)   ( divider line
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6137 clicks; posted to Sports » on 24 Jan 2010 at 2:23 PM (8 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2010-01-24 10:20:52 PM  
Suck it! Saints win!!!!!! Wish I was there...Will be in 2 weeks!
2010-01-24 10:20:52 PM  
BTW, the Colts will destroy them.
2010-01-24 10:20:54 PM  
Saints win!

That was an uh entertaining game.
2010-01-24 10:20:54 PM  
Best part? Favre's last pass was an INT. How fitting.
2010-01-24 10:20:55 PM  
Oh, to be on Bourbon Street tonight...especially if I had the day off tomorrow.
2010-01-24 10:20:57 PM  
img.photobucket.comView Full Size
2010-01-24 10:20:58 PM  
Saints are geauxing to beat the Colts! :D

Get that Favre offa my TV! :D
2010-01-24 10:20:58 PM  
img29.imageshack.usView Full Size

2010-01-24 10:21:01 PM  

FourEx: i guess that farve would be "dat", then.

Apparently not.
2010-01-24 10:21:01 PM  
Whoever it was, thanks for posting the Quarter Cam
Link (new window)
2010-01-24 10:21:02 PM  
Grants Saints fans. Sorry Vikes fans, you guys played a heck of a season.

Alright folks, g'night and... good luck.
2010-01-24 10:21:03 PM  
so now it's haiti vs katrina... yay...
2010-01-24 10:21:05 PM  
*heart attack*

/GEAUX, as they say.
2010-01-24 10:21:06 PM  
Favre goes out on a choke? He'll retire......Or will he???
2010-01-24 10:21:08 PM  

I've been waiting my WHOLE LIFE for this!!!!!!
2010-01-24 10:21:08 PM  
surfinfoco.files.wordpress.comView Full Size

Hail Breesus!
2010-01-24 10:21:11 PM  
Congrats New Orleans.
I was pulling for Favre, but he sure didn't earn it tonight.
2010-01-24 10:21:11 PM  
Who dat in the Super Bowl.....!

Hell is very, very cold, and we drink tonight!
2010-01-24 10:21:12 PM  
Thank god. No Favre-Manning hype for the next two weeks.
2010-01-24 10:21:13 PM  
No offense DI, but I hope your cable goes out in 2 weeks
2010-01-24 10:21:19 PM  
Here's the question, when was the last time the two overall #1s played in the Super Bowl?
2010-01-24 10:21:21 PM  


Congratulations Saints fans everywhere. What a season.

I tip my hat, truly!
2010-01-24 10:21:23 PM  
I love how Favre is pretending to limp
2010-01-24 10:21:27 PM  
i476.photobucket.comView Full Size
2010-01-24 10:21:27 PM  
Gotta love those people between the uprights with their FLASH PHOTOGRAPHY. "Here let me make sure my flash is on, cause the field has to be brighter"

... didn't matter though.
2010-01-24 10:21:29 PM  

skinink: And our long national Favre nightmare is OVA!

Oh no, now we get to hear him wax eloquent about whether he's going to retire again for another 9 months, before he finally decides he can't stand not having another SB ring. This isn't over yet.
2010-01-24 10:21:33 PM  

FirstNationalBastard: Eh, "first team to score wins" is a bullshiat rule.

2010-01-24 10:21:33 PM  
For once, there will be a party on Bourbon Street.
2010-01-24 10:21:33 PM  

fat aristotle: No words. None.

Awww, sorry. :( *hugs*
2010-01-24 10:21:35 PM  

My Colts/Saints Superbowl!

2010-01-24 10:21:36 PM  

The Great EZE: That looked like it'd be good from 65. At least ONE kicker decides to step up this postseason.

2010-01-24 10:21:41 PM  
So, for the first time in a long time, the #1 seeds will face off in the Super Bowl.
2010-01-24 10:21:42 PM  
So what's the eta on a Saints/Katrina 80s-ish montage video?
2010-01-24 10:21:46 PM  
Look at the high school kid!

2010-01-24 10:21:47 PM  
Good game. Minnesota stuck in there way better than they had any reason to, given all the turnovers.

Well won by the Saints. Damnit.
2010-01-24 10:21:49 PM  
New Orleans Cam is going nuts.
2010-01-24 10:21:51 PM  
It should be 2 FGs to win, 1 touch.
2010-01-24 10:21:52 PM  
Let the Minnesota butthurt begin.
2010-01-24 10:21:52 PM  
"How do you think Bourbon Street looks now?" Well I'd say the same as it always does but with even more vomit.
2010-01-24 10:21:54 PM  
Vikings +4 Win!
2010-01-24 10:21:54 PM  

bushbot111: Cameroncrazy just wants dudes. He doesnt deny it

Even so, you are an idiot stalker. GTFO
2010-01-24 10:21:54 PM  
If NFL games didn't end in sudden death overtime, this game could have gone on forever.
2010-01-24 10:21:55 PM  

thegoodthebadthedumb: Let's see here...innumerable turnovers, costly penalties, and a rookie kicker attempting the most pressure-filled kick of his life....

2010-01-24 10:21:59 PM  

Katalyst: What do the Steelers have to do with anything?farking troll.

You don't remember the refs handing them a whole game? A Super Bowl no less? You pulled off trying to act like you didn't know what I was talking about really well.

I just see irony in a Steeler fan complaining about a team getting or not getting questionable calls in handing them a game.
2010-01-24 10:22:04 PM  
Our long national Favremare is over. Until the dipshiat starts texting Peter King again.
2010-01-24 10:22:10 PM  
2010-01-24 10:22:13 PM  

cameroncrazy1984: For once, there will be a party on Bourbon Street.

Lots of dudes there. You getting excited?
2010-01-24 10:22:13 PM  
Favre to...

2010-01-24 10:22:24 PM  

balthan: It's a shame a great game ended the way it did.


It was a bullsh*t way to end a great game.
2010-01-24 10:22:25 PM  
Congrats to making it to the superbowl Saints !!

poor archie manning hahaha

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